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[+Save Money] How To Make A Lawn Sprayer -7 Steps to DIY Lawn Care!

by Jack Grover
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How To Make A Lawn Sprayer

Do you want a personalized lawn sprayer? But you do not know how to make a lawn sprayer properly. Right?

However, to make a lawn sprayer, you need PVC hose, aluminum pipe, hose clamp and a sprayer nozzle kit. You will cut the hoes to the same length and then attach the nozzle body with spray tips. Attaching nozzle body to aluminum pipe, connecting it to hoses and securing connection with clamps will also be necessary.

You can find different types of sprayers in the market. But they may not fulfill all your needs. So, you can surely build a lawn sprayer of your own that will have all the features you want.

On the other hand, you can build it at lower expenses than buying a new one. Let’s not waste more time and go for details to make a lawn sprayer.

You can find different types of sprayers in the market. But they may not fulfill all your needs. So, you can surely build a lawn sprayer of your own that will have all the features you want.

On the other hand, you can build it at lower expenses than buying a new one. Let’s not waste more time and go for details to make a lawn sprayer.

Follow These Simple Steps To Make A Lawn Sprayer!

Many people may not know if they can build a lawn sprayer. If you are one of them, you should know that building a customized lawn sprayer is possible.

You have to know about the equipment, the tools you need, and a detailed process of how to build a homemade garden sprayer.

But Before That, Know Exactly Why Should You Build a Lawn Sprayer?

First, get a glimpse of the lawn sprayer to understand its function better. A lawn sprayer allows you to apply a controlled amount of fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide to a lawn or garden. It also minimizes the contact between you and those products.

Lawn spraying is one of the many tasks that you want to include in your lawn caring regime especially if you want to do something about pest control.

“Lawn spraying creates a protective barrier around your home, stopping intrusions and infestations before they have time to do their damage. This includes annoying ants, roaches, water bugs, and termites that can cause serious harm before you even know they’re there.”


And lawn sprayer can make that job easier. 

When you buy a lawn sprayer, any of its parts can get damaged and need to change after some time. It is hard to find the parts of a sprayer and have to buy a new one. However, if you still want the bought versions, consider checking out the sprayer attachments for mower.

On the other hand, If you build one, then you would know about the parts and where you can find those. Also, making a lawn sprayer at home costs less than buying. However if you are trying to start a lawn care business then this may not be a good idea. Because then it’s a professional thing, and you should consider investing in store bought specifically designed tools to get good feedback from customers.

10 Equipments To Build A Pull Behind Lawn Sprayer

  1. Tank – A tank is the biggest part of a lawn sprayer. There are different sizes and shapes of the tank available in the market. You can choose a tank based on your needs. A pull-behind lawn sprayer for 2 acres will need about 25-30 gallon plastic tanks.
  2. Pump – The next part you need to think about is a pump machine. It is important to choose the right size of the pump. 12-volt pumps are the most common pump to use for a lawn sprayer.
  3. Battery – To operate the pump, you are going to need a power supply. For this, you need to get a battery.
  4. Strainer – A Stainer is placed on the suction side of the pump. It prevents the large particles from going through the pipe and the spray tips from getting clogged.
  5. Pressure Relief Valve- Pressure relief valve placed in the discharge site of the pump. It helps to control the liquid pressure and spray the product smoothly at a constant concentration.
  6. On/off valve – On/Off valves are needed to place to stop spraying liquids.
  7. Nozzles kit – Depending on the size of your sprayer boom, you have to get Nozzles. A Nozzle kit has sprayer tips and nozzle bodies that attach the nozzle with the wand or the boom.
  8. PVC Hose – We need some 3/8″ PVC Hose. It is used to carry the liquids from the tank to the nozzles. The hose material should be compatible with the type of chemical you are going to spray.
  9. Aluminum Pipe – We need an aluminum pipe to hold the PVC hose and nozzle of the boom.

