How to Adjust Dixon ZTR Cone Drive- Explained with Easy Steps

by Jack Grover
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How to Adjust Dixon ZTR Cone Drive

How to adjust Dixon ZTR Cone Drive? The first question that punched in your head when you bought this product. Using some specific sized wrench tools and a few steps, you can adjust it.

Cones help to control torque and steering, and they are a part of the transmission assembly. For an efficient output, you need to adjust the cone drive. Also, you need to adjust the steering system and the transaxle system to get the best output.

It is a complicated adjustment. Normally they offer a manual on the whole machine so that you can do it yourself. But if you don’t have one or that seems complicated to understand, this article is here to guide you.

How to Adjust Dixon ZTR Cone Drive

First of all, You will need some specific tools to adjust Dixon drive cones.

  • 11/16 inch open-end wrench
  • ½ inch open-end or box end wrench
  • Dixon special tool or pocket square.

Steps to Adjust Dixon ZTR Cone Drive

We have divided the whole process into some steps so that it is easier for you to understand.

Step 1: Use the 11/16-inch open-end wrench to loosen the locking nuts on the allen head pivot at the rear of the transmission

Step 2: Use the ½-inch open-end or box end wrench to loosen the outside locking nuts on the torque rods slightly

Step 3: You need to remove the gap between cones and discup. In order to do that, turn the pivot bolt of the allen head and turn the nut of the inside torque rod. By this, the discup cradle will move towards the cone.

for every turn of the pivot bolt, turn the torque rod nut twice. Continue to loosen the bolts, until the cones and discup make contact.

Step 4: Use the Dixon special tool or a pocket square and connect it with the front or back discup. Now square the discup so it rests perpendicular on the back frame. Measure with the tool.

Step 5: Loosen the adjustment bolts, so the gap between cups and cones is 0.20 to 0.25 from both sides of the assembly. This is the new neutral gap

Step 6: Make a gap of dive threads between the bottom rod lock and the lower spring nut. Create an even distance between the upper and lower cones by rotating the upper spring nut. It will set the rod lock to neutral.

Step 7: Adjust the steering system so that the levers are even.

Step 8: Keep the engine off and move a bit. If there is any sound from the cups abrading the cones. Adjust the neutral spring nuts to get rid of the abrading. Tighten all the nuts to hold the adjustments.

Step 9: Turn on the machine and drive on a straight line in a flat area. If the mower drives straight then, it is all ok.

How To Adjust Steering On A Dixon Zero Turn Mower

While working on cone drive, you need to adjust your steering control. Just follow these:

  • First of all, determine in which way your mower turns. Is it left or right?
  • Then loosen the nut one the adjustment bolt
  • Adjust the speed. There are 2 ways to do that.

1. Turn the adjustment bolt anticlockwise, this will increase the travel of the lever.

2. Turn the bolt clockwise, this will decrease the travel of the lever.

  • Again tighten the nut

Dixon ZTR Steering Adjustments (lever height)

  • Remove the hardware on the upper control arm.
  • Move the handlebar up/down to align with the preferred adjusting holes ● Reassemble and retighten the hardware

Dixon ZTR Steering Adjustments (lever weight)

  • Remove the hardware on the lower control arm
  • There is a hex bolt supporting the eccentric spacer. Loosen the nut of that hex bolt
  • Rotate the hex bolt to adjust.
  • Reassemble the parts.

Dixon ZTR Steering Adjustments (lever reach)

  • Open up the hardware on the upper control arm, securing the steering control
  • Now, move the steering forward and backward depending on your comfort zone.
  • Reassemble.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How can I make my zero turns faster?

Double the pump, halve the motor and find a balance between them. You will get double speed. Also, you can speed up the pump using different pully.

When did Dixon start making zero-turn mowers?

In 1974, Dixon started making zero turn mowers with only 25 employees.

Is Dixon owned by Husqvarna?

Yeah. In 2006, Hasquvarna bought Dixon’s ownership.

What happened to Dixon mowers?

Back in 2014, Husqvarna announced that they would stop manufacturing Dixon lawnmowers.

Wrapping Up

If you want to use your Dixon ZTR lawn mower for a long time with the same output. You must have a proper idea of the maintenance and control of this machine.

We have already given the information and instructions on how to adjust Dixon ZTR cone drive. Also, some other adjustment tips are added too.

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