How To Get Rid Of Poa Trivialis: Renovate Your Lawn Like A Pro

by Shelley Ryffe
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How to get rid of poa trivialis is the most common question that pops out inside gardeners’ minds whenever they spot this perennial and detrimental bluegrass plant in their gardens. And to get rid of it, gardeners apply herbicide treatment, which initially helps them out.

But later on, this prevalent plant emerges again on some gardeners’ lawns, making them think about what they have done wrong and which is the best way to eliminate poa trivialis.

Consequently, gardeners look for practical solutions here and there but don’t find promising methods. However, you won’t suffer the same as you have stepped onto this article. So, let’s explore what solutions are waiting ahead.

How To Get Rid Of Poa Trivialis: Apply Effective Methods & Get Desired Results

how to kill poa trivialis

Poa Trivialis is difficult to control once established on a lawn. However, there are several management strategies that you can apply to prevent or reduce its spread.

The best way to control Poa trivialis is to prevent it from emerging during falls. Gardeners call this a pre-emergent strategy. Let’s discuss what this strategy covers. 

Pre-Emergent Method

To prevent both poa annua and poa trivialis from germinating and emerging from the ground, you must maintain a healthy and dense lawn. Here’s what you need to follow regularly. 

Keep Lawn Grass Long

You need to keep your lawn grasses at least three inches long. It will shade your lawn and resist the weed seed’s germination. 

That said, you should avoid mowing your grasses too short as it will make your lawn an ideal place for weed invasions. 

Avoid Regular Watering The Grass

You might have heard that gardeners need to water their plants regularly to maintain healthy growth. Indeed it’s true, but not here in case your lawn is vulnerable and more likely to grow poa trivialis. 

For such a lawn, you need to water the grass infrequently. Why? Because by doing this, you will make your lawn grass roots grow deep and healthy while searching for moisture. 

In contrast, if you water these grasses regularly, they won’t spend energy digging deeper for moisture. Consequently, they will be unhealthy and fail at fending off rough bluegrass.

Reseed Your Lawn

You should reseed your lawn with bunchgrasses during spring. The reason for reseeding bunchgrass is that these grasses won’t spread throughout your lawn and will dominate weeds. 

So, that’s all methods you can follow as pre-emergent steps to prevent poa trivialis germination. Now, let’s describe what you need to do if your lawn already has some rough bluegrasses. 

Post-Emergent Technique

If poa trivialis and poa annua are already present on your lawn, it can be a hassle for you to control or eliminate them. 

Still, you can prevent their growth and spread. Here are the essential steps you must take to prevent this detrimental rough bluegrass from spreading. 

Herbicide Treatment

Many gardeners apply herbicide in their gardens to kill weed seeds. But the problem with this treatment is that most herbicides like Genorate, tenacity, glyphosate, and velocity have been proven to fail at resisting poa Trivialis spread. 

Besides, some of these herbicides have been reported to kill other grass on gardeners’ lawns. However, among these herbicides, glyphosate has a reputation for killing all grasses that come in contact.

Hence, it might help you with weed prevention. But, you need to apply this herbicide cautiously, and after killing Poa Trivialis, you should follow the pre-emergent steps mentioned above. 

Perform Surgery

Performing surgery is the last step you should follow if all the other methods don’t give you promising results. 

You need to dig out that aggressive poa Trivialis from your ground to apply this technique. You can pull those rough bluegrasses out using your hands or a shovel.

After eliminating them, you should sod your lawn using one or more pallets of sod to cover damaged areas or any other bare spots. That’s it! That’s how you should perform surgery for weed removal.  

Hence, these are all the post-emergent techniques. We recommend following all of them and monitoring your lawn regularly to eliminate poa trivialis.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Is Poa Trivialis?

Poa trivialis, as known as rough bluegrass, is a perennial and prevalent plant found on most lawns. This plant is a part of the bluegrass family and is regarded as the garden’s beauty destroyer as it leaves bare spots when it goes dormant in summer.

How Do You Get Rid Of Poa Trivialis?

You can get rid of poa trivialis with the help of the pre-emergent and post-emergent techniques mentioned above. Here’s a quick recap, keep your lawn grass long, avoid frequent watering, and reseed your lawn. And as for post-emergent, apply herbicide treatment, or pull out those weeds.

Can You Choke Out POA Trivialis?

Yes, you can. By applying glyphosate on your lawn over the selected areas, you can chock poa trivialis out. But that doesn’t guarantee that those perennial plants will never emerge again.


Poa trivialis is a difficult weed to control, but you can control or get rid of it with the help of persistence and the right management strategies. 

Specifically, you can use a combination of mechanical and chemical methods to keep Poa trivialis from taking over your lawn.

That’s all for this content titled how to get rid of poa trivialis we will catch you with the next one. Happy Gardening!

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