How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks Bucket Method with Few Easy Steps!

by Shelley Ryffe
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Do you want to find out how to get rid of chipmunks bucket method? This is pretty easy if you can follow the steps.

Watching cute chipmunks in videos is genuinely fascinating. Their appealing yet swift movement is enough to make your day. But if you have a real connection with chipmunks for destroying your yard and garden, then it’s not cute.

Now the problem is, you may get stuck in the necessity of protecting your house and the hardship of killing that tiny creature. So, let’s solve your issue by showing the steps for the bucket method easily.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks Bucket Method

There are several ways to do so when you want to know how to keep chipmunks away. But all will not help you in the same way.

So, see the bucket trapping steps. Besides, It is safe for both house owners and chipmunks.

Wait a minute. Before diving into the bucket trapping, make sure of some preparations in your lawn. Such as-

Step-1: Identify Your Problem

First of all, before setting up a bucket chipmunks trap, you need to find out the real issue.

Is it chipmunks that are harming your garden or other tiny creature? Because if it is not chipmunks, then there is no reason to set a trap for them.

Specifically, when you know that chipmunks are the main problem, you can try the natural method to stop them from destroying your yard.

Chipmunks are timid and quick animals. So, if you have ever seen any munching in your garden or tiny footprints of chipmunks, then it is time to protect your house from the small creatures.

Step-2: Make your area unattractive

Indeed, when you do not welcome chipmunks in your home, they will not attack your area very often.

Now you can ask how to make your place unattractive to the chipmunks. You can keep the site clean from the windfall in front of your house. Try your best not to have any leaves in the yard. You should not keep any stones or rocks in the garden where chipmunks can hide easily.

When chipmunks find out that they will barely get any place to save themselves from humans, how will they think of coming to your home from time to time? So, it should be your first step to make your place ready for the bucket chipmunks trap

Step-3: Track Their Movement

Indeed, the previous idea will stop a lot of disturbance of chipmunks around your house. But it is not easy to avoid them in such away. You have to find out how they come to your home.

Generally, house owners need to keep bird feeders above the ground and away from fences. If you find an alternative way where chipmunks can enter your territory, then you also need to close them.

Try to avoid low rock boundaries near your house. They can also be an excellent way for chipmunks to attack your home and garden. 

Step-4: Find their nature

Equally important, you need to find the nature of chipmunks near your area. All chipmunks don’t act the same in every country and place.

You have to test the fundamental nature of chipmunks that often attack your area. If they are destructive, you need to take a severe step to save your home.

Getting a messy garden will never make you happy. So you need to solve the problem.

When you set bucket chipmunks trap, check where they usually come or stay for a while. Then you should set the trap to that particular place.    

Bucket Chipmunks Trap

In this method, you will need some sunflower seeds and some buckets.

  • First, fill up a bucket with water.
  • Then save some sunflower seeds on the surface of the water.
  • Afterward, keep the bucket where you have found that chipmunks come frequently.
  • The previous step is mainly for making the bucket trap setting easy. Keeping those buckets will not take much time when you know that you have seen chipmunks in those specific areas. Place buckets according to your need.
  • Don’t go for less if you have serious chipmunks problems. Otherwise, your all attempt will not give the best result.
  • When chipmunks fall into the water, you can keep them far away from your yard.

However, there are many other methods that will kill those tiny creatures. But if you are an animal lover, It’s hard to set a trap without harming chipmunks.

Besides, you can place blown beach balls in your yard. Chipmunks get scared of those beach balls. They don’t like when beach balls move here and there for wind. Well, it will not work longer. Only the bucket method can give you the best and long-time help from the chipmunks attacking.         

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get rid of chipmunks in a 5-gallon bucket?

Homeowners can use a 5-gallon bucket to set a bucket chipmunks trap because the measurement is perfect for trapping those tiny creatures. It is not too big or not too small. So you can easily catch chipmunks by those buckets.

What do chipmunks hate the most?

Chipmunks hate the taste of hot sauce most. So, it is also great to protect your home from them. Spray hot sauce with water in your yard. Chipmunks will hate to come to your area more than last time.


Well, now you know how to get rid of chipmunks bucket method. It is easy to catch chipmunks and send them very far from your territory.

When chipmunks come near the water bucket, they will fall into the bucket. Then there is no chance to get out. You can check those buckets when you are free.

And don’t forget to collect those tiny, cute animals. It would help if you tried to transfer them to a forest site.

Additionally, remember that your bucket has to be complete with water. Otherwise, chipmunks will quickly get out.

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