How To Fixed Exmark Commercial 30 Problems

by Jack Grover
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Exmark Commercial 30 Problems

Are you tired of having problems with your lawnmower? It is very obvious that a lawnmower will have problems after using it for a certain time. To help you out, we will cover the Exmark commercial 30 problems and their possible solutions in this article.

A lawnmower is considered an investment. With a high-quality mower, you will get the best service. But as usual, nothing lasts forever. You have to take care of your lawnmower to value your money.

However, with some techniques, we can avoid those problems. Continue reading to know more.

Exmark Commercial 30 Problems

A lawnmower lasts long if we use it for a small area. Sometimes, when covering a larger area, some problems can occur while using it.

Transmission problemsCheck&replacetransmission cables
Carburetor problemsUse high-quality fuel. Also, Clean the fuel line and replace oil.
Battery problemsCharge the battery after some time.
Dull blade problemsSharpen the blade regularly.
Washout port problemsClean the lawn mower with spray-on lubricant.

Exmark Commercial 30 Transmission Problems and Solutions

Usually, the drive belt provides the power to the transmission, and the engine is connected to the drive belt. The mower wheels start to run when the transmission gets power from the drive belt. We have to observe the lawnmower while running to see whether the transmission is defective.

If the wheels are not running, but the pulley is spinning, we should understand that the transmission is not working properly.

Unfortunately, the transmission cannot be repaired easily, and the best way is to check transmission cables and tighten them.

Sometimes riding a mower for a long time can loosen the transmission cables. So, tightening them sometimes helps to get rid of this issue.

If that does not work, you can go for replacing the Exmark commercial mower drive cables.

Exmark 30 Carburetor Problems and Solutions

Most of the starting problems with Exmark 30 happen due to carburetor problems. When we are using a high-quality lawn mower, we have to use high-quality fuel. If we spend a little extra on fuel, we will not have to replace the carburetor.

To avoid problems with Exmark 30 carburetor, we have to use premium oil to get good output from the lawnmower. We have to clean the line frequently and change the oil regularly. But to maintain the quality, we have read the user manual thoroughly.

We have to change the oil after emptying the fuel tank. Otherwise, there will be a chance of spilling, which will damage the mower.

Besides, the final solution is to replace the carburetor to fix the carburetor issue.

Battery Problems And Solutions

Battery problems can be crucial amongst many other Exmark commercial 30 x problems. We have to charge the battery appropriately, so it goes a long way. Also, by keeping the battery on the right track, we can ensure that the mower will have a long life.

Spark plugs are used to charge the battery. We should change the spark plug after 100 hours of use to keep the battery safe. If we use an old spark plug, again and again, it will damage the mower. Thus, the overall functionality of the battery will be hampered.

We should charge the battery a few times for an electric mower even if the mower is not in use. If the battery is left without charging for a long time, then it will not be as productive as it should be.

Dull Blade Problems and Solutions

While using a mower, the blade is responsible for all the cutting. We are taking care of the motor, but at the same time, we have to think about lengthening the life of the blade. The best thing to take care of the blade is to sharpen it routinely.

In the cutting season, we have to have the goal to sharpen the blade at least three times. Grass will cut through easily with a sharp blade, and it will reduce the toll on the motor. We can sharpen the blade on our own with the correct tool.

Also, keep in mind that the blade does not become dull easily, and we have to protect the blade so that it remains sharp. For that, we have to keep the mower away from sharp corners. Also, we have to refrain from removing any large rocks or stones.

Washout Problems and Solutions

Lawnmowers have a washout port, as Exmark commercial 30. Sometimes, grasses are caught up in the mower while cleaning. Through this port, you can wash out the grass, which is absorbed in the mower. We have to remove the clippings, which will help to flow air to the mower. It will also help to cut the grass even better with less corrosion.

However, at times it is possible not to have a washout port. But this is not a problem. We can clean out the wastes from the mower. First, we have to turn off the lawnmower. It is also possible to build a lot of clippings under the mower. For that, we have to use spray on some lubricant to clean it up.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do commercial push mowers last?

If we take good care of the lawnmower, it can last more than 10 years. It can last up to 4-5 years if we do not take care enough. For rough use, it will only last 2 years.

Are Exmark mowers worth the money?

The Exmark mowers are very popular among people because of their manufacturing, and outstanding power quality. Though they have some problems, they will be a great addition to your collection.

What are considered high hours on a commercial mower?

Usually, 1000-1500 hours are considered high hours for a commercial mower. If we can maintain the mowers correctly, they can serve up to 2500 hours maximum. Sometimes it needs to be cooled by water or air so that it can run properly.


There will always be problems if we are using a lawnmower. But with proper care, we can avoid Exmark commercial 30 problems. It may seem like we are spending a little extra in the first glimpse, but it is well worth every penny.

We need to clean, use spray-on lubricant, and tighten up the screws to last the lawnmower. We recommend using a high-quality mower. But if you are on a low budget, you can use a cheaper lawnmower if you maintain it properly.

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