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Bobcat Mower Drive Belt Diagram

There’s no doubt that Bobcat is a pretty reliable lawnmower brand that Schiller Grounds Care is in charge of making. However, parts will, at some point, give up on working properly. As they’ll become too worn out from constant usage.

Something that can happen no matter how good the mower is. And one such part is the drive belt of the bobcat mower. Replacement becomes the only way to get back things to working as soon as the drive belt seems brittle enough.

However, if you are no expert in handling lawnmowers on a regular basis, things can be challenging. From locating to replacing, everything may feel blurry.

Don’t worry anymore, because we have the Bobcat mower drive belt diagram that you can use for the replacement process.

Here’s The Bobcat Mower Drive Belt Diagram

For most cases, the drive belt is easy enough to access. But after you are done checking some visual reference of where it is located. Something we have given in the diagram right below along with a small explanation.

Bobcat Mower Drive Belt Diagram

Looking at the diagram, you can see tons of alphabets with parts of the bobcat mower drive belt. Starting from the (A) part, that indicates 36” Engine or Deck Belt. And then, you’ll find the (B) part which refers to the 48” Deck Drive Belt.

There’s also the (C) figure that points to the Flanged Idler Pulley and Bobcat mower have only 2 of it. Next on the diagram is the (D) aka Spindle Pulley that would be 4 parts in total. And afterward, you’ll see the (E) that is known as Engine Crankshaft.  

Once You Are Done Locating, Replace with New Belt Like This – Here’s How

Just like what we discussed in exmark hydro belt diagram, locating and replacing this one is also pretty tricky. As a preparation step, you need to park the lawnmower first. Make sure the ignition key is switched off and it should be one the operator’s side control panel. That is going to be just beside the seat.

To disengage the deck blades, you have to press the Power Take-off button next of course. You will be able to find that button on the operator’s control panel, it should be on the right size. Usually above the ignition switch.

Next, you want to engage the breaker by pulling the lever for the parking brake. It should be on the front seat’s left side. Then you must also disconnect the wire for the spark plug.

Now you are all ready to work on the belt as the mower won’t be able to move during.

Here’s What You Need to Do Next for Accessing the Belt:

  • Use a socket wrench and get out the bolts from the floor pan. Lift it up from the chassis. Your hands are your tool for lifting. And then you should have access to the pulleys and the cutter deck belt.
  • You want to bring down the cutter deck to a low position. So that removing the belt is possible. Lifting the deck upwards while pushing the lift lever forward to bring in the center position is necessary.
  • You should be able to access the idler pulley with the opening of the floorboard. The right side of the deck is where you have to look, it should be resting on the top part.

Replacing The Belt

  • Use a 3/8-inch ratchet wrench with a huge 3/8-inch extension bar onto it. The square end of the extension should be going inside the pulley’ arm’s square hole.
  • Next, you want to set the control knob to a loose condition. Then you have to swing back the idler arm. To make that happen, try turning the ratchet completely towards the left. And this will basically relieve the belt tension.
  • Use one hand to hold the ratchet wrench. And at the same time try slipping the belt around the idler pulley. You want to unthread the old one. It should be around the power take-off pulley, spindle pulley, and idler pulley. Bring the old belt out from the opening of the floorboard.
  • Get the new belt and place it in the old spot. The V side should be completely into the pulley groove, keep that in mind specifically. Now start pulling the new belt backward. So that you can sort of route it around the spindle pulleys as well as the left side idler.
  • Then you also want to pull it around the right-side spindle pulley. Next, pull it towards the idler pulley on the right side almost tightly.
  • You want to relive the right-side idler pulley tension, use the ratchet wrench again and rotate it to the left completely. Keep the wrench in that position. And then try slipping the belt. You can gradually start releasing the wrench hold to allow the belt to have tension.
  • Finish things off by setting the floorboard, tightening it with retaining bolts using a socket wrench, and then finally checking it everything is working fine.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What size belt does my mower need?

If you are considering a zero turn drive belt replacement, of course, it’s important to get the right side one. Use a tailor’s tape for measurements in that case.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eYou can simply place it on the mark and get it around the circumference of the circle so that it again reaches the same mark. And then you can note the reading to use it as the size.

Why does the belt keep falling off my riding lawn mower?

There are many causes that can lead to such a situation. The most common one is having a damaged or loose drive belt basically. When the belt is broken or worn out, it can break completely.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eNot to mention the chances of it flying off at a great speed. That’s too dangerous! So as soon as you assume there’s looseness, fault, crack, or separation of the belt from its assembly, get it fixed or replaced.

How do you tighten a drive belt?

You want to achieve a certain bobcat mower belt tension. For that, you have to target the alternator pulley for inserting the pry bar. Then apply light pressure going upwards with the tool. So that the tension gets to the drive belt.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhen the desired tension is achieved. You can tighten the bolt for adjustments. And then lock the belt to its place. Follow the manufacturer’s provided torque information to deal with the adjustment bolt.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the bobcat mower drive belt diagram that we provided gave you a better visual understanding of how the part looks. And it will be easy for you to access, identify and change it without any issues.

Also, there was a little bit about the bobcat zero turn drive belt replacement. So that you can get everything in one place after understanding the diagram.

However, these lawnmowers’ internal matters are not the easiest thing to understand and work with for everyone. And that’s absolutely fine! If you cannot handle it alone, you’ve tried your best, and now just consult an expert so that the issue is addressed as soon as possible. And you can go back to using the bobcat mower of yours just like before.

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