Start By Installing the Pump 

  • First, take a 25-30 gallon tank. 
  • Decide a place for placing your pump. 
  • Make four marks on the tank.
  • With a drill, make four holes.
  • Place the pump on it and install the pump with the help of screws.
  • Secure them with nuts from the inner side of the tank.

Next You Need To Install Strainer

After installing a pump, now is the time to install an inline filter. Follow the steps

  • Besides the pump, with a drill, make 7/8″ holes on the tank.
  • Secure all the threads with Teflon tape.
  • Place one end of the strainer inside of the tank.
  • Connect 3/8″ PVC pipe on that end and secure it with stainless steel hose clamps.
  • This will work as a feeder tube.

Move Onto Installing The Pressure Relief Valve 

To control the pressure of the liquid of the spray, you also need to install a pressure relief valve. It has a valve with which you can control pressure. There is a gauge that shows the pressure of the valve. The bulkhead will go to the tank, which passes through the extra liquid to the tank again.

  • Make another 7/8″ hole with a drill on the tank. 
  • Attach a barb on the bulkhead of the pressure relief valve.
  • Secure the thread with Teflon tape.
  • Then insert the bulkhead in the hole and attach it with a nut.
  • Attach a hose with the barb with stainless steel hose clamps.
  • Put a gauge on the valve.
  • The liquid goes to the boom and attaches a hose with an On/off valve from the end.

Use PVC Pipe to Build A Sprayer Boom Out of It

Building a boom sprayer is not that hard. To build a boom sprayer, you have to know about the parts you need to assemble them.

DIY Boom Sprayer Parts List

  1. PVC Hose
  2. Aluminum pipe
  3. Boom Sprayer Nozzle Kit
  4. Stainless steel hose clamp

Process of building a sprayer boom

  • Cut five-piece of hose of the same length as the distance between the nozzle body.
  • Connect spray tips with the nozzle body.
  • Attach the five nozzle body at a certain distance on the aluminum pipe with the help of zip ties.
  • Interconnect the nozzle body with 3/8″ hoses. 
  • Secure the hose connections with hose clamps.

Place The Tank On Pull-Behind Cart

  • Now time to place the tank and the boom sprayer on a cart. The cart will help you to hang the sprayer behind a lawnmower.
  • Now place the tank on a cart.
  • Then adjust the height of the tank as per demand.
  • Attach an aluminum frame with the cart to place the boom.
  • Then place the boom to the carrying cart with an aluminum frame and secure it with a nut and screw.

Interconnect The Strainer, Pump, Valve, And The Boom

  • Now you have to interconnect the strainer, pump, valve, and boom with hoses.
  • Connect the outer end of the strainer with the pump with a PVC hose.
  • Then connect the other end of the pump with the pressure relief valve.
  • And finally, connect the boom with the valve using a spreader up.
  • Spreader up will help you to disconnect the boom from the sprayer easily.

Finally Connect The Pump With Battery 

  • Choose a battery depending on your pump power.
  • Place it on the aluminum frame of the cart.
  • Connect it with the pump and a switch.
  • The switch will help you turn on and off the pump whenever you need it.
  • Now your homemade lawn sprayer is ready to spray fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide to a lawn.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Make A Pesticide Sprayer?

You do not have to build another sprayer for pesticides. You can use this sprayer for applying pesticides to your garden.

How Do You Make A Boom Sprayer?

The process is the following- For a boom, the sprayer takes an aluminumu003e attach the nozzles with nozzle body on the pipeu003e interconnect the nozzle with PVC hoseu003e finally connect the boom with the tank.

How Do You Make A Paint Sprayer?

If you have a plastic tank, pump, hose, and spray wand, you can easily make a paint sprayer at home.


As we know, the sprayer is the most important part of lawn care. So, we have told you in this article how to make a lawn sprayer at home. You can also consider finding the cheapest way to fertilize a large lawn. And then you are sorted through some affordable lawn care planning.

The process we described here is straightforward. The tools we use here are the most common things to find in a hardware store. Some of the equipment you may find in your home quickly.

We hope you have learned the process and will be able to build a homemade lawn sprayer boom at home. For a better sprayer, reread the process.

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