A Complete Guideline On How to Get Yards to Mow?

How to Get Yards to Mow

So, how to get yards to mow? The applications of some particular techniques will help you get mowing clients as soon as possible.

Have you decided to start your career as a lawn mowing entrepreneur? Congratulations! It’s a good decision of yours, honestly, the best!

Mowing yards will give you a good profit at a reasonable investment. But, it’s difficult for the starter to get their first few clients, particularly the first ones. Getting loyal and potential clients is challenging.

Not only you, but It’s also a familiar story for all the new entrepreneurs. They find their first customers with lots of difficulties. And hard-working entrepreneurs have to spend hard labor and intelligence to hold them.

Let’s get down to your business and learn, How do you pick up yards to mow?

How to Get Yards to Mow?

Sometimes the landowner thinks that I should mow my lawn today. But, mowing the yard takes a lot of time, and unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have that time.

Therefore, it isn’t that difficult to know how to find yards to mow. There are several possible ways to get your first mowing clients and hold the existing ones. Let’s learn about those ways!

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the first step that you can take to get your first lawn mowers needed customer. Most specifically, when you’re a small lawn mowing entrepreneur, undertake this step to get customers.

Share about your service to your nearest friends, families, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, co-workers. Who knows, your dearest friend or a mate from school might benefit from your mow service?

Use Referrals And Connections

Organizing the referral programs and connections are the effective solutions for how to find customers yard to mow. It is one of the best ways of holding the existing clients.

Give gift cards, discounts on work, or free service for a day. It’ll impress your existing clients and consequently help you to get new clients.

Promote Your Business to the Local Market

Promote your business to the local market through advertising your service. Use the flyers, brochures, photos, door hangers, magnets, and so on to promote the business.

By doing all these, you’ll learn which clients need lawn mowed.

Advertising any products or services on social media has become a trend nowadays. The percentage of getting work from social media is higher than any other platform.

So, advertise your services to social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, and so on.

Build and Expand Your Lawn Care Network

Building and expanding a good network is one of the easiest ways of finding Mowing clients. Collaborate with other Mowing entrepreneurs and build a strong lawn care network.

Undesirably, the expanded network with the other Mowing entrepreneurs, particularly the successful ones, will help you start your business.

Develop A Website

At current times, every successful entrepreneur must have a well-developed and maintained website. Indeed, a well-maintained website will assist you in getting the customers at your desirable price.

Therefore, invest in creating, developing, and maintaining a well-developed website.

List Your Business to the Google and Bing

List your business and your service listing to Google maps. Also, you must use the Bing listing to bring your business under the sight of your potential customers.

Develop Facebook business page and list on Facebook Marketplace

Developing and promoting a Facebook business page is a good way to get under the consideration of your potential customers.

Fortunately, developing the Facebook business page isn’t so expensive. But, you must kill some bucks on promoting your business page.

Furthermore, enlisting your service to the Facebook marketplace also helps to bring plenty of potential customers. Therefore, enlist your service to the Facebook marketplace free of cost.


Do you have a successful YouTube Channel? Great indeed!

Now, if you know the great mowing work, you’re just about to get your first customer. Just spend some time on your channel regularly. Make the essential and educative Videos over the Cutting grass and caring the lawn.

Show your business advertisement and add the business numbers at the end of the videos.

Respond Immediately

No matter where you get your desired customers, respond to them immediately. If you’re doing social media advertisements, try to stay active on them.

Moreover, you must respond to the clients whom you have already served. Even though they don’t like your service, ask them for feedback.

Don’t lose hope when you get negative feedback. That’s because this will help you to upgrade your service and obtain the client’s trust.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Find Lawn Mowing Jobs?

To find lawn mowing jobs, you must increase your network at the local market and social media. Also, you must respond to your current and would-be customers timely.
Keep reading to learn the depth of these ways to find your desirable lawn mowing jobs.

How Do You Pick Up Yards to Mow?

To pick up a yard for mowing, you must share your Mowing business with everyone. You can organize a referral program, create a website, Google AdWords to market your work.

Can I Make A Living Mowing Lawn?

Yes, you can make a living mowing the lawn. Frankly speaking, it can give you a potential earning experience each year. Based on the place around and demand, the earning from the mowing lawn ranges from $5000-$50000.
However, you can earn up to $250000 within a few years if you become experienced.

How Much Money Do You Get for Cutting Grass?

Cutting the lawn grass is very profitable if you take it as a business. Lots of lawn mowing entrepreneurs earn a handsome amount based on their experience.
The amount may vary from $5000-$50000 for the first year. After several years, the earning from the lawn care business raises $160000-$250000.

How Much Should You Charge to Mow an Acre?

The lowest cost for mowing lawns is decided at $87 per hour. On that basis, the average service charge of cutting grass for 1 acre is $150.
Conversely, the highest expense for mowing the law is counted as $100 per hour. The average cost per acre is $200 based on the highest per hour costs.


Still not convinced? Most possibly, you didn’t give your full effort and diligence to get the customers. You must know how to get yards to mow from this article and apply this to your real life.

Believe us; you’re just a few steps short of getting your first clients and giving the lawn service.

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