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How much sun cherry tomatoes need? Cherry tomatoes need warm soil, hot weather, and direct sun exposure for a longer period. Sunlight is the primary requirement to produce more cherry tomatoes within the proper nutrient and water supply.

Cherry tomatoes are a special variety of tomatoes that are popular for their taste. However, there is a trick for ensuring high cherry tomatoes production and providing the right amount of sun act a vital role.

If you want more cherry tomatoes from your field, provide the correct sunlight, nutrients, and water at the right time. Know the necessary facts here.

How Much Sun Do Cherry Tomatoes Need?

cherry tomato sun requirements

Cherry tomatoes originated in South America and Central America. It is a warm-season vegetable variety. So, sunlight has major importance for the cherry tomatoes growth. That’s why gardeners need to know the cherry tomato sun requirements.

How much sun do cherry tomatoes need to grow?

Cherry tomatoes demand full sunlight and warm soil. Why is that? It is because cherry tomato plants receive sunlight and converts it into energy. This energy is a must-needed part to grow fruits. It means that the amount of sunlight determines the growth of the fruit. The more sun the tomato plant gets, the more fruits it can grow.

How many hours of sunlight do cherry tomatoes need?

According to the Ohio State University recommendation, cherry tomatoes need at least six hours each day. The best result will come if the tomato plants get 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.

Do cherry tomatoes need direct sunlight?

If the sunlight is stronger for a longer duration, cherry tomatoes grow better and faster. Direct sunlight is better for cherry tomatoes’ growth. It increases production too.

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For the best fruiting, gardeners look for a location for the cherry tomatoes that get sun for eight hours per day. They also want to know if there is any way to grow fruit in indirect light or shade. Many people want to grow cherry tomatoes indoors. They ask

How much sunlight do cherry tomatoes need?

Actually, cherry tomato plants can grow in the shade or indoors. But you cannot expect better fruit production. Again, extreme sun exposure ensures high cherry tomatoes production. They are less productive in low sunlight conditions. You can use artificial light for indoor gardening to provide the necessary light.

If your tomato plants are in a less-sun-exposure area, the tomato plants can grow when the light exposure is intense enough.

How many hours of the sun do cherry tomatoes need?

Though it can grow in artificial light in indoor gardening, cherry tomatoes need intense light exposure, which works similar to sunlight for at least 6 hours. If the intensity is high, it works better.

If we talk about other plants, they can die in the absence of the sun. it is because plants cannot produce chlorophyll and ultimately die. But cherry tomato plants can grow without sun exposure but cannot produce fruits. If there is no sunlight and complete shade, cherry tomato plants can die too.

So, as a gardener, try to find the right location which has enough sunlight exposure. If you cannot find it, you have to compensate for fewer cherry tomato fruits. Besides, you should ensure proper nutrient supply and watering to get fruits.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do tomatoes need morning sun or afternoon sun?

Tomatoes prefer morning sun. The morning sun has increased ultraviolet intensity which is necessary for photosynthesis. Besides, there are dew drops on the tomato plants’ leaves and these dews can cause fungal infections if water or dew stagnate for longer. The morning sun can evaporate dewdrops or water.

Can you grow tomatoes in the shade?

Yes, we can grow tomatoes in the shade or indoors. Generally, tomatoes require 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. If you need to grow them in the shade or indoors, you have to use artificial light exposure. If the intensity of light is high enough, it can grow enough tomato fruits. If it is less intensive, then you may get low fruit production.

What conditions do cherry tomatoes need?

Cherry tomatoes are warm-weather plants. It requires hot weather and long-time sun exposure. You must provide six to eight hours of sun every day, and the temperature should be 75 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Besides, you should ensure enough nutrient supply and regular watering. Watering in the morning is recommended as the water on the plants can evaporate throughout the day because there should not be any stagnant water on leaves.

What happens if cherry tomato plants don’t get enough sun?

Tomatoes need over six hours of sun per day. If tomatoes do not get enough sun, they cannot produce enough energy which is necessary for fruit production. Though cherry tomato plants or other tomato plant varieties can stay alive and grow with less sun exposure, you cannot expect enough fruits.

How many hours of the direct sun do tomatoes need?

Tomato plants prefer direct sun exposure for a minimum of six hours. Direct sun can provide sunlight at 75 degrees or more temperature. That’s why direct sun for eight hours can make the tomato plants able to produce more fruits.


How much sunlight do cherry tomatoes need? If you want to get lots of cherry tomatoes from your garden or field, you have to focus on this question. Long-term sun exposure may not be a must-required fact to keep the plants alive, but it is the most important point for producing more fruits.

This means that you have to provide enough sunlight to produce a high amount of cherry tomatoes. How much do cherry tomato plants need? Sunlight for 6 to 8 hours is preferable for cherry tomatoes.

So, for better production, water cherry tomatoes plants in the morning, provide 8 hours of direct sunlight and supply necessary nutrients. You can be sure of the high tomato production.

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