Use Prodiamine Calculator & Find How Much Prodiamine You Need?

Are you thinking about barricading your turf with Prodiamine for the next couple of months? You must use a Prodiamine calculator to do half of your back-breaking job of measurement.

And this calculator has been made after several attempts and analyses to get the proper application rate suggestions with the mixing procedure.

Have you gone through the amount using the Prodiamine 65 WDG calculator above? Let’s help you out more to get the idea of the right measurement using the calculator.

Application Rate Using The Prodiamine Calculator

Doesn’t this Prodiamine calculator seem to bring some relief to your weed-preventing job? Okay, let’s get straight to the point of using this Prodiamine calculator.

You see while considering Prodiamine as a preemergent weed and broadleaf killer, most users suggest Quali Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG. Here, you get 65% of Prodiamine and 35% of other ingredients.

And this calculator suggests the measurement ratio based on that.

Here, what you have to do is just put your yard or lawn size (length and width in square feet) to calculate the total area and the grass type.

And yes, the time period for how long you wish to have the Prodiamine effect. And you are done.

Not getting it yet? Okay, let’s have an example to get a complete idea of the process.

Let’s consider that the length of the yard is 600 ft.

The width of the yard is 800 ft.

So, after putting these values in the specified box, you get the area which is 480000 sq. ft.

Now, choose your grass type from the type of grass box to get the most accurate application rate.

Let’s select the buffalo grass.

And finally, the most crucial part- the timespan for how long you want to have the emergent effect. You see, you can apply the Prodiamine 65 WDG for a minimum of 3 months time period to get the best results. And more is your choice based on the weed condition.

However, it’s recommended not to apply Prodiamine 65 WDG more than twice a year per acre of yard.

Also, Prodiamine can last for up to 8 months. But if you plan to apply twice a year, it’s better to keep the application rate for no more than 6 months.

So, considering these, you must choose the timing. Remember, based on this time period, the application rate differs, too.

Suppose, based on the weed condition in the yard, we want to keep the preemergent effect for up to 6 months.

After putting the time period, now here’s the amount of Prodiamine that you need for your lawn which is 175.68 Oz.

Yes, this Prodiamine calculator counts the amount in Oz because the Prodiamine comes in a granular form. And, of course, you need to mix it with water to make it ready to apply.

According to Quali Pro recommendations, you should use a minimum of 20 gallons of Prodiamine per acre of land, which is 0.5 gal per 1,000 sq. ft. area.

Now, you may have the question in mind: how much water should you need to make the proper mixture? Right?

Now, it depends on how fast or slow you walk and the spray nozzle settings while spraying the emergent. And based on that, you can find out how many gallons you need to complete spraying on your yard.

Another best idea that Quali Pro suggests is that first, fill ¼ of the spray tank with water or liquid that you want to use with the Prodiamine.

Next, add the desired amount of Prodiamine that you found out.

And finally,  fill the rest of the tank sprayer with the required water. Then, apply using a spray nozzle to evenly apply.

Best Time To Apply Prodiamine

Now, you have got some gist of how much Prodiamine you need. Next confusion can bother is when to apply. Right?

So, mostly it’s seen that weeds are highly active and emerge more in Spring and Fall. So, early Spring and Fall is the most suitable and effective time to apply Prodiamine. If you want more details, you can also read the complete guide on when to apply Prodiamine aimed for different seasons.

However, it is also recommended to water the grass within 14 days of the application of Prodiamine. And it’s best to water half an inch of the grass.


Keep in mind that Prodiamine is less effective under highly exposed sunlight. So, if you plan to apply during Summer or the warmer season, you should either apply at a higher rate or reapply within 2 to 3 months. Because in temperature under or within around 70 degrees, the Prodiamine will lose its efficacy.

Contrarily, when the temperature reaches nearly 55 degrees in the Spring, it’s better to apply at a lower rate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Prodiamine 65 WDG used for?

Prodiamine 65 WDG is a preemergent that prevents weed and crabgrass from germinating and keeps the grass free from weed and broadleaf. When applied on grass, it mainly creates a barricade and prevents the weeds and crabgrasses from emerging.

Is Prodiamine safe for Bermuda grass?

Yes, it’s totally safe for Bermuda grass. Instead, you can safely use Prodiamine on some other popular grasses like St. Augustine, Buffalo, Bahia, Zoysia, Kentucky, Fescue, etc.

Can you apply Prodiamine to wet grass?

Technically, the answer is yes. There is no harm in applying the Prodiamine to wet grass because you need to water the grass after applying Prodiamine to keep it effective. But yes, if there was high rain, it’s recommended to wait at least until the soil gets a little dry.

How long does Prodiamine last?

It basically depends on when you apply the product. You see, Prodiamine can lose its efficacy if exposed to sunlight. Also, it’s suggested to apply Prodiamine before weed germination, which is at an early stage. Besides, Prodiamine can last up to 6 months.

Is Prodiamine safe on Fescue?

Yes, Prodiamine is safe on Fescue, no matter its low or high turf. Besides, Prodiamine is safe to use on some other common grass like Bermuda and St. Augustine.

How long is Prodiamine effective?

Basically, Prodiamine can be effective for up to 6 months max. But it can vary a little depending on the region. And that is why it’s said to apply Prodiamine twice a year for better coverage.

How much Prodiamine is in one gallon of water?

For each 1000 sq. ft. area, 183oz or 5.2g of Prodiamine is needed per gallon of water. If measured in teaspoon, it is 1.5 level teaspoon.

How many ounces of Prodiamine is a gallon?

13 fluid ounces of Prodiamine is a gallon. And this is for when you want to mix the granule in a gallon.

How do you mix WDG Prodiamine?

If you check the Quali Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG label, you will find the mixing process well. Besides, for a rough calculation, you should take a ¼ spray tank of water and apply the desired amount of Prodiamine. Finally, to fill the rest, use a specific amount of water.

What happens if you put down too much Prodiamine?

It is also a loss if you put down too much Prodiamine. You see, when the application rate is more than average, the mixture will lose its efficacy which will result in nothing but wastage.

Can I use Prodiamine in a hose-end sprayer?

No, it is recommended to use a backpack sprayer or handheld nozzle sprayer when applying Prodiamine to get the best result. A hose-end sprayer will not benefit that much.

Can you apply Prodiamine with fertilizer?

Of course, you can. Prodiamine is suggested to apply with liquid fertilizer or water. So, find the proper amount, you can make the mixture using liquid fertilizer or water to apply.

When should I apply Prodiamine to my lawn?

The best time to apply Prodiamine to your lawn is in early Spring before the temperature reaches 55 degrees C. However, you can also apply Prodiamine 65 WDG in the summer, but as Prodiamine loses its efficacy in exposed sunlight, a higher application rate is suggested.

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