Portland Pressure Washer Parts Diagram- All The Functions Explained!

by Jack Grover
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Portland pressure washer is a pretty decent quality option that you can try for your pressure washing needs. And at this point, you may just already have one, trying to assemble it or perhaps fix some sort of error by checking out its parts.

Portland pressure washer parts includes handle, upper housing, upper motor housing, conductor wire, terminal, switch shaft, and power cord with its plastic and rubber sheath as well as the clamp, plugs, motor, and pump assembly, the holders on both left and right side, the wheel, and its cap as well as axle and so on.

I have put down a Portland pressure washer parts diagram just below for you to visually check them out and a little table to introduce the parts. There will be more. Hope It Helps!

Presenting The Portland Pressure Washer Parts Diagram!

The pressure washer from Portland is quite different from the usual type as it contains tons of components. Before I expose each part’s meaning, look at the given diagram for visual understanding.

Portland Pressure Washer Parts Diagram

List Of Portland Pressure Washer Parts

In case the above illustration seems unclear, here’s a detailed table to identify each component and purpose based on the digit.

Parts NumberParts NameFunctions
1HandleGives grip to hold.
2Upper HousingBrass body to cover above.
3Conductor WireProtect the electric line from shock.
4Switch ShaftA tiny nut that fits on the terminal box.
5TerminalConnection of hose fitting.
6Upper Motor HousingCovers the motor part.
7Power Cord Rubber SheathGrant resistance against impact in the power cord.
8Power Cord Plastic SheathProtects the conductor in the power cord.
9GFCI PlugPrevents electrical fires and creates a safe connection.
10Power CordConnects the power washer to electricity.
11Motor & Pump AssemblyThe motor provides the mechanical force that helps operate the pump assembly.
12Cap (Rainproof)Sit right above the motor.
13Left & Right HoldersGrant support on the left and right sides of the motor.
14Power Cord ClampGives tension and secures the screw.
15Bottom HousingBody surface that holds all the internal components.
16Hose HookHolds and locks the hose.
17Wheel CapSit on top of the axle.
18Wheel AxleProvide support to the cap to secure the wheel in place.
19WheelAllow the pressure washer to move on any terrain.
20Lower Motor HousingKeep the motor body away from dust or debris.
21Pump Head Fixing PlateSit in front of the pump head. 
22SwitchIndicates how much water is left in the pressure washer.
23O RingSeal the connection.
24Terminal BoxHolds the switch, terminal, switch shaft, and other stuff. 
25Power SwitchLet users turn the pressure washer On or Off.
26Wand & NozzleThe wand allows extending 6 – 18 feet to reach any spot and flow water from the nozzle 
27Spray GunLet users control the water flow by pressing the trigger. It also offers a Trigger Safety Lock system.
28Detergent BottleCarries detergent to clean.
29High-Pressure HoseConnects its 2 sides to the inlet and outlet.
30Nozzle Tip CleanerUses for cleaning the nozzle from trapped dust.

Assembling The Portland Pressure Washer Parts

Perhaps you are trying to find the diagram for assembly. And that’s why I will include a brief guide in this segment.

Before starting make sure you check the provided manual carefully. It is important that you know any provided warning or special note regarding the model. Also, try to have the manual by your side while assembling for the safest reference.

And this is how you can assembly the Portland pressure washer parts together:

  • It begins with taking off any shipping caps from the water outlet and inlet.
  • Then start attaching the handle to the front side of your pressure washer. There should be provided screws for attaching securely.
  • Next, you want to take the high-pressure hose hook and carefully slide it into a specific slot that should be at the backside of the pressure washer.
  • Time to connect the high-pressure hose to the pressure washer. You need to attach the hose to the front of the unit. Try pushing it so that the hose can go as far as possible inside. And then use a coupler for threading securely.
  • Then move on to the spray gun, as you need to connect the hose to it as well. Make sure the hose lock is away from the inlet of the hose. Connect the spray gun carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are pressure washer parts interchangeable?

Pressure washer parts are usually not interchangeable. And that applies to Portland pressure washer parts as well.u003cbru003eThis is because the accessories not being universal as each has its own fitting specification. If it’s a brand-specific pressure washer, then it simply means no other manufacturer’s accessories will work on it.

What size is the Portland pressure washer hose?

The Portland pressure washer hose size is 20 ft. by 4 inches.

Can you buy parts for a pressure washer?

Yes, you can buy parts for a pressure washer. However, depending on exactly what part, the accessibility can be easier or difficult. There are specific local stores you can visit for finding these parts or even try looking online.

Wrapping Up

And with that being said, you now have the Portland pressure washer parts diagram and a mini assembly guide.

Hopefully, this will help you further in identifying each part better and get the assembly complete without any issues. However, if things feel not so easy, there’s always the route of hiring someone to get the assembly done for you.

See You in My Next Piece Soon!

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