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Did You Know Which Gorilla Cart Accessories Are Upgradable?

by Jack Grover
Reading time: 11 min Prefer to listen?

If you are ever in need of buying a hauler or mods, it is pretty common to wonder, “Are the gorilla cart accessories worth it for my need?” The answer is “yes,” their build quality and features will definitely live up to your expectations!

If the cart accessories do not follow the national standards for their build material and design, they can hardly bear the load of heavy-duty yard work. But that is not the case with the Gorilla cart. As we value your time, we will list down their features and benefits of them in brief so that you can make a quick decision.

How to Find the Best Suitable Gorilla Cart Accessories?


You can easily find some of the Best Options to Gorilla Cart Mod on Amazon and Gorilla Cart’s official website. Also, some other trusted online stores or e-commerce sites.

If you need, you can check the complete Gorilla cart modification guide with installation suggestions.

Here are some of the Gorilla Cart parts List discussed below to help you decide which one will be good for your cart:

TUB-018 Replacement Tub

The tub018 replacement tub is one of the effective Gorilla Carts replacement Parts. Because the tub is not much high so you will not have to lift the shovel higher. And so, if you go for this mod for your cart, the loading should be easier. 

H02063-Handle Grip

If you use the H02063-Handle grip as a cart mod, it will help you get better control of the cart, but it also helps to move the weight across the hand as its design ensures a substantial grip. 

Triple Bagger

If you want more space to load plants or trash, or soil, you can use the triple bagger mod with your cart. It will give you extra room to load some extra stuff.

High-Floatation Based or Stud Wheels

If your Gorilla cartwheels ever need replacement, always choose high-floatation or stud tires available on their site or online. Ask why? Because they help to slide the cart smoothly on uneven terrain. And because of the floatation technology, the wheels will not wear out quickly on rough terrains. 

The point to be noted – you should never go for aftermarket wheels for replacement accessories because they are of cheaper quality and will wear out quickly. So, always choose high-floatation or stud tires available on the Gorilla Cart site or online. They tend to help in terms of sliding the cart smoothly on uneven terrain.

Are Gorilla Cart Accessories Worth the Money?

The Gorilla Cart accessories are not only good in build quality, but they also provide you with the performance quality you need for heavy-duty work. The Gorilla Carts replacement Parts tend to rule the industry of cart for about twenty years.

Let’s find out some of the accessory features of two of the most recommended dump carts by the users. It will surely help you decide whether they are worth the money or not

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Accessories

The GOR4PS comes with gorilla cart wagon accessories for general use. It has four rubber tires so after assembling them, it will not be a hassle to push them over sloppy areas in your yard.

According to the national standards, the cart wheels should operate on air or gas under pressure. And therefore, Gorilla Cart tires are pneumatic. 

Its poly dump bed is 4-cubic-foot in size, but it stays securely attached to the bed frame of the cart. And the bed has a quick-release spring clip, which you can adjust or remove easily with one hand, especially if you need to replace any part.

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The wide loop handle of this cart is a plus for all users as it has a nice grip that does not require too much effort to control. Also, even if your hands sweat after a tiring day of work, its handle design makes sure you do not lose the grip easily. 

If you are tall, you will not struggle with the handle because the height of the attachment point and bent handle shaft will make it easier for you to pull it smoothly. You will not feel that you are pulling upward even if you want to pull forward. 

Gorilla Cart GCG-7 Accessories

The wheels of the GCG7 cart are one of its advanced accessories to upgrade. The garden cart wheels should be more than 9 inches, like this 13 inches tire from AR- Pro. So, you do not struggle to push them. And the GCG7 tires are pneumatic and 13 inches in size to help you move them on uneven terrains as well.   

Its grip handle can serve you two benefits. You can use it to have more control over your cart on difficult terrains. And you can also turn it into an attachment tool to attach your cart behind your lawnmower. So, you do not have to push the cart separately to move the soil or dump the waste.

The steel frame body of the cart comes with an extra-wide base. And it provides the cart with extra stability. So, if you overload the cart, the wheels will not slide to the right or left.

Is It Easy To Assemble The Gorilla Cart Accessories?

You do not have to worry about assembling the Gorilla car accessories if you follow the manual that comes with it. Even if you do not have the manual, you can head over to the official website of the gorilla cart. Then after entering the product name or model number, you can find its manual.   

The manual comes with clear instructions, and it also mentions the name of the accessories along with pictures so that you do not wonder which is what. The wheels come packed with the correct pressure, so you do not have to do anything extra with them to make them stable. However, inserting and tightening the square bolts can be a little tricky for some.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Gorilla Carts good for the beach?

No, Gorilla Carts are not suitable for the beach. Even if you get to push the cart in beach sand with quite ease. After a while, the tires might not be able to keep their stability and balance. And you will have a difficult time pushing them straight. Its narrow tires cannot prevent the stuff from sinking.

Do gorilla carts rust?

The gorilla carts should not develop rust easily. But if they come in contact with heat and water often, they will start developing rust after a year or so. After all, they have a steel frame. To prevent early rust, keep them under the garden shed.

Can I tow a gorilla cart?

Yes, you can tow gorilla carts. Most of the new models come with the two-in-one handle part. You can convert that part into a hitch. And the hitch lets you tow the cart behind a tractor or ATV. With a ball hitch handle, you can tow it behind a golf cart as well.


Hands down, the gorilla cart accessories are durable and stable. Also, you can expect to get heavy-duty performance with them. They are not even that expensive. You can get all the accessories from $100 to $140.

Furthermore, the accessories are already reached in features with that price. But if you ever need the feel of more space in its tub or bed, you can build the stake outsides following their official guide on their website.  

Most of the replacement parts are available at their store or website. You can contact their customer service as well if you have any complaints or queries regarding the accessories. Also, if you receive damaged accessories, they will send the parts under warranty claims. 

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