Stihl MS 362 Vs 362 C-M: Do You Know Which One is The Best!

by Jack Grover
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What is the major difference between Stihl ms and 362 c-m? The main difference is Stihl MS 362 c-m has the exclusive M-Tronic technology. But the feature is absent in Stihl MS 362.

There are some other considerations that you should keep in mind while thinking about Stihl MS 362 vs 362 C-M. In this article, you will learn detailed information on both chainsaws.

Then you will be able to decide which one is preferable for you. Let us start with a comparison table.

Stihl MS 362 Vs 362 C-M

FactsStihl MS 362Stihl MS 362 C-M
M-Tronic technology    Do not supportAn exclusive feature of it
Price    Lower than 362 C-MQuite expensive
Efficiency    Quite goodBetter than MS 362

There are few differences between Stihl ms 362 and 362 c-m. The major difference is in features and the price. After reading the whole article, you can easily choose Stihl MS 362 or 362 C-M for you.

Our Recommended Pick: Stihl MS 362 C-M With Exclusive M-Tronic Technology

Stihl MS 362 C-M

Why Choose Stihl MS 362 C-M

The main reason to select Stihl MS 362 C-M over the Stihl ms 362 is the exceptional Stihl M-Tronic engine management technology.

Moreover, it has all the features that are present in the Stihl MS 362 chainsaws. Now, we will present to you all the details about the Stihl MS 362 C-M and the reasons for recommending it.

Before starting the feature description let me show you the Stihl MS 362 C-M specification.


  • Power Source: Gas
  • Powerhead Weight: 12.35 lbs
  • Chain Oil Capacity: 11 oz or 317g
  • Engine Power: 4.69 bhp
  • Guide Bar Length: 20″
  • Fuel Capacity: 20.3 oz or 588g

Stihl M-Tronic

Stihl M-Tronic is a technology that calculates the exact fuel dose electronically. It is a new generation of intelligent engine technology.

With the help of this feature, Stihl MS 362 C-M can manage low elimination to minimize fuel consumption. But the Stihl MS 362 does not have a unique feature.

Pre-Separation Air Filtration System

The function of the pre-separation air filtration system removes the dirt particles before going to the air filter.

It protects the air filter from dirty ground substances and boosts efficiency. Also, you need not clean frequently. It saves time.

This feature is also accessible in Stihl MS 362 

Reduced-Emission Engine Technology

In ms 362 C-M with M-Tronic technology, the chainsaw produces zero or very low engine emission.

So it does not do much harm to the environment. Stihl MS 362 C-M is known as “Caring for nature.”

We all should have to be conscious of the environment. So using Stihl MS 362 C-M is preferable.

On the other hand, this magical feature is also absent in the Stihl MS 362.


If we take the price as quality, then you have to Stihl MS 362 C-M is value for money. But we must say, it is an expensive product with a price of more than $800.

On the contrary, Stihl MS 362 is not so expensive.

There are some other outstanding features like “Side Access Chain Tensioner” & “Anti-Vibration System’ present in Stihl MS 362 C-M.

But these features also exist in Stihl MS 362. Consequently, we will discuss these features under the Stihl MS 362. 

You can also read the battle between Stihl MM 55 vs MM 56 for a better purchase decision.

Our Second Choice: Stihl MS 362 Has an Anti-Vibration System, Moderate Quality At Cheaper Price

Stihl MS 362

Why Choose Stihl MS 362

The performance of Stihl MS 362 is not so high as the Stihl MS 362 C-M. Yet not so poor. You will get some extraordinary features that are present in MS 362 C-M in the MS 362 with a low budget.

Before going to the detailed features, let me show you the Stihl MS 362 specs.


  • Power Source: Gas
  • Powerhead Weight: 12.3 lbs
  • Chain Oil Capacity: 11 oz or 317g
  • Engine Power: 4.6 bhp
  • Guide Bar Length: 20″
  • Fuel Capacity: 20.3 oz or 588g

You can detect that there is not much difference between Stihl MS 362 C-M & MS 362 according to the specifications.

The major difference between them is in features, efficiency, and price. Here we will see some beneficial features and performance levels of Stihl MS 362.

Side-Access Chain Tensioner

You can easily adjust the saw chain with the help of the side-access chain tensioner feature.

For this purpose, you need a bar wrench that will be opposed to the typical location of the adjustment screw.

You will get this feature in Stihl MS 362 C-M.

Anti-Vibration System

Anti-Vibration systems reduce the vibration level to minimize problems of handling.

This is a special feature because it can make you more comfortable doing your work & will decrease the time and effort of struggling to cut any tree or wood.

As usual, this special feature is also obtainable in Stihl MS 362 cm.

Decompression Valve

A decompression valve is a common feature of both chainsaws. The function of the “Deco valve” is to help to start the device easily.

The deco valve reduces the compression in the combustion chamber so that you need little effort to start the tool.

Warp Handle

This is a rare characteristic of Stihl MS 362 which is absent in Stihl MS 362 C-M. Here you get a multi-position to half the device to run it.

It decreases the problem of holding for a long time & also saves time.

You can not get this exceptional feature in Stihl MS 362 cm.


As we told you that Stihl MS 362 is not bad in performance, efficiency, and feature. There are not a bunch of differences among them.

But the best thing is among Stihl MS 362 C-M vs Stihl MS 362, Stihl MS 362 is budget-friendly. It is quite cheaper than Stihl MS 362 C-M.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a 362 a pro saw?

Yes, 362 is a pro saw. The Stihl ms 362 has a rare warp handle u0026amp; Stihl MS 362 C-M has exceptional M-Tronic technology, making the 362 a pro.

What does C mean on Stihl saws?

The C refers to u0022Comfortableu0022. The lightweight design makes it comfortable.

How much does a Stihl MS 362 C-M cost?

Stihl MS 362 C-M is very expensive. It costs $869.99.

Which One Should You Pick?

Now, you know that both chainsaws are good. Perform well. Features are relatively exceptional. But if you have any budget issues, you should pick the Stihl MS 362. It will be a money saver for you.

And suppose you do not have any limited budget. In that case, you can pick the Stihl MS 362 C-M which will provide you all the features of 362 along with extra 2 phenomenal features.

In Stihl MS 362 vs 362 C-M, we will recommend picking the Stihl MS 362 C-M, especially for high-quality professional work.

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