Raptor Flip Up Problems: 5 Common Ones You Must Know!

by Jack Grover
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hustler raptor zero turn flip up problems

What are the Hustler raptor flip up problems? There is a widespread issue where the safety switch does not engage properly. Apart from this issue, there are several others as well.

The hustler raptor flip-up is a fine quality zero-mower. Yet, some slight problems become noticeable after use. Today, we are going to discuss raptor flip-up issues. Furthermore, we will include the solution to each of the problems.

Raptor Flip Up Problems: Causes and Symptoms

Here we listed out the most common 5 problems and their reasons.

Loose boltsSafety switch doesn’t engage
Loose pivot springsThe control arm malfunctions
Using old gasMower does not accelerate properly
Faulty fuel filterSmokes or noise from the engine
Faulty starter solenoidMower does not start

The problems we listed are very common in the raptor flip-up model. But the problems aren’t that grave at the start.

However, it can get worse if you don’t fix it. Check below as we included the solutions for the possible problems.

Loose Bolts

If you have been using the Hustler raptor zero turn for a time now, you might encounter a prevalent problem. We examined various raptor mowers and found that this problem is pervasive.

Due to loose bolts, the safety switch does not engage properly. For this, some part of the mower does not work as intended.

However, there is nothing to worry about. It’s an easy fix.

Firstly, scrutinize the arm paddles. There are two specific bolts under the grey switch. Move them towards the inside properly. Afterward, tighten both of the bolts.

Don’t forget to verify if the paddle depresses it properly. Now check the status of the safety switches. It will indeed work again.

Loose Pivot Springs

Normally, the pivot springs are very loose when they come from the factory. The issue here is the bolts are not supposed to be that loose. The control arms start to malfunction.

You might encounter this as you keep using the mowers. We took the liberty of inspecting various raptor mowers. Most of them have loose bolts.

Nevertheless, it’s not a complicated issue. If you have little experience using tools, you can quickly fix the problem.

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We recommend you to use a deep wall socket which is 9/16″. Henceforth, tighten the spring. Once you narrow it entirely, loosen it a bit after a complete turn. Sometimes due to additional factors, the arm still malfunctions. However, it’s rare. Even if you encounter this, go to a mechanic.

Using Old Gas

Whenever you use old gas in the raptor, it will likely have acceleration problems. Actually, it’s not recommended to use old fuel for any vehicle. So, we suggest you change the gas from time to time.

Following this tactic will increase the longevity of your mower. Now, you will most likely see that your mower struggles when you throttle it. It’s one of the symptoms you will notice while using old gases.

Change the fuel immediately if you can. Clean the gas tank as well. Do practice changing the fuel every time you use the zero-turn mower. It will keep the Kohler engine efficient as well.

Faulty Fuel Filter

Are you noticing smoke and noise coming out of your motor? Then it’s most probably a case of a defective fuel filter. The fuel filter is a crucial component in a mower. It essentially keeps the fuel flow on the go inside the mower. Once the filter gets damaged enough, it malfunctions, stopping proper fuel flow. As a result, you will notice smoke and noise coming out of the engine.

The problem has an easy fix amd that is replace the fuel filter.

However, you can fix it if it’s only slightly damaged. But it’s for the best if you replace it with a brand new one, to avoid further obstacles.

Faulty Starter Solenoid

Starter solenoid works when it’s energized. It connects the battery to the motor of the vehicle. So, the starter solenoid is a relay in all modern cars. Similarly, in the raptor flip-up, there is a starter solenoid. Whenever the raptor flip-up does not turn on properly, it’s primarily due to a faulty starter solenoid. Nevertheless, inspect the starter solenoid.

If it is indeed a defective solenoid, inspect the damage. You can take it to a mechanic to repair the damage. Otherwise, you can just replace the solenoid. Starter solenoids are pretty cheap and can be found anywhere on the market. We suggest you replace them if you encounter any issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hustler a good zero-turn?

Hustler is one of the refined zero-turn mowers you will find in the market. It has the finest blades that cut grass smoothly. Furthermore, it comes with the Kohler engine, which provides a magnificent speed while mowing.

How fast is a Hustler Raptor zero-turn?

The hustler raptor zero-turn mower comes with a V-twin Kohler engine that is 24-HP. Furthermore, the transmission is dual hydrostatic. So, it can go up to 6.5-MPH while cutting grass. It’s the maximum speed.

Who makes the Hustler Raptor mower?

Hustler Raptor zero-turn mower is a well-renowned mower. Excel Industries makes the hustler raptor zero-turn mowers. Moreover, the mowers are manufactured in Hesston, Texas.


The hustler raptor is a good quality mower. Yet, there are some common problems several people come across. There is a chance that you might come across any of the issues we mentioned above. Worry not, as they are pretty easy to fix. With proper inspections, we listed out raptor flip up problems you are likely to see.

We also provided the solutions for the respective issues. So, in any case, if you face any difficulties, you can take the proper step. Just follow the steps we suggested you can fix the mower with ease. If you can’t fix it yourself, take your mower to a mechanic.

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