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[We’ve Answered Carefully] Are Toro Zero Turn Mowers Good?

by Jason Ryffe
Reading time: 9 min Prefer to listen?

A zero-turn mower never disappoints when it comes to professional landscape maintenance. It’s almost impossible to look at other brands when Toro provides us with some of the most comforting mowers. So, the question stands, are Toro zero turn mowers good?

To simply put, yes, they’re quite good, as the Toro zero-turn mowers are specifically designed to increase the grass appearance, efficiency, and mowing speed. Whether its comfort or ultimate speed, you can’t go wrong with these mowers.

However, is that it? Or can it do more? And if even so, is it worth the money? Don’t worry; we’ve covered everything here. To find out, read on.

Are Toro Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Good?

The Toro Company has been relevant since 1914 for building tractor engines. It soon began as one of the fastest-growing companies that now makes the most comfortable and convenient mowers. So if you’re asking, is Toro a good brand of zero turn mower or not, be rest assured as it’s an excellent brand for mowers.

We say that for a bunch of features, this brand holds strong. Some of the things you’ll always get from a Toro zero-turn mower are-

Ultimate Comfort

When you’re looking for mowers that make your experience feel comfortable, you’ll hardly find any, as it’s pretty rare. Luckily the Toro mowers are compatible with both professionals and new zero-turn users.

It’s quite comfortable to operate, easily accessible, and intuitive to learn. The comfort starts with the 18-inch cushion seats with armrests. You’ll also enjoy an amazingly smooth ride as it has an adjustable shock absorber system, which takes on the heavy impacts of bumps on the landscapes.

Not to mention, it’s constructed specifically to let you handle heavy-paced work while lowering your strain and fatigue. How cool is that? Furthermore, these mowers are so comfortable that the handles can automatically brake and stop when positioned properly.

Other than that, these mowers also operate a system of smart speed control that allows you to pick up the pace of mowing easily. Now whether you want to do a slow and steady trim is all on you.

However, to give some twist to your confusion, we can say to have some glance at the battle of Gravely vs Toro mowers and know who wins at last.

Powerful Build

The construction of these mowers makes them quite powerful. So, is Toro a good zero turn?

They’re not just good but quite strong as well. With a horsepower from 24.5-to 30, the Toro zero-turns have a V-twin engine with full pressure lubrication and cast-iron cylinder liners. This construction alone allows these mowers to be outstandingly good in performance.

The mowing speed is quite impressive as well, as it can go from 7 miles to 10 miles straight without any disruptions. Usually, residential mowers are unable to cut the grass as finely as you desire, as commercial mowers. Luckily, the Toro zero-turn mowers let you cut the grass as finely as possible.

Moreover, it’s fabricated with a thick steel deck on the frame and deck, which is reinforced with a leading edge. The towing capacity is also pretty adequate and will not disappoint in any way. That should be enough to answer your question on are Toro zero turn mowers any good or not.

Are Toro Zero Turn Mowers Reliable?

In terms of money, the Toro will give you the best Toro zero-turn mowers. Not only are these loaded with features, but they’re also highly reliable.

With a pro-quality construction build and comfortable features, these mowers deliver absolute performance just like a commercial mower. Big brands like Cub Cadet and John Deere are closely compared with the Toro zero-turn mowers.

These mowers are also worth every penny you spend. Ranging from $4000-$4500, you’ll get these mowers, which are quite less compared to the other premium lawn mowers on the market.

You can easily use it for any profession, starting from a hobbyist, gardener, lawn maintenance professional, landscape designer, and even a professional horticulturist.

However, these mowers are not suitable for mountainside yards, forests, or sharp getaways.

Regardless of these pointy areas, you can be extremely reliable on these mowers as they’re quite strong, reasonable, and get the job done flawlessly. And with this, we can say you now it some idea on are Toro zero turn mowers good or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Toro a Good Zero Turn?

Embedded with smart technology and features, Toro is indeed a good zero-turn. It has a strong build, smart speed, adjustable seats, and comfortable settings. You can easily cover a 3-acre land within an hour with this powerful mower.

Which is better, John Deere or Toro?

Both brands are top-notch when it comes down to utilizing the speed adjustment on a mower. On the one hand, the Toro mowers offer an extremely comfortable experience with easy controls. While on the other hand, John Deere will offer you smart speed options with high-quality variations.

How long does Toro Zero Turn last?

Toro zero turns can last for quite a good amount of time. As it’s built with a heavy engine with layers of steel on top of that, it can even last you up to 20 years if taken proper care.

Are Toro lawn mowers a good brand?

If you’re looking for a reliable brand, there’s no way the Toro brand will disappoint you. This brand has been relevant since 1914 and is specifically known for its quality build of lawn mowers. So yes, Toro lawn mower is a good brand.


The Toro brand has been making mowers since the early 1900s. After years of experiments, builds, and tests, this brand has come to the stage where it constructs some of the best lawn mowers on the market. So to clear your confusion on are Toro zero turn mowers good or not, we’ve tried to highlight all their features and credibility.

With these mowers, not only will your lawn shine with pure greenery, but you’ll also be quite happy with how comfortable and easy these mowers are to use.

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