Our handy Prodiamine calculator is a powerful tool that can help you determine how much Prodiamine you should use on your lawn or garden. 

Prodiamine is a pre-emergent herbicide that many gardeners use to control weeds, such as crabgrass and dandelions before they have a chance to germinate. 

Using the correct amount of Prodiamine can have several benefits for your lawn or garden. It can help prevent the growth of unwanted weeds, leading to a more attractive and healthy outdoor space. Additionally, by using Prodiamine responsibly, you can reduce the need for manual weeding or the use of other herbicides.

And that’s precisely where our calculator comes into play.

To use the Prodiamine calculator, all you need to do is enter the measurements of your yard, the type of grass, and how long you wish to have the Prodiamine effect. Then, the calculator will provide you with a number referring to an estimated amount of Podiamine you need.

A Prodiamine calculator is essential for anyone looking to prevent stubborn weeds from overtaking their lawn or garden. You can easily maintain a beautiful outdoor space by taking the guesswork out of the Prodiamine application. 

Try our calculator today and take the first step toward a more vibrant and weed-free yard!

How Much Peat Moss You Need? Quick Calculation with Peat Moss Calculator!

So, numbers must be hovering inside your head now that how to calculate the exact amount of peat moss. Right?

Those messed up numbers are gonna get their place within minutes!

Also, how you can calculate using this peat moss calculator- everything will be sorted out, just stick to the end for a couple of minutes.

Get A Pinch of the Calculator

As you can see, there are options to input the length and width of the desired yard where you are planning to add peat moss. So, these will be calculating the total area of your land first.

Then what? Right below the area, you see the box saying depth- the most crucial point to consider while calculating the amount of desired peat moss soil.

This is for the thickness of the peat moss layer height that you would love to add to your soil.

Well, you can figure out the desired amount according to your lawn needs. And here, it will let you choose the depth for up to 2 inches as well.

And just it! Yes, you got it right. After all the exact input, the Peat Moss calculator will calculate and show you the amount of peat moss that you need, that too converted in cubic feet, that most of the peat moss comes as.

How to Calculate Using Peat Moss Calculator?

You got everything about the calculator and how it works, but we know how we people are and so an example can be the best assistance as it could be.

So, here it is.

In a simple term, you need to find out the length and the width of your yard and, most importantly, the depth of the peat moss (don’t be a jerk here, that most do).

Oh, you must have noticed that the box for height says for the input measured in inches. You may get confused about how it will give you the correct calculation then.

Don’t worry about this at all. The calculator will calculate the reading after converting into feet unit and then finally shows the results for the cubic feet amount of peat moss for you.

So simple, isn’t it?

Let’s assume,

The length of the yard is- 60 feet

The width of the yard is- 30 feet

So, putting this value in the calculator, you get the yard 1800 sq. ft.

Now, the most concerning part- the height of the peat moss layer. Suppose you want to put a ½ inch layer of peat moss. So, select the depth or height, whatever you say, from the list.

And Kudos! You got the result. You need 72 cubic feet of peat moss.

Wait, here’s not the end. Don’t you need a hand in calculating the bags?

First of all, the bags of the compressed peat moss come in 1, 2, 2.2, and 3.8 cubic feet bale size each mostly.

To find out the number of bags for a yard of 1800 sq. ft, you should better to go for the 3.8 cu ft bale of bags.

Well, what bale of bag size you choose, however, just divide the calculated peat moss amount by the bag size you will buy.


If you are buying the 3.8 cu ft bale of peat moss bags, to apply 72 cu ft peat moss you need-

72 ÷ 3.8= 18.94, which means 19 bags of peat moss.

For your kind information, it should be noted that the compressed peat moss usually extends after fluffing, no matter you are using this on a raised bed or to blend soil.

And so, when are you calculating, make sure of the fact and calculate, at least with doubling the cubic feet amount that the bag comes with.

Now, we can hope that you got the point and know how to calculate- how much peat moss you need.

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Wrapping It Up

We can conclude with the belief that we have been successful by helping you with your calculation and getting you the number that you might be trying to figure out by typing here and there.

The calculation is pretty simple just you need to give attention to the depth and then the peat moss bag. And finally, using this peat moss calculator, you can quickly find out how much peat moss you need.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

How much peat moss should I add to my garden?

Find out the yard size and the depth of the peat moss layer. Then calculate the cubic feet amount of the peat moss you need. After that, depending on the sizes of bales of the peat moss bags, figure out how many bales of peat moss bag you need to add to your garden.

How much peat moss do I need for top dressing?

For top dressing, you can add at least ¼ to ½ inch deep layer of peat moss. Calculate the cubic feet amount of peat moss with this depth value. But you should not forget that the compressed peat moss expands when you unpack it. So, think twice before calculating the depth.

How many sq ft does a bag of peat moss cover?

It actually depends on the size of the peat moss bag and the depth of the layer of the peat moss you want in your soil. Mostly, you will find peat moss bags come in 1, 2, 2.2, 3, 3.5, and 3.8 cubic feet bags. Based on an estimation, it can be said that a 3 cu ft bag can cover a 144 sq ft area with ¼ inch layer.

Should I top dress with peat moss?

Though top dressing with peat moss is avoidable as it can be washed away easily by rain or flown away with air. It’s better to use peat moss for the soil amend, which is the main function of peat moss.

How many square feet will 3.8 cubic feet of peat moss cover?

If you’re adding a ½’’ layer of peat moss, 3.8 cubic feet of peat moss will cover 164 square feet, and for 1’’ layer, it can cover 85 square feet of land. And the estimation applies when it’s the compressed peat moss bag.

Is peat moss good for sod?

No, peat moss does not do any good to the sod. Peat moss is organic stuff, basically the dead fibrous, that helps the soil retain moisture and loosen the soil. So, if your purpose is to help in soil amending, peat moss is the excellent option you should opt for.