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4 Reasons Behind Ryobi Backpack Blower Won’t Start When Hot

by Jason Ryffe
Reading time: 14 min Prefer to listen?

Why the Ryobi backpack blower won’t start when hot? Excess heat generation tampers with the motor function. Ultimately the complete power generation system fails.

Other problems that might add to the problems are ignition coil failure, a severe blockage on the blower’s centrifugal pump, and a clogged carburetor.

Buying a new backpack blower will cost you a lot of bucks. Let’s skip the idea of buying a new model for now and focus mainly on solving the existing problem.

Ryobi Backpack Blower Won’t Start When Hot

Ryobi featured a large 42cc engine in its hyped backpack blower. So it can be understood that the gadget needs a properly functioning air filter to keep the whole gadget cool. But most of the users complained that their Ryobi backpack blower won’t start after warms up.

What an unlucky event for your cleaning day! First, let’s find out the reasons why your Ryobi backpack blower resists starting after warming up.

ReasonsBest Possible Solution
Completely clogged carburetorClean or replace the clogged carburetor with a new one.
Faulty spark plugReplace the damaged spark plug.
Malfunctioning ignition coilInstall a new replacement ignition coil.
Clogged spark arrestorClean the spark arrestor.

Problem-1: Completely Clogged Carburetor

The carburetor acts as a lifeline for the backpack blower. But it easily gets clogged by dust, dirt, and leftover fuel. That is when your nightmare starts! A clogged carburetor prevents the engine from functioning. So the blower dies every time you aim for cleaning.

Common Symptoms

  • The engine fails to start
  • Stalling the blower
  • Cranking and irritating noise from the engine
  • The blower shakes abruptly if it manages to start the engine.



  • Carburetor cleaner
  • Mounting screwdriver
  • Warm water
  • Clean cloth


  • Firstly, remove the years-old fuel from the fuel tank.
  • To prevent any accidents, unplug the spark plug.
  • Uninstall the air filter with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Locate the carburetor.
  • If the carburetor is not damaged, clean it with warm water first and then with the carburetor cleaner with the help of a clean cloth.
  • If the carburetor is damaged, uninstall the carburetor.
  • Re-install a new carburetor.
  • Re-install a clean air filter.
  • Reconnect the existing spark plug.

Try starting the backpack blower again.

If the carburetor needs adjustment, you can readjust it to get it back to work.

Problem 2: Faulty Spark Plug

Routine examination of the spark plug is essential for early detection of any damages. A spark plug is notorious for accumulating carbon on the electrode. But how can a commoner with no technical knowledge isolate the problem?

Pretty easy! There is a gadget named spark plug tester. You will see a spark in it if the spark plug is activated. Otherwise, the spark plug is damaged, and it is high time you should change it.

Common Symptoms

  • Frequent misfiring of the engine
  • Idling of the backpack blower
  • Difficult to start the blower
  • Intense vibration



  • A new spark plug
  • Socket wrench
  • Plier
  • Gap widening tools


  • Firstly switch off the backpack blower.
  • Open the engine cover.
  • Locate the damaged spark plug.
  • Disconnect the boot from the damaged spark plug by hand.
  • Use a socket wrench to unplug the spark plug.
  • Using the gap widening tool, fix the 0.023-inches spark plug gap.
  • Next, reconnect the replacement spark plug in the blower.
  • Do not forget to thread the spark plug properly.
  • Reconnect the spark plug and boot accordingly.
  • Close the motor or engine color and restart the Ryobi backpack blower.

Problem 3: Malfunctioning Ignition Coil

Why is the Ryobi backpack blower hard to start? Are you having a hard time finding out the cause? Then check the condition of your ignition coil. Is it functioning properly?

The ignition coil is mainly responsible for creating a spark that assists in igniting the engine gas. To put it simply, it helps in combustion. But when the coil malfunctions, the engine misfires and shuts down the blower.

Common Symptoms

  • Gradual loss of the engine power
  • Frequent backfiring
  • Engine stalling
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • The blower shuts down



  • Ratchet
  • Socket
  • Torque wrench
  • Safety goggles
  • Extensions


  • Start by disconnecting the boot of the spark plug.
  • Remove the air filter and the fan housing. Also, pull out the engine hood.
  • Try to locate the ignition coil after removing the ignition hood.
  • Uninstall the ignition coil.
  • Clean the plate and re-install the replacement ignition coil.
  • Connect the electrical wires to the replacement ignition coil.
  • Pull down the ignition hood.
  • Then close the hood of the engine.
  • Restart the blower to check if it is working or not.

Problem-4: Clogged Spark Arrestor

Another reason why your backpack blower is failing to start is a clogged spark arrestor. It is mainly responsible for trapping hot molecules from combustion. But when the arrestor does not function, the engine becomes hot and the blower fails to start.

Common Symptoms

  • Low blowing acceleration
  • The engine fails to attain the highest RPM.
  • The blower fails to start or stalls after starting.
  • Increases load on the carburetor



  • Blow torch
  • Thin-nose pliers
  • A fan


  • Unscrew the muffler from the blower.
  • Locate the spark arrestor in the muffler.
  • Remove the spark arrestor.
  • Hold the spark arrestor with the help of a thin-nose plier.
  • Apply heat on the arrestor to wipe off the deposited carbon.
  • Hold the arrester in front of a fan to cool it down.
  • Re-install the spark arrestor.
  • Screw down the muffler accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Ryobi leaf blower not start?

The Ryobi leaf blower fails to start when the carburetor is clogged. There will be insufficient fuel and airflow in the engine. Thus the engine won’t function.

Why does my Ryobi leaf blower keep shutting off?

The Ryobi leaf blower keeps shutting off due to excess deposition of debris and carbon in the fuel filter.

How do you fix a backpack leaf blower that won’t start?

Start by cleaning the clogged carburetor or fuel filter. If it still fails to start, look for any damaged spark plug and change it.

Final Verdict

It is hard to imagine cleaning the garden without the Ryobi backpack blower. It makes the task easy and consumes less time and energy. But sometimes the Ryobi backpack blower won’t start when hot. What could be the reason?

Pointing out the exact problem may be tricky but not exactly impossible. You can even do it by following some hacks and protocols. Initially, you should suspect a clogged carburetor and fuel filter. A spark plug may also prevent the blower from starting.

So why are you waiting? Follow the above simple steps and get your blower working again.

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