Toro Timemaster Gas Tank Upgrade: Which Modification is The Best Choice?

by Jack Grover
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Are you looking for a toro timemaster gas tank upgrade? Then check out the Briggs & Stratton, which provides the best capacity. Yet, there are other brands of tanks as well besides the Briggs & Stratton.

Sometimes the stock part of a mower isn’t enough. But thanks to the available replacement parts in the market, you can upgrade your toro mower to your needs. Today we will discuss the toro timemaster gas tank upgrade. Furthermore, we will cover several other component upgrades as well.

Toro Timemaster Gas Tank Upgrade

Timemaster Gas Tank Upgrade

The toro timemaster is a good quality mower. But using it for a long time can wear out various parts. Nevertheless, the manufacturer included the ability to replace the parts. Moreover, there is an aspect of upgradability as well. Several toro timemaster upgrades can make the mower run even better. Although, you need to know the compatibility of such promotions and replacements.

Below we included the necessary upgrade and replacement you may require. All of the enhancements were tested by us. So, we can ensure the quality for the modifications.

Toro Timemaster Gas Cap Replacement

A gas cap is an essential part of a mower. It prevents dirt from getting inside the gas tank. Furthermore, it forms a vacuum seal. If you use the toro timemaster, you should know that the gas cap gets terrible eventually.

However, don’t worry because you will find plenty of replacement gas caps on the market.

We checked various types of the gas cap and found the toro 93-7198 the best replacement. It’s very durable and creates a strong vacuum seal.

There are available toro timemaster modifications that make it simple to replace. Keep in mind that the quality differs from brand to brand. If you are looking for a gas cap replacement, get the toro 93-7198.

Toro Timemaster Gas Tank Replacement

Typically the toro timemaster has a gas tank that is 1.2 quarts. For some, the capacity isn’t enough. Luckily, you will find the replacement.

Firstly,  you need to know the toro timemaster gas tank size you require. A gas tank with an improved capacity will let you use the mower for a longer time. Especially if you have a longer lawn, you need that.

Among some of the gas tank mods, we recommend you to get toro # 117-3510. The capacity of this part is around 4 quarts. With four quarts capacity, your mower will have a longer runtime.

So, get it if you are looking for a crucial gas tank replacement. However, there are gas tanks of other sizes as well. But it’s we had a better runtime with the toro # 117-3510.

Step by Step Process for Toro Timemaster Gas Tank Mod

Are you noticing that your Toro time master suffers from poor fuel efficiency? Then it’s finally the time for you to replace your tank. One of the most common complaints from the Toro Time master users is about its gas tank. However, we included a detailed process on how to change to a newer tank.

Step 1: Firstly, find the most suitable gas tank that supports the time master mower. Typically, you should get a 1-gallon tank. It provides more runtime. Also, keep a measuring tape to perform the other steps. Remember that you can even attach a 4-gallon tank as well.

Step 2: Drain out the current gas tank carefully. Take a metal frame that measures around one and a half-inch. Measure it carefully and cut it so that you can attach it to the rear side of the new gas tank. You have to cut it into two-piece with one metal bar to create a proper attachment.

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Step : Attach that to the left side of the time master. You have to drill a hole as there are no bolt markings on the left side. Drill four holes to attach the tank. Clean any other metal specks of dust not to make a mess. Moreover, the metal hitch needs to be as close to the left side of the mower.

Step 4: Ensure that the screws measure around 5mm. It’s due to the limited space of the mower. Then use the screws tightly and connect the gas tank to your mower. Fill it with fuel, and you will see your mower has a comparatively longer run time than previously.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Toro TimeMaster underpowered?

Yes, the toro timemaster is a bit underpowered. If the lawn is wet, the clippings of the mower stick to the bottom. Yet, the mower is pretty good. Once you know the capability, you can utilize it very nicely in various situations.

How do I get more power out of my Toro TimeMaster?

To get more power from your toro timemaster, you can replace it with a higher cc rate engine. Another way to get more ability is by adjusting the pulley system. Follow the proper presets if you want to change the pulley system.

How fast does a Toro TimeMaster go?

The toro timemaster can go all the way up to 4.5mph. Due to the Briggs u0026amp; Stratton OHV engine, the toro mower can go the such a speed. Nevertheless, if you upgrade the engine, you can get a higher rate.


The toro timemaster is very flexible as you can mod it as you want. We suggested the best toro timemaster gas tank upgrade for you. The stock components aren’t enough at times. Hence, you can enjoy mod that can enhance your mowing experience.

Besides our suggestion, you can get different modifications as well. However, the ones we suggested are the best. Check the compatibility if you wish to explore other brands for upgrades or replacements.

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