4 Most Common Bad Boy Mower Spindle Problems You Should Know About

by Jack Grover
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What are the most common Bad Boy mower spindle problems? This is a question that most of the Bad boy lawn mower owners ask about at a point. And the most common issue users face is uneven cut.

Lawn mower spindle problems aren’t something new; after a certain time, these problems arise. And then do the needed work to get rid of that. 

And in this very guide, we will be looking at some of the most common Bad Boy spindle problems and their solutions. 

Bad Boy Mower Spindle Problems & Solutions- Quick Overview 

Problems Reasons 
Blades making uneven cutsSpindle going out of axis or lose bearings
The mower makes a continuous squealing noise. Lack of lubrication, worn-out bearings, or broken spindle.
The mower makes a buzzing noise and vibratesBroken or bent spindle
Cracking noise or cracked mower deckThe spindle is broken, or it went out of the axis. 

When there is any problem with Bad Boy mower spindles, the mower will surely show some symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore. Here in this section, we will be telling you exactly what kind of symptoms Bad Boy mower might show and what you need to do about that. 

1. Uneven cuts

One of the most common symptoms that mowers show when there is something wrong with the spindle is the mower making uneven cuts. Sometimes people do overlook this symptom, considering it a minor issue which it isn’t. 

When the spindle goes out of the axis, it will make the blade move unevenly, and that’s what causes uneven cuts. This is not just a serious issue for the mower; it is an issue for the ground as well since it can damage the ground that will take a long to heal. 

The grass can be burned or destroyed since the axis spindle can cause the blade to uproot the grass while cutting.

So what causes the spindle to go out of the axis? Well, that happens either because of a shifted spindle or your Bad Boy mower spindle bearings got loose. 

When the spindle is shifted, that can sometimes be repaired by experts. But in the case of loosened bearings, replacing them would be the wise decision.

2. Squealing Noise

Almost every working lawn mowers make squealing noise at some point. Mowers that come with two blades are more prone to make squealing than mowers with a single bad. 

And this is a symptom that many people also ignore. Most of the time mower making squealing noise isn’t something serious. Lubricating well takes care of the issue. 

But when the squealing doesn’t stop even after proper lubrication, then that’s a concern. When the bearings wear out badly, that causes squealing noise, and it shouldn’t be ignored.

Because worn-out bearings can contribute to uneven cuts, which no lawn owner wants, in some cases, a broken spindle also causes squealing noise, in which case changing the spindle is the only option. 

3. Vibration and Buzzing Noise

When the mower spindle is in bad shape, it will make a buzzing noise. And right after the noise, you’ll feel the vibration. Now, how do you know if the vibration is due to a bad spindle, as mowers do vibrate a bit when working. 

Well, the usual vibration and one that is due to a bad spindle aren’t the same. When Bad Boy mower spindles get bad, that will cause the entire mower to shake abnormally.

If your mower is showing such symptoms, first take a look at the frozen wheels. Replace them if the condition is bad. If the vibration continues even after replacing the frozen wheels, then give a visit to an expert. The expert will tell you what to do by observing the spindle condition. 

Besides, you can also have a quick tour on all the Bad Boy mower error codes, to troubleshoot all the problems.

4. Broken or Bent Deck

In worse cases, a bad spindle can damage the mower deck. When the spindle gets out of the axis, that doesn’t allow the blade to function properly for obvious reasons. 

The blade will work, hit another blade, or it will make uneven cuts. Due to a band spindle, blades can even hit the deck, and continuous hitting will cause the deck to break. However, if something like that is happening, it will be hard to ignore, as the cracking noise isn’t something usual. 

If symptoms get that worse, then replacing the spindle is the only way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my lawn mower spindle is bad?

The mower will show a lot of symptoms when the spindle condition is bad such as vibration, buzzing, squealing noise, uneven grass cutting, cracks on the deck, etc. That being said, mowers can make squealing and buzzing noise due to the lack of lubrication as well. 

Do Bad Boy mowers have grease fittings?

Yes, all the bad boy mowers come with hi-temp multi-purpose grease fittings that keep the mower well-greased. However, to ensure the grease fitting is working, one needs to keep a regular tab. 


Well, these are the most common Bad Boy mower spindle problems people usually face. With that said, a bad spindle can also show some rare symptoms as well. This is why you shouldn’t overlook any symptoms that the mower shows. 

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