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[+Video] How To Replace Starter Rope On Craftsman Tiller with These 7 Steps

by Jason Ryffe
Reading time: 9 min Prefer to listen?

How to replace starter rope on Craftsman tiller? The starter replacement is the most undemanding task you can do. You must purchase a good string first, uninstall the previous starter rope and install the new one.

When looking for one of the best tillers, the first name that comes to mind is the Craftsman. Generally, all of their models are immensely great as mini cultivators for farmers.

Though it is a reliable brand, they produce electrical machines. So, technical errors are prevalent. Let’s learn about the replacement process of the starter rope.

How To Replace Starter Rope On Craftsman Tiller?

The Craftsman pull cord replacement has several steps. And, you must follow all the steps carefully. One wrong step can cause enormous issues in the tiller. So, let’s journey begin.

Step-1: Purchase the Compatible Rope

First, you must purchase an authentic starter rope from a Craftsman showroom. You may also find genuine yarns from different brands in hardware stores.

The average price for a 100 ft starter rope or pulling cord is $15.

Step-2: Start with Removing the Ignition

Secondly, you must choose an even area or land to shift the mini Craftsman tiller. After that, turn off the ignition and remove the spark plug.

You will find the spark plug above the cylinder. And be careful while pulling the plug so that it remains unharmed.

Step-3: Unbolt the Motor

Before knowing how to replace the pull rope, you must know how to unbolt the motor. Here comes the unbolting part. You may notice your holder has four bolts. It would be best if you unbolted all the nuts.

Now, detach the motor of the Craftsman from the holder entirely and keep it in an even place.

Step-4: Pull & Take out the Rope

After that, remove the motor lid and detach the circular starter entirely from the engine. You will need a screwdriver to remove all the screws while separating.

Consequently, cut the string or pulling cord with scissors and remove the rope from the starter kit and pulling end.

Step-5: Install the New Rope

Now measure the cut rope and slice a string from a new bundle of 100 ft. Remember, you need to add 2 inches more than the actual size of the string.

Generate a knot on the end of the by attaching the plastic puller. And connect the other end with the starter. Depending on the Craftsman tiller model, you may also need to tie the new pulling rope. After the attachment of the new string, it will be loose, and there will be no pulling from the starter.

Step-6: Tighten the Rope

Now, you need to tighten the spring part. Each time you draw the spring bolt, pull the rope. It will ensure the mechanism of the starter and adjust when you replace Craftsman tiller pull cord.

Step-7: Reassemble the Engine

Before assembling the entire tiller, it is best to wipe all the instruments and apply grease if needed. Now build the parts step by step and attach the whole motor with the holder. And plug-in the spark plug.

Start ignition and pull the cord with the proper force. Hopefully, you will face no problem now. But, if you observe that after pulling the starter, do not pull the rope back or pull only half, there is an excellent possibility that your spring is not okay.

Before fixing the spring, grease the materials again and pull the rope. If you still face the issue, you must consult a mechanic to select the starter.

That was all about how to replace starter cord on Craftsman tiller.

Watch This Video for More Easy Replacement!

Why Do We Replace The Cord?

The cord replacement in a Craftsman tiller is an ordinary process. The pulling string deals with our physical energy and depreciates enormously. The significance of replacing the pulling cord is enormous.


It would be best if you changed the pulling cord to operate the tiller when your starter rope is broken. There is no such way to start the tiller without the string.

Weak String

After utilizing the enormous string times, you must see that the rope becomes vulnerable. You must not wait for the breakdown of the rope and change the string immediately.

These are the two major reasons to replace the starting string of a tiller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you replace a starter cord on a tiller?

Firstly, you need to unbolt the motor from the tiller holder. After that, you must check the ignition and remove the spark plug. Now, open the engine part by part. You will find the starter kit there, which holds the pulling rope. Remove the old pulling rope and attach one end to the new string.u003cbru003eInstall the whole motor and tighten the spring until the rope is completely pulled. At last, attach the machine with the holder and plug in the spark plug.

How do you replace a starter rope?

Firstly, you must unscrew the motor from the tiller holder or mower holder. Afterward, check the ignition and unplug the spark plug. Separate the engine part by part. You will find the starter kit there, which holds the pulling rope. Remove the old pulling rope and attach one end to the new rope. Install the whole motor and tighten the spring until the string is completely pulled.u003cbru003eAt last, attach the machine with the holder. Now plug in the sparking point in the cylinder and start the engine.

Bottom Line

Eventually, we know how to replace starter rope on Craftsman tiller with the reason to replace the string. Whether your cord is broken or dubious, you must change it as early as possible. Otherwise, you may be unable to work according to your desired time. Though changing starter rope is easy, it takes a lot of time to accomplish.

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