Are Ryobi Leaf Blowers Any Good? || A Vital Question From Garden Lovers

by Jack Grover
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Are Ryobi leaf blowers any good? Yes, of course! However, only the fast-speed charging with usability can satisfy you.

Usability, battery quality, and durability are the best objectives that one person finds in a blower. You will be glad; Ryobi leaf blowers can be a great choice. 

With all of these qualities, Ryobi leaf blowers are very easy to use and easy to maintain.

Besides these qualities, there are some other objectives that you should know to assess if it is worthy or not.

So! You just need to give the whole article a read without skipping any part.

Are Ryobi Leaf Blowers Any Good

A Ryobi leaf blower is a fundamental gardening tool that people prefer to use in their garden. Well, there are different types of Ryobi leaf blowers available in the market. So the very first question that comes to your mind is which Ryobi leaf blower to buy.

We recommend buying the Ryobi 40V leaf blowers, specifically announcing the Ryobi 40V brushless whisper leaf blower.

After researching, we get such data from which we can tell you that a Ryobi leaf blower is good enough. Therefore, we will talk about some best characteristics with detailed information.

1. Performance 

This exceptional blower does not compromise with performance for anything. The Ryobi brushless whisper leaf blower is simple to function.

If you want to know the most powerful Ryobi leaf blower, the answer is Ryobi brushless whisper leaf blower. The proof has been shown below.

As the blower is very lightweight and has a comfortable grip to hold the blower, anyone can handle and use the blower very easily.

Moreover, there is a switch that helps you to start the machine, and you do not have to press the trigger all the time you use it.

The amount of area is a very crucial fact when you use a blower. Many blowers can not work for larger areas.

But you do not have any tension with a Ryobi brushless whisper leaf blower. According to our research team,

” Ryobi brushless whisper leaf blowers are highly recommended for lots that are larger than 1 acre.”

So! What do you think about the performance of Ryobi leaf blowers now? We hope you can understand that the performance of the Ryobi blowers is superior.

Besides, you can check on the Ryobi 4 cycle leaf blowers problems, and why actually they may appear.

2. Durability 

In terms of durability, a Ryobi leaf blower is the one you will love to use. Ryobi brushless whisper leaf blower is very durable with backup by warranty.

If you are an expert with machinery, you should know that brushless motors are more reliable than other motors. Brushless motors have a high run time with a longer lifetime.

Furthermore, you will get a five years tool warranty with a three-year warranty for the battery. Hence you should not have any doubt about the durability.

3. Battery Power

There is a 40V 2Ah lithium-ion battery with the Ryobi leaf blower, which provides more than eighteen minutes of running time. 

It sounds like a concise time, but the users say,

18 minutes is enough to clean all the leaves as well as debris. You can clean both the wet leaves and dry leaves with it.

This is possible only because of the wind power of the Ryobi leaf blowers because brushless motors deliver 115 MPH with 430 CFM.

The most interesting matter with the Ryobi leaf blower is that the charging time of the battery is very little. You can fully charge a Ryobi leaf blower within a few minutes, which makes it more effective.

We want to add extra information that will make you happy. You can use the Ryobi leaf blower battery for other Ryobi products.

Information that we have provided to you till now, you should agree with us that the Ryobi leaf blower is worth it.

 Yet, if you want to ask, are Ryobi gas leaf blowers any good? Here we present a list of reasons why you should select it as a leaf blower.

Why should you go with Ryobi leaf blowers?

All of the characteristics that a person wants in a leaf blower, you can find in the Ryobi leaf blower. Such as;

  • Very easy to use
  • Maintenance is simple
  • Preferable for larger than 1-acre area
  • Very durable
  • Price is high for a brushless whisper, but it is value for money
  • Running time is quite good
  • First-speed charging
  • Five years tool warranty
  • Three years battery warranty
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Excellent performance

We have presented an overall view of Ryobi leaf blowers that can prove there are many goods of Ryobi leaf blowers. We will suggest you observe customers’ reviews who use the blower.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Ryobi 40V blower last?

The Ryobi 40V blower lasts for 18 minutes and 23 seconds. Anyone can think it is a very short time to use. But, we want to assure you that you can complete your task perfectly within this period.

Where are Ryobi leaf blowers made?

China produces the Ryobi leaf blower. All of the Ryobi products are made in China.

How long does a Ryobi 18v blower last?

Ryobi 18v blower lasts for 15 to 20 minutes which is quite good according to the power. But the disappointing thing is that it takes a long time to charge the battery.


If you want an effective and durable leaf blower, we will suggest you the Ryobi leaf blower, specifically the Ryobi brushless whisper leaf blower.

From the question, are Ryobi leaf blowers any good? We tried to show you the goods of Ryobi leaf blowers. And the result should satisfy you.

The blowing power, first charging, battery life, and pleasant warranty can make anyone convinced to buy the Ryobi leaf blowers.

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