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What is the recommended fuel mixing ratio for a Stihl chainsaw? Well, the mixing measurement is mainly a 50:1 ratio of petrol to oil. That means you need to mix 50 parts of petrol with 1 part of oil to protect and run your chainsaw’s engine concisely.

To know more about Stihl chainsaw fuel mix ratio, read the entire context and get a vast idea of the different parameters of mixing fuels and oil.

Stihl Chainsaw Fuel Mix Ratio

Well, we are pretty sure that now you have an idea about the ratio of mixing Stihl fuel with oil. Let us be clear about the measurement. When are you thinking of 1-litre petrol to mix with oil? What portion of oil should you pick? You will get the answer from the below Stihl oil mix ratio chart.

Quantity of Petrol (liter)Quantity of Gas (gallons)Quantity of Oil (ml)
 5 L._100
3 L._60
_5 G.12.8 (Fluid ounces)
_2.5 G6.4 (Fluid ounces)
_1 G2.6 (Fluid ounces)

Now, let’s explain the chart.

You see, there is a random calculation of petrol to oil mix and gas to oil mix. Mainly, the chat demonstrates the actual calculation of the 50:1 ratio. Because there is a  possibility of getting confused to mix a variety of measurements, if you follow the chart, you will definitely know what portion of oil is needed for 1-gallon gas or 1-litre petrol. However, when you are using gas with oil, make sure you understand the calculation of oil in fluid ounces. At the same time, when you are picking petrol, mix it with 2-stroke oil to get a better result.

Mainly Petrol and Gas are the alternatives to be mixed with oil. So you have to pick one of them to combine with oil. And make sure to pour the mixture into a good quality container.

Why Do You Need To Maintain A Ratio?

If you are a newcomer to the Stihl chainsaw-related business, you may wonder why the Stihl chainsaw fuel-to-oil ratio is important. Well, every automotive thing has a particular aspect of running or giving the best service. Two-stroke chainsaws also have a ratio of mixing fuel to get a better service. Otherwise, there is a possibility of getting harmed by the engine of the chainsaw.

If you do not mix the oil with a perfect measurement of petrol or gas, it could not run as smoothly as you aspect. So, then your outcome will be ruined.

That is why you need to study the ratio first and then make a perfect mix of oil and petro or gas. Sometimes, you will get a hint from the manual of a particular chainsaw after buying a new one.

Is There Any Motomix For The Stihl Engines?

There is a plus point for you when you are a Stihl user. You may not face any hassle in mixing petrol or gas with oil. You have a Motomix oil in the market for almost every Stihl engine.

Motomix is a kind of fuel that is pre-mixed and ready to use. Furthermore, there is another convenience; this Motomix offers excellent acceleration and less emission of fuel.

However, the Stihl claims that this Motomix is only for Stihl engines, so do not execute this oil in regard to other chainsaws.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the 2-stroke mix for a STIHL chainsaw?

Well, when you are thinking about the mixing of Stihl fuel to oil ratio for a two-stroke engine, we would say not to worry about the ratio. The ratio is the same 2- stroke oil: unleaded petrol = 1:50. As you can see, the ratio is the same for mixing two-stroke fuels for your 2-stroke chainsaw. So, you can easily mix the fuels in different calculations of oil and petrol, seeing the above chart.

What ratio do I mix gas for a STIHL chainsaw?

Now, it’s time to know the gas-to-oil ratio for a Stihl chainsaw. You can mix the gasoline with 2 -stroke oil at a ratio of 50:1 mixture. However, the ratio is the same whether you mix unleaded petrol or gas with oil. If you choose the unleaded petrol or gas to mix with oil, put 50 parts of them and mix with a part of the oil in a non-spoiled fuel container. Then let them mix, and shake the container slowly. After mixing them very well, pour the mixed fuel into the chainsaw’s tank.

What is the petrol oil mix for STIHL?

If you choose to mix your fuel with a combination of oil and petrol, you should add 50 parts of petrol to a part of the oil. This measurement is not only necessary for Stihl chainsaws but also for all kinds of 2 -stroke chainsaws. So, be careful of the mixture of the chainsaws.


Now, we can come to conclude that we may make you able to understand the Stihl chainsaw fuel mix ratio. Moreover, it is the most important step to keep your chainsaw smooth and long-lasting service, making the perfect mixture of the fuels. If you cannot mix the fuel accurately, it will gradually destroy the engine of your particular chainsaw.

However, if you have a chainsaw that is not a Stihl, you need to read the manual to have an idea about the fuel mixture. Probably this mixture will not be approachable in that chainsaw. So make sure about the fuel ratio. 

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