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6 Steps to Access Kohler Command Oil Pressure Switch Location [Quick Guide]

by Jack Grover
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It may not expect anyone to spend lots of time finding any exact engine parts for troubleshooting. This may also bother you if you’re in search to find a Kohler command oil pressure switch location terribly.

The Kohler command oil pressure switch location is generally found around the air filter. But depending on the engine to engine series, it can be situated in a different position.

No matter where it will be situated, we arranged this article to point out the explicit instructions to find the exact location of the oil pressure switch swiftly.

Quick Direction To Find Kohler Command Oil Pressure Switch Location

Follow these instructions to get access to the exact locations of the oil pressure switch.

1. Open The Engine Deck

Begin the work from the root. Take a wrench and open the engine deck. Before doing that, make sure you wear a mask and hand gloves.

However, Kohler command engines usually come with a total pressure lubrication system. For this reason, there is a high chance that the manufacturer will attach the oil pressure to the closure plates.

Otherwise, it may stand in the cylinder shroud. You will find the oil pressure in the air filter or the oil cooler, wherever the oil pressure is.

2. Make Sure That The Engine Is Shut Down & Cool

Before touching or checking the engine deck, make sure that you turn off the engine and let it be cool.

As the engine’s fuel filter used to be warmed or hot, there is a probability of burning your hand with this.

3. Start From The Oil Filter Location Beside Cylinder Shroud

 Once you’re turning off every connection, find out the location of the oil filter. An oil filter location is where the oil pressure switch is located. Because most of the Kohler command engines are typically manufactured by a distinct fuel filter beside an oil pressure switch.

You may also find an oil cooler beside the cylinder shroud. A cylinder shroud is a necessary attachment to the Kohler command pro engine. It is a protective cap that covers the engine oil cooler. After opening the engine deck, you will find a rectangular metal shield inside the panel, which is known as a cylinder shroud.

4. Check The Oil Sentry Location Too

Sometimes you may find the oil pressure switch in the oil sentry location. Oil sentry is an essential tool attached to the pressure pump or engine oil system. The main reason is to attach this to the oil filter or pressure to send the low-level fuel signals.

Usually, a pressure switch works to ground the ignition module to stop the engine. Somewhere, they also help to reduce corrosion. That’s why it is possible to find the oil pressure switch.

5. Using Any Pressure Reader Or Multimeter

A pressure switch also contributes to maintaining the engine pressure. The standard pressure for the Kohler engine is about 7-11 psi. And the oil pressure switch works to keep this measurement constant.

You can use any pressure reader to satisfy your query on where the oil pressure sending switch is located. The pressure reader will provide you with the exact measurement like whether the oil pressure pump is working on the standard psi or not and help to find the location.

You can do this with the help of a multimeter.

6. Be Sure If It’s Into The Engine Back Of The Block

As Kohler engines are used to be different in their model variants, the location of the oil pressure sensor may also vary for this. In that case, you can check the engine back of the block right near the bottom.

An Oil pressure switch may also be seated to control the vehicle engine pressure. Along with these, a pressure switch is also attached to the oil filter.

Once you can find it out, remove them from the filter. Don’t forget to use any wrench to separate the switch without hassle.

What’s The Difference Between A Oil Pressure Switch & Pressure Sensor?

In the Kohler command engine, an oil pressure switch monitors the safety of the engine; it diagnoses the pump pressure and ensures the engine will run efficiently.

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In contrast, the pressure sensor is a simple communicative tool that reads the pressure of any remote location to send information to the user and ensure the engine pressure power is good.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Is The Oil Pressure Switch Located?

You may find the oil pressure switch either in the engine back or in the air filter. As the oil pressure switch monitors the engine’s low oil level, you may find a red light flash tape with that switch. Some are usually found in the cylinder shroud beside the oil cooler panel.

How Do I Reset My Oil Pressure Switch?

You can reset the oil pressure switch by finding the location of the pressure switch and resetting the lever. Then find out the auto on/ off switch panel, press them and move the reset lever up into the start position. Hold it for some time, and the oil pressure may start to work again.

How Do I Know If My Oil Pressure Switch Is Working?

You need to test the oil pressure switch by multimeter to recognize it. Connect it between the pin and the sender’s body. Read the meter number and check if this matches the standard power voltage. If it gives you a standard pressure measurement, the switch is ok to work. Otherwise, you may need to replace it.


The Oil pressure switch is a crucial part since it works to monitor the engine pump pressure control. Oil pressure switches also make a way to keep the engine temperature sustainable. Any issue with this switch may bring a bigger fatal to you.

 For this reason, if you keep an idea about it now, it may help you in the future to find the Kohler command oil pressure switch location immediately. After that, troubleshooting or replacing the pressure switch on your own becomes easier. So try to learn them to save your engine from disaster.

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