Toro Evolution Problems- We Have Found 7 Problems+ Solutions!

by Jason Ryffe
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What is the most common problem with Toro Evolution? Well, if we consider the most common one, the point might go to valve failures.

Toro Evolution is a fantastic indoor irrigation controller perfectly designed for your lawn. However, certain problems, like valve errors, are unavoidable.

Well, are you interested to know more about these problems? This article will cover some of the most common problems associated with the Toro Evolution irrigation controller. So keep on reading!

Common Toro Evolution Problems And Solutions

a quick overview for toro evolution problems
A Quick Overview of Toro Evolution Problems

If you have used sprinkler controllers, you must have experienced scenarios where the sprinklers are not triggered. These electricity problems can occur even when you’re activating the controller properly.

Before going for Toro Evolution troubleshooting, you must first understand what you are dealing with. We have drawn a table so that you can take a glance at a brief overview.

Toro Evolution Sprinkler System Controller ProblemsProbable Reasons
Electricity FailuresBlown fuse
Loose connectors
Wear and tear in wires
Valve ProblemsCorrupted runtime data
Damaged or dirty sensors
Unscheduled WateringCorrupted runtime data
Activation of manual override key
Human error
Blank DisplayService disruption
Blown fuse
Unresponsive KeysDamaged keys
Loose connectors
Leaking WaterFaulty hardware
Damaged solenoid
Pop-up FailuresInconsistent relay
Mechanical failure
Sub-optimal performance

Electricity Problems

Electricity problems are considered the most common problems seen in any Toro Evolution. Since it is one of the most experienced problems, it is also the problem that takes the least effort to fix.

Symptoms included with electricity problems can include giving the wrong commands when pressing something else. In extreme cases, the entire controller might not work.

To fix the problem, the best choice is to change the batteries or the fuse inside, depending on the exact problem causing electrical problems.

Valve Problems

Most people tend to think those valve problems are related to the controllers. However, they are only partially correct. This is because the fault lies in the sensors that the controller takes data from.

These sensors are located inside the valves and can get dirty or even damaged. In these scenarios, the sprinklers might not sprinkle the right amount of water or even stop sprinkling water.

You might want to patch up the sensors since they are the ones responsible for collecting the runtime data.

Unscheduled Watering

If your sprinklers are sprinkling water all of a sudden without any plan or even skipping places you want the water to sprinkle too, the chips are at fault.

Aside from the symptom mentioned above, another symptom of unscheduled watering can include overwatering. Overwatering can cause the lawn to appear wet and even create puddles.

In these scenarios, it is better to get an entirely new controller since the motherboard chips inside your old Toro Evolution might have been ruined.

Blank Display

The blank display is similar to electrical problems; however, unlike electrical problems, it is only momentaneous. Symptoms include your entire or partial sprinkler zone going offline without any control.

Disruptive network waves usually cause these problems. These waves can interfere with the original microwaves of the controller, causing the command to not reach the sprinkler unit.

There is no fix for this problem since it is a temporary disruption. Wait for a few seconds, and the sprinklers should come back online.

Unresponsive Keys

If you have unresponsive keys, the buttons in your controller will not work no matter how much you press them. These issues are usually caused by loose connectors or faulty keys.

Common symptoms can include more keys not working and commands not being registered by the control unit.

To fix the problem, the best scenario is to replace the old keys with new working ones. In addition, you can also tighten the connection between the wires and the individual keys.

Leaking Water

Water can leak into your lawn due to poor water pressure in the pipes.

Solenoids are the very reason controllers can work and send signals for the sprinklers to sprinkle water. However, if these solenoids break down or malfunction, water can leak out without prior warnings.

This can be a huge issue for anyone who owns Toro Evolution, controller. To fix the solenoid, you can try to reverse the voltage supplied temporarily. If that doesn’t work, replace the entire solenoid.

Pop-up Failures

This type of failure isn’t very common since not many people even know how to troubleshoot them. In fact, if their Toro Evolution controller is inflicted with pop-up issues, many even choose to replace it with a new one.

Pop-up problems include several symptoms. However, the most common one includes the sub-optimal functioning of the sprinkler heads. In addition, other symptoms can also include mechanical failures and voltage drops.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any fix that an amateur might be able to follow through. Hence, if your Toro Evolution shows pop-up failures, it is advised that you seek a professional for help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Reset My Toro Sprinkler?

u003cstrongu003eToro Evolution factory rest u003c/strongu003eis a very easy process. All you need to do is hold the direction and prog arrows simultaneously. You are also required to keep the connection with the transformer on. u003cstrongu003eToro Evolution booting low voltage reset u003c/strongu003eworks in a similar way.

What Is An Evolution Controller?

These are remote controllers used to control indoor sprinkler systems built in your house or lawn. They are light and pack both modern technology and practicability. u003cstrongu003e u003c/strongu003e 


Toro Evolution problems aren’t unsolvable issues or even problems requiring long hours of countering. If anything, the solutions are quite simple and might not even take more than a few minutes to be resolved.

Of course, they require you to have a certain amount of knowledge of working with the equipment. Even if you do not have the required knowledge, it’s completely fine.

All you need to do is seek help from a professional mechanic who knows how to get things patched up. Once the problems have been resolved, your Toro Evolution sprinkler controller should be as good as when you first bought it.

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