Kohler Engine Oil Drain Plug Size, Including Socket Wrench Sizes Too!

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What size drain plug in Kohler engine? Well, the standard Kohler engine oil drain plug size is ⅜ inches with 18 NPT drain port.

Now the question is, is this the only size do you actually need? Our article is all about this. We will guide you to the different models which you can use in different phases.

Stay with us till the end to know more!

Kohler Engine Oil Drain Plug Size

After every operation, you need to change the oil of your Kohler engine. This way, your machine will live longer. Not only draining the oil is enough, but you also need to choose the perfect-sized plug for a better outcome.

Kohler oil drain plug size has some variations, and they are 1/4inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 3/4 inch. And you will find ⅜ inches sized drain plugs in most of the Kohler engines.

And with the standard 3/8-18 sized plug, you can:

  • Do the draining accurately without any mess
  • Keep the motor’s life high always
  • Stop the leakage perfectly
  • Keep the motor lubricant so it doesn’t get rusty
  • Improve the gas mileage
  • Maintain your engine for the lifetime

Also, this sized plug can be used on Kohler CH430-CH750, CH11-CH25, CH12.5-CV22, ECH630-ECH740, CV460-CV750, LH685, TH16, LH690, and SV470-SV830.

You can easily drain the existing oil, make the oil change quickly and save your expenses with your amazing Kohler engine drain plug size.

Remember to lift the nickel-plated brass lever of this item and give a quarter turn for opening. It’ll be simple to open up the plug with a finger.

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After changing the oil, return that lever to the original position, and voila! It’ll be locked again.

As Kohler makes multiple engines like gasoline (3hp-38hp), flex-fuel E85, Tri-fuel, propane, and natural gas ones, they’re super popular in the market. Below we have shown some of the Kohler drain plug sizes for different engines to help you out.

CS46613201-S3 x 3 inches
CS66613201-S3 x 2.5 inches
CV492 / CV4931213202-S3 x 3 inches
CH745 and CV745PRO SERIES: 2513212-S3 x 3 inches
CH940 and CV9406213204-S2 x 3 inches
K3612513210-S3 x 3 inches
K660 and K6624113206-S2.5 x 3 inches
KT175213202-S3 x 3 inches

How to Choose the Exact Kohler Engine Oil Drain Plug Size?

For the right oil flow, you need to pick up the proper oil drain plug size for the Kohler engine. There are some points to note down. They are,

Measure Diameter

Measure the diameter of the engine you have. Once you know the size of your engine, you’ll get the proper size of the oil plug too. Remember that a perfect oil plug size can make lots of changes in your oil drainage system.

It’ll clearly wipe all the extra oil and will keep the engine fine.

Observe The Material

The material of the oil plug plays a huge role in oil cleansing. Some people prefer plastic, and some prefer steel ones.

It’s up to you and your engine series which one you want to get. But if you ask, we’ll say go for the steel ones as they’re premium and more durable.

Use The Accurate Torque Key

The main benefit of using Kohler is that you never have to think about the correct torque key. You can use your finger to loosen up all the keys and drain all the existing oil.

However, the plug installation needs a good torque method, so you have to have a suitable torque for that purpose.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size is the drain plug on a Kohler engine?

There are multiple sizes of drain plugs in an engine. But the most accurate one for almost every engine type is the 3/8-18 inch. With this, you can cleanse the stuck oil easily and save your time to the utmost.

What size bolt is an oil drain plug?

There are few standard sizes that are widely available in the market. The perfect bolt size for an oil drain plug is M14-1.5 threads along with the 17mm head size.

Which do you unscrew an oil drain plug?

Knowing to unscrew your oil plug is important. Otherwise, you can mess up the machine system. You have to loosen the drain plug counterclockwise. Once it becomes relaxed, you need to use your hand and remove the plug gently.


That’s all we had for the Kohler engine oil drain plug size information. To sum up, you just need to have the standard size with the knowledge of screwing and unscrewing.

As draining engine oil is necessary, it’ll be excellent if you find the perfect sized one for your engine type (mostly 3/8 inches).

However, try to clean up the hot oil after every 300 hours because that way,  and you can expext your engine to last for at least 20 years (no joke).

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