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Are you confused with Lesco spreader settings and thinking about how to set the appropriate rate for the best results? So, this setting can vary based on the product you are using and how you are going to apply it.

For example, if you are using the spreader by walking, the application rate will sometimes depend on your walking speed. So, be sure to do all of this before you go for the action.

Before using any of LESCO’s spreaders, find the designated setting listed in its pack. Then you have to specify that number in the spreader type using the attached documents. However, labeled settings and charts are approximate, so use these as starting points.

Lesco Spreader Settings Chart

Let’s start with this quick chart to overview the overall settings.

Lesco spreader settings must be changed according to the density of pounds per square foot. Its settings are sorted by character. The letters used are C1, D, E, and G, and the numbers 9, 14, 15, and 16 are applicable in standard grades. These are designed to move fertilizers and pesticides evenly across the yard.

Different settings are used due to the density of the spreader and the variety of components. Most spreader setting information is set to the side of the bag. This allows users to set the correct setting with the spreader.

But if there is no information on the side of the bag, you need to start with a basic application setting that is 20 percent open. Different models of spreaders indicate different spreading methods.

Different model spreaders use different settings due to their configuration. Below are a few different lesco commercials plus spreader settings.

Lesco Spreader Settings For Lime

The flow setting of the spreader must be adjusted between 3 and 5 as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Then add about 40 to 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet to apply lime to the lawn. 

Place a specific amount of lime in a spreader according to your area. Spread the prills in 10- to 12-foot swathes with the lime application while operating the spreader.

Lesco Spreader Settings For Milorganite

For Milorganite, you need to adjust the Lesco spreader setting to 10. Set it so that the open parts at the bottom are open. Then apply the fertilizer by placing a 6.5-pound milorganite bag in the spreader. 

Continue until the spreader is empty and covers an area of ​​about 500 square feet. If the cover is more than 500 square feet, need to increase the scope of the bottom opening.

Lesco Spreader Settings For Ryegrass

You can create evenly sprouted patches of annual ryegrass with a Lesco spreader. For this, you need to adjust the setting of the product to read 10 for accuracy and coverage. 

You can follow the chart above to help with the spreader’s setting. Annual ryegrass seeds can be sown on the grass in the warm season by spreading ryegrass. As a result, your lawn will look green all year round.

Lesco Spreader Settings For Grubex

If you are a lesco drop spreader user, set 5 ½ and if you are a broadcast user, set the spreader to 3. Then place the contents of Grubex in the spreader and cover the entire surface of the yard with Grubex. 

Walk around the entire yard with a spreader and continue walking until you reach the center. Now clean the excess grubex with the help of a broom. Thoroughly wet the product by spraying your entire lawn with a sprinkler system. Wait until the grubex is completely dry.

Fertilizer Spreader Settings Chart for Lesco

Spreader RangeSetting:  3 lbs.Setting:  4 lbs.Setting:  5 lbs.
1-102 ½3 ½4

When you want to find out the lesco spreader settings lbs per 1000 sq ft, then you can follow a formula. First, divide the cover of your fertilizer bag by 100 square feet. Then multiply the weight of the bag by the quotient.

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For example, if your spreader range is between 1-10, it will be in the 2 ½ settings. The answer will be the amount of fertilizer spread over 100 square feet that must be placed in the spreader.
Start working using the settings made in the chart above for an area of ​​10 feet x 10 feet.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What Setting Do I Use For Lesco Fertilizer?

Spreader setting for LESCO fertilizer should be kept at one-fourth or less of the limit. Find out how many square feet of your area is for the right setting. Then divide 100 by that number. Finally, multiply the quotient by the weight of the product.

How Do I Adjust My Lesco spreader?

The Lesco spreader should be re-adjusted for each use. So, calibrate the rate resistor arm to the “24”. Next insert the calibration gauge after opening the operating lever of the spreader.

How Do You Grease Lesco Spreader?

There are two grease fittings with a spreader. Turn them upside down and press the grease gun into the grease fittings. Then pump one to two greases into each fitting using silicone spray. Finally, spray the metal parts on top of the spreader.

Final Verdict

Lesco spreader settings should be monitored according to the type of use before each use. If the setting is not proper, the product and time will be wasted simultaneously.

So, increase the spreader settings for fewer products and decrease them for more products. Also, adjust the product according to the formula for different uses.

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