Where To Buy Earthworms: The Most Trustworthy Sources To Try

by Shelley Ryffe
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Is it difficult to source earthworms? It depends on varied factors, like your location, your experience in gardening, and more.

Although you can easily find earthworms in your backyards, you shouldn’t put them in your gardens unless you know about their quality. Instead, you need to purchase the best-quality worms. So, the question is where to buy earthworms that can make your garden soil healthy.

That’s what we have revealed in this article. So, without delaying more, let’s check out the trusted sources for purchasing top-notch garden worms.

Where To Buy Earthworms: Your Go-To Stores

Apparently, no other living being is as essential as an earthworm in helping to increase soil health. Gardening Know How also suggests the same.

Every gardener knows this fact, so they are always on the lookout for getting and spreading healthy earthworms in their yards to facilitate soil aeration, nutrient cycling, and plant growth.

But the problem arises when they contemplate where to buy earthworms for garden. Although they can easily find earthworms in their backyards, most doubt the quality of those wigglers.

Hence, to help those gardeners, we have developed this guide describing the most trusted sources for collecting healthy earthworms. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

Where To Buy Earthworms For Compost

The most reliable source for purchasing vermicomposting worms is your local breeder. Below we have shared data concerning the best local breeders offering their consumers the highest quality earthworms. Let’s check them out.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm

With over 40 years of experience and reputation, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is undoubtedly one of the most trusted dealers of high-quality worms. The company owns gardeners’ hearts for its superb red wiggler worms.

However, in their shops, you can find a wide variety of earthworms, from European night crawlers to gray night crawlers.

Texas Worm Farm

The Texas Worm Farm can be another excellent source for collecting your gardening worms. This farm boasts virtually all the sought-after earthworms, from red wigglers and African night crawlers to European night crawlers.

Earthworms For Sale

With over 50 years of experience, Earthworms-For-Sale barely has any competitors in beating their earthworms’ quality. You can rest assured that your garden’s soil won’t lack fertility elements after you drop their European night crawlers on your land.

Worms 4 Earth

Worms 4 Earth houses all sorts of worms gardeners require. They can deliver you red wigglers, European night crawlers, African night crawlers, and even Alabama jumpers at an affordable price.

Red Worm Composting

As their name suggests, Red Worm Composting provides worms appropriate for vermicomposting. So, using their worms can make your infertile garden’s soil fertile and give it a new life.

Clean Air Gardening

Clean Air Gardening is an e-commerce platform offering users the best-quality vermicomposting supply, such as wigglers. On their website, you can find earthworms for your garden at a reasonable price.

Apart from these, Los Angeles Times suggested Peach Hill Soils, The Scarlet Worm Farm, Will’s Worms, World Wide Worm Farm, and Earthworks international are some of the best options to get the earthworm in Southern California.

Other Notable Mentions

Apart from the listed above sources, you can check out these websites mentioned below to get your desired earthworms.

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Delta Worms
  • Meme’s Worms
  • Wormstarter
  • Midwest Worms

Where To Buy Earthworms In Bulk: Reliable Sites For Bulk Order

If you want to purchase worms in bulk instead of a box of worms, you may visit these websites listed below to get a whopping amount of earthworms at an affordable price.

  • Arizona Worm Farm
  • Texas Worm Ranch
  • Rocky Mountain Organic Supply
  • Earthworms 4 sale
  • Midwest worms
  • Worm Farm
  • Worm 4 Earth
  • Meme’s Worm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Do We Get Earthworms?

Usually, you can find earthworms in your backyards, but those worms’ quality can be in question. Hence, search for earthworms in your local breeders, or you may follow the guide we have shared in this content.

How Much Do Earthworms Cost?

The price of one pound of earthworms may vary depending on your location. However, in commercial markets, one pound of worms may cost you around $15 to $30.

What Kind Of Earthworms Are Best For A Garden?

The red wigglers and night crawlers are gardeners’ favorite since these worms can improve the aeration of gardens’ soils and are appropriate for vermicomposting. Hence, people consider these earthworms best suited for vegetable gardens.


Healthy soil is an indispensable part of organic gardens, and earthworms play a significant role in making gardens’ soil healthy. Gardeners love this living being, but not all can put worms in their gardens due to the unavailability of healthy worms.

Many gardeners don’t know where to buy earthworms or how to get the best-quality worms. However, you won’t be in their shoes as you now know how to collect those soil savers. We hope you enjoyed reading this content and will appreciate our effort. Thanks for reading.

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