GreenWorks Pressure Washer Gun Leaking Troubleshooting- Reasons and Solutions

by Jack Grover
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Does your GreenWorks pressure washer start to leak now and then? Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy a new washer now. The problem is inside the knob, and there needs minimal fixing to solve the problem.

GreenWorks pressure washer gun leaking is a regular case in the old pressure washers. The leaks usually appear on the knob where the hose is attached to the machine. There’s an O-ring inside the knob that carries out valuable pieces of tools such as a filter, a seal, or a valve. The problem appears with these particles when you don’t take proper care of them.

The following will lead you to the pressure washer gun leak. After getting all the possible solutions to this problem, you’ll have a guide on how you can take care of your pressure washer. So, scroll down and have the remedy you need.

GreenWorks Pressure Washer Gun Leaking Problem And Solution

When the seal gets damaged, the filter gets clogged, and the valve gets rusted, it prevents the water flow. And thus, a leak comes up at the knob. Check out the chart below to take some idea of the overall picture.

Internal seal gets damagedReplace the seal.
The knob gets loosenedPut a Teflon tape around the knob.
O-ring gets damagedReplace the O-ring.
The filter outfit gets cloggedTake out the filter and clean it.
The valve gets corrodedUse silicon grease to smoothen it.

Internal Seal Gets Damaged

Most of the time, the GreenWorks pressure washer gun leaks when the internal seal gets damaged. It happens right at the hose attachment of the machine. There’s a knob that carries a filter washer, a seal, an O-ring, or a valve. When the seal gets damaged, it prevents the water supply and causes it to leak.

Solution: Detach the knob and take out the seal. Get a caliper and measure it out. Then buy a new seal of the exact measurement.

The Knob Gets Loosened

Sometimes, after detaching the knob, you may see none of the parts are broken. But the leak will still be there as the knob gets loosened. It happens when you use your machine for many years.

Solution: Detach the knob. Find out if any components in it are broken. If everything seems okay, put Teflon tape around the seal or the knob.

The O-ring Gets Damaged

There is an O-ring inside the knob. Sometimes it gets damaged. Old O-rings mainly cause the leak.

Solution: Disconnect the knob and detach the O-ring. Replace it with a new one. You’ll get O-rings at the market specially designed for your machine if you are lucky.

The Filter Gets Clogged

If you detach the knob, you’ll see a filter washer in it. It prevents inappropriate components from getting into your machine. After many years of use, it can get clogged.

Solution: Disconnect the knob and figure out the filter washer. It comes in black with O-shape. You’ll recognize it at first glance. Clean this component so that no filth remains there. 

The Valve Gets Corroded

Most pressure washers come in rubber valves. A few of the GreenWorks models have rubble valves too. When your machine has been used for a long time with no grease in the knob, the valve gets corroded and causes a sudden leak.

Solution: Use silicon grease to smoothen the valve. First, put the lubricant in by taking out the valve. Then use the oil regularly at the knob. You don’t need to take out the valve every time.

[Note: In the pressure washer, the hose doesn’t leak. The hose attachment is where most of the leaks appear. You may need a wrench every time you detach the attachment.]

How Do I Stop My Pressure Washer From Leaking?

People ask themselves why my pressure washer gun leaks without knowing it happens because of them. If you take care of your machine, it’ll never cause a leak. Now the question is, how would you perform proper maintenance?

Knowing a few things about pressure washers will help you to take care of it. You have to remember these things carefully that we’ve mentioned below. 

  • Keep the water under pressure. Overheating sometimes causes the valve to melt and cause it to be damaged.
  • Tighten the connector sometimes when the washer is turned off. The water flow sometimes loosens the knob.
  • Use silicon grease on the valve at least once a month. It’ll keep your knob smooth and cause no leak.
  • Clean the filter regularly. Do not let the filth stuck on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a leaky pressure washer gun?

If your pressure washer gun is leaking, you have to loosen it from the joint and find the O-ring. The O-ring will most likely be at the edge of the gun mouth. There will be two O-rings on both sides of the gun. Just pop them out and replace them with new ones. Then again, rejoin the gun with the machine.

Why is my pressure washer leaking at the handle?

The O-ring is the most common reason behind the leak near the handle. This little tool sits between the wand and trigger handle and one at the end of the hose. When it gets corroded after many years of use, it prevents the water flow and causes the leak.

Can you change the nozzle on the GreenWorks pressure washer?

Yes. Changing the nozzle on the GreenWorks pressure washer is a piece of cake. To do this, pull the collar on the pressure washer wand first. Then tug the old nozzle out. Then again, pull the collar and insert the new nozzle in. Ensure it’s placed securely by dragging it again without removing the collar. If it seems fitting, then you have done your job well.


The consultation above provided the solution to GreenWorks pressure washer gun leaking problem and showed you how you could perform proper maintenance. Every component needs decent care to provide good service. GreenWorks pressure washer is no different.

We hope that next time you see any leak in your pressure washer, you’ll fix it yourself. Every procedure is easy enough that anyone can solve it. However, if you find any trouble fixing it, let us know instantly. We’ll show you a better remedy.

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