Bad Boy Mower Error Codes: Why Do They Appear+ How To Fix!

by Jack Grover
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What are the bad boy mower error codes? Typically the codes are displayed on the instrumentation panel when any component fails to work. Among the codes, the most common one is the b – In Now. However, there are various other error codes as well.

It’s essential to know the function of these codes. Knowing them will help you in maintaining your mower. Today, we listed some of the bad boy mower error codes. Check out the article to know the reasons why they appear.

Bad Boy Mower Error Codes: Five Error Codes

bad boy mower codes

Here’s a quick overview of 5 error codes of Bad Boy lawnmowers.

B- In NowFive hours since the last oil change
B- Air NowAir Filter needs to be maintained
C – BeltThe belts are not aligned
R – FilterThe air filter needs to be changed quickly
C – GreaseThe mower needs to be greased

The newer model Bad boy mower comes with the Kohler engine. Along with the engine comes a sophisticated instrumentation panel where various kinds of codes have specific functions. Depending on the code, you have to take the right action to maintain the mower.

So, these error code helps the user to hold the mower when needed. Check below to know some of the codes in detail.

B- In Now

First, we used the Bad Boy Magnum to test out the feature. It is one of the newer models; it has all the newer functions. After filling up with oil, we tried the mower for around 5 hours. Then in the panel, there was the B- In Now. It means you have to change the oil. Doing this keeps the engine fresh.

The feature was added as it keeps the engine efficient. So every five hours, the following code shows up. You have to change the oil if you see the code. Make sure to change it as soon as possible. It’s beneficial because it increases the longevity of the engine. Allowing you to use it for a longer time.

B- Air Now

Among some bad boy mower codes, sometimes you will notice the B- Air Now. It alerts you to inspect the air filter. When there is too much dirt or debris in the air filter, a code will repeatedly prompt in the panel. It’s better to check the air filter every day. Even the manufacturer recommends that you should inspect the air filter regularly.

We think that the feature is beneficial. Because it will let you know when to clean the air filters. It’s better to clean it rather than replace the entire filter. Furthermore, if you don’t keep the air filters clean, it can affect the fuel filters and the fuel pumps. For which your mower may not start in the future.

C – Belt

Mowers have various sets of belts inside them. They primarily work with the two gears, which directly affects the speed of the mowers. While misaligning the belt and starting the engine to check if the code had appeared, you can see the C- Belt code appear. So, this code usually shows up when the belts are not appropriately aligned.

To avoid such bad boy mowers troubleshooting issues, keep an eye out for the error codes. Using the mower while the belts are unaligned can cause further damage to it. They inspect the belts quickly if you see the code showing up.

R – Filter

The ‘R’ denotes replace/ change in the bad mower codes. Whenever you see the R before any codes, know that you have to replace that specific item. Usually, this code pops up if the air filter gets damaged beyond repair. So, if you see an R – Filter, change the air filters immediately.

Knowing this beforehand gives you a better advantage over your mower. It helps you to avoid further damage to any other parts. A faulty air filter can seriously affect the engine. This air filter prevents dirt and debris from getting inside the inner part of the mower. Furthermore, Kohler engines are of outstanding quality. Hence, it’s expensive to replace.

C – Grease

As you keep using your mower, various parts get a bit rusty. By rusty, we mean some essential components get a bit sticky. It’s bound to happen if you use your mower from time to time. When this happens, the mower gets a bit slower than usual. Moreover, the mower gives off a louder noise than you usually hear.

If you see the panel, you will find the C – Grease code appearing. It means your entire mower needs greasing. Well, it only appears after every 100 hours. Greasing the mower is the best solution. It keeps the bad boy mower running well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you check the safety switch on a Bad Boy mower?

The safety switch looks like a plug that resembles a four-prolonged look. You can see the base has sets of contacts by pushing on the top. These two sets of contacts work with the engine and blade, respectively.

Where are the fuses on a bad boy?

If you want to locate the fuses in your bad boy, look at the unit first. Make sure to look on the left side. It’s near the engine’s front. In there, you will find the fuses of a bad boy mower.

How much oil does a bad boy Avenger take?

The bad boy Avenger comes with a Kohler engine. The mower can hold around two quarts of motor oil at maximum. If you fill more than it will overflow.

How do you get error codes on bad boy mower?

Usually, when any one of the parts needs maintainined or changed, you will get error codes in the panel. The error codes can be different depending on the changes or inspection required.


Worry not if you see any error codes popping up in your bad boy mower. We covered some of the regulations that appear regularly for various users above. The codes are actually beneficial as they help you to maintain your mower. It’s a unique feature by the manufacturer. Furthermore, these Bad Boy mower error codes allow the user to increase the lifetime of their mower.

If any of the code mentioned above pops up, you know what to do. It will help you to use your mower for a long time.

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