How To Solve Cub Cadet Tank m60 Problems

by Jack Grover
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Cub Cadet Tank m60 Problems

If you currently face any issues on cub cadet tank m60 problems, the first thing that comes to your mind, maybe it is too much weight. But what’s the reason for this? Maybe it happens for loose wires and dirt that into the gas tank.

The professionals, who indulge in mowing for a couple of years, often have this issue. They claimed it happened at the highest pressure range into the drive tires. The engine may get stuck on the surface when someone turns the mower too fast.

In that case, they used to run their mower with a 3-points turn. For this, the concern usually gets solved. But these aren’t enough to solve all the issues attached to this concern. We research some specific reasons for their solutions.

So continue to read the entire article to know more.

Cub Cadet Tank M60 Problems

If your cub cadet tank makes a jerking motion, it means the right-hand drive system (pumps & wheel motor) moves only forward. Then the problem indicated the hydraulic issues. In that case, you need to find out the charge motor seal leakage.

You can solve the issues only by having a little experience with the lawnmower mechanism. However, we will give you the next steps in-depth, which you can do if the above fix goes in vain. Before that, check out this shortlist to provide a trial.

Cub Cadet m60 Tank TroubleshootingTry these fixes
Drive control levers disable to connect outward fully in neutral positionTry to move the lever outward to back it to the previous position
Fuel line blockageClean the fuel line and replace the fuel filter
Deactivated chokePull it out to be positioned in the right place
PTO or blade engine knob is getting engagedDisclosed or turn off the knob
Parking brake got worse or dis-engagedFix it to connect with the parking brake

These are the standard 5 problems that may bother you in the long run. But we don’t assure you that they will profoundly fix the difficulty because every electric component, reaction, and issue fixes vary on their usage and situation.

But you need to get help from the Cub Cadet official website for any serious concerns.

Anyway, below we discuss some critical difficulties with the fixes with more clarity to understand them and theoretically apply them.

Tank Mower Hydraulic Issues

Your lawnmower may suddenly stop running for hydraulic issues. Hydraulic issues only happen if the forward movement causes chattering. You have to check out the pumps, fuel filter, or fuel line leakage. Check them one by one.

If your cub cadet tank got stuck for hydraulic issues, you need to change the fluid and filter. You can buy the fluid filter replacement parts from their official websites and install them with instructions. Then check again if it will solve the issue or not. If this will not be able to fix it, then try out the next one.

PTO / Blade Engine Issues

Most of the Cub cadet m60 tank issues happen for the PTO or blade engine concern. When this happens, your engine RPM may drop when engaging the deck. Again, make sure that the deck is still entertaining and the blades spin and check the power. During the check of the fuel, the inquiry is whether the mower wheel is spinning on or not.

When these issues match your symptoms, do check the PTO first. PTO there comes with some distinctive parts. The difficulty may hide behind the pulley, idler, or deck belt. To identify the source of the issue. Check those parts if they’re seizing up or not. Once you’re done, change the details to the new one.

 There is no alternate to this concern. But you can try a little assumed to disclose and turn on the connection of the knobs frequently. Maybe the problem will be fixed after a while. Otherwise, don’t mess up the old one to the new one, as it will suffer you in the future a lot.

Check If The Seat Switches Get Jumpier!

Changing the seat switch jumpers isn’t a cub cadet m60 tank drive issue. It is a common issue of the M48 series too. But their mechanism schemes are not figuratively varied.

So you can take such a difficulty as a suspect too. When such difficulty happens, you have to figure out if the mower brake dies in the middle of the driving. If so, then definitely it’s a seat switch fault.

Now make sure that the brake won’t install at the bottom of the safety switch paddle. Because it will slip off at the end of the safety switch button, and you’re going to miss it entirely.

Next, try to lift the floor and look it through. After that, separate the parts by following the brake mechanism. No need to wire off the diagrams here. Then replace the bad switches.

Weak Hydrostatic Transmission

The weak or old hydraulic capacitor is another culprit that may impede your vehicle from running. It will also feel soft and worst when the engine drive belt and tensioner pulley get broken. All in all, the lousy drive belt or tensioner pulley will not give sufficient afford to run a hydraulic pump.

So there, it would help if you replaced the frayed or imperfect belt as early as possible. Then also, do change the pulley but don’t forget to grease the tensioner wings.

Overheated Engine Issues

This is the last one if your M60 tank smokes out all of a sudden. Then the problem is that the oil may lower inside the engine gear. Low engine oil levels may force your tank to show some abnormality.

To fix it, make sure to wear protective gloves. Then opened the engine deck. Check out the fuel levels and pour some water to make it cool. You may try to add some oil inside the engine, but it’s too late. In most cases, the overheating difficulty won’t be fixed without taking it to any local repair shops.

Maybe the tank issues will be solved afterward.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!


To sum up, we want you to solve the concern without any hassle. The above fixes will give you hints on what you should do when the cub cadet tank m60 problems seem to have happened.

Again, we tell you these are the primary fixes that can help you get rid of the concern for a certain period.

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