Lawn Mower Pulley Swap Chart: 5 Different Speed Settings

by Jack Grover
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Mower Pulley Swap Chart

What is a lawn mower pulley swap chart? It simply represents the different speed variations when the pulley ratio is adjusted.

Sometimes the current pace of your lawnmower may not be enough. Fear not because you can increase the speed by simply adjusting your pulley. Today, we will cover the various ratios of a lawnmower pulley that show the average rate changes you can get. With a few manipulations, your lawnmower can get a good speed boost.

Lawn Mower Pulley Swap Chart: For the Larger Pulley

  Pulley Gap  Belt Length  RPM

Trimming your grass can be pretty tiresome if your lawn is extensive. For that, there are lawnmowers. It’s a simple vehicle that is great for cutting grass on your property. The lawnmower makes grass cutting more manageable than ever.

Suppose you are dissatisfied with the current speed of the lawnmower. You can fix that by adjusting a few components in your mower. Firstly you should know about the pulley swap. Two pulleys in the mower function smoothly with the belt’s help. The belt and the pulley gap directly impact the speed; you need to adjust it to a specific length to attain your desired speed.

Our experts revised the pulley into 5 different positions and found 5 optimal rates. Check below to know how we got those speeds.

1100 RPM

1100RPM can be pretty less to some people out there. However, there are still some who prefer a slower pace. We worked on a mower where the higher pulley is capable of 1050rpm. To get a speed of 1100 RPM, you need a belt size that is 19~7/8″.

Furthermore, the gap should be at least 1~7/16″ between the two pulleys. By adjusting it to the following settings, the mower will have an average speed of 1100 rpm. Don’t forget to double-check the ratio. It should be 1: 1.05.

1400 RPM

Mowers with an average speed of 1400 RPM can be really easy to steer. It sacrifices the extra speed for better maneuvering. We had to create a gap of about 1~1/4″.

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Subsequently, we attached a belt measuring 10~7/16″. However, the pace was not accurately 1400 RPM. Sometimes it was 1420 or 1425, but no more than that. The ratio was around 1: 1.33.

1600 RPM

For achieving 1600RPM, there was a minor increment and discernment in the belt and the gap. Firstly the belt we took was 10~7/8″. The opening must be at least 1~1/8″, no more or no less than that. Simultaneously, the pulley ration became 1: 1.52. 

Fulfilling the following setting will allow your mower to run at 1600 RPM. Remember that it won’t be entirely 1600RPM at times because we discovered that sometimes the average speed was 1595/97RPM. Worry not because it isn’t significant.

2000 RPM

Comparing 1100 RPM to 2000RPM, it’s a big boost. You will see in 2000RPM; the mower will be significantly faster. Hence, to increase your mower to this whopping speed, start with a lower pulley. We created a distance of about 1~7/8″ between the two pulleys. Even though you can change the pulleys’ gap, we thought this was the best option.

The belt was around 13~11/16″; although a much larger length will double the speed. We don’t want that for now as our target is 2000RPM. The ratio will be about 1: 1.9.

2500 RPM

Craftsman lawn mower pulley swap can create a speed of more than 2500RPM. But it requires more gas. For now, our target is to achieve a 2500RPM rate. The belt length shouldn’t be more than 17″.

After attaching it to the other pulley, ensure that the gap between the two is around 2~11/16″. If you are using the craftsman lawn mower, then beware that sometimes it will be more than the targetted speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make a lawn mower go 50 mph?

A fast lawnmower has an average speed of 50mph. If you want your lawnmower to go at that speed, you need to adjust a few things first. Firstly you have to adapt your pulley system. Then you need to create compression in the spring. Don’t forget to add extra fuel for the speed boat.

How to make a lawn mower go 40 mph?

You’ll need to modify a few things first if you want your lawnmower to go that fast. Modify your pulley system at first. Subsequently, you’ll need to compress the spring. Fill up the mower with additional fluid as well.

How to make a lawn mower go 30 mph?

Usually, people target this speed if they are using an electrostatic lawnmower. Firstly you have to know the position of the pulley swap on hydrostatic lawn mower. Use suitable fluid as it matters a lot. Work on your blades and change your tires.

How to make a lawn mower faster?

There are several ways to make a lawnmower faster. Among the various forms, the most popular method you will see is the readjustment of the pulley system. It’s pretty impactful. That’s why we recommend it.


At times, you may feel that your lawnmower isn’t fast enough. Furthermore, not all people have a clear idea of adjusting the right speed. We achieved five different rates just by manipulating the pulley system. Meanwhile, there are other simple steps as well. But the most efficient way is by changing the pulley swap.

Check the lawn mower pulley swap chart above to know what to change to get the speeds we got. Even if the speed you targeted is not in the above, you can make slight adjustments and still get the rate you want. Just follow up from the nearest RPM from the listed ones.

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