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How to Get Rid of Woods Grass: 5 Effective Methods You Can Try Now

by Jack Grover
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How to Get Rid of Woods Grass

How to get rid of woods grasses? There are several ways to kill them and also to prevent their growth. Using manual methods, mulching processes, or chemical killers, you can effectively remove them from your lawn.

Woods grasses are one of the most unwanted grass types that destroy the beauty of your lawn or garden. It grows as weeds when you are trying to grow your desired plants on your lawn.

So, it becomes necessary to kill these grasses permanently. Learn the methods in easy steps and avoid the unwanted grasses to grow in your lawn.

Let’s Find Out How to Get Rid of Woods Grasses

How to get rid of unwanted grass in lawn? There are both manual ways and chemical killers. Let’s learn to use these methods step-by-step.

Try The Manual Grass Removal First

Manual grass removal is the best way to get rid of grass in small spaces. It can be your garden or a small lawn. 

If the lawn or garden is held in tight areas with curves, manual removal is easy by hand. Manual unwanted grass removal can be done by hand, or shovel, or by sod cutter. Pay attention to learning how to remove dead grasses as well. 

Steps to Remove Grass by a Shovel

Step-1: First, collect and take a flat-edge shovel or a lawn edging shovel meant to cut the clean lines of sods. Then mark the edge line using a rope or string to guide the line of grass to cut. 

Step-2: Begin to cut a straight line along the grass from one edge of the marked line. To put pressure on the shovel, use your weight on it and step down. Cutting one portion by this process, keep the shovel below the sod and then pry up. It will loosen the sod a bit. Thus, continue cutting a parallel line. 

Step-3: After cutting one parallel line, come back by cutting a perpendicular line. While cutting the sod, make one-foot by one-foot squares, cutting space. If you need the sod intact to replant, you have to make a larger stripe to roll on. 

If you can make a perfect line that includes all the unwanted grasses, you can remove them correctly. This is the cheapest way to kill grass. If you are also trying to kill Bermuda grass, use atrazine. 

Step-4: After making the squares by shovel, remove grasses pulling by hand or pry up and roll back across the sod squares. 

If you have fewer wood grasses, you can only use this step to remove grasses by hand. Then follow the next steps to dispose of them.

Step-5: Next, take up the loosened sod chunks and move it to place them to the disposal place. The disposal can be your yard waste bin or compost bin. This is the manual way of killing grass permanently

Instead of a shovel, you can use a sod cutter that keeps the grass intact and lets you replant them to other places if you want. Different sod cutters come in different sizes. 

If you need to know how to get rid of grass, this is the most common way though it is a bit laborious. While cutting grass in this manual process, you should be careful about the sprinkler heads and irrigation lines. 

Use Deep Mulching Process To Get Rid of Wild Grass in Lawn

So, how to get rid of grass naturally, then the mulching process is one of the best natural processes of wood grass removal. Mulching is a process that involves covering the grass with different mulching ingredients, including leaves, wood chips, composts, pine needles, paper material, bark, leaf molds, etc.  

This process works by blocking the sunlight and putting a gentle weight on unwanted grass areas. In this condition, grass breaks down. So, follow the steps below and see what kills grass permanently.

Step-1: First, make a thick layer of paper all over the grass. You can use newspaper or unwanted cardboard, or unbleached masking paper to cover the grass. 

Step-2: Spray water over the covering thoroughly. When it is completely wet, it is time to add much over the covering. Add deep mulch material for about 5 to 7 inches. Now, spray water on the deep mulch material frequently. 

In wet condition, decomposition works faster and make a rich and loamy condition in the soil bed. This process takes several months to be finished. Fall is the perfect season to start that ill sit the mulch in winter. You will get your lawn or garden ready for planting then.

Solarizing the Lawn Grass Can Help With Wood Grass Removal

The solarizing process is the answer if you want to know how to stop grass from growing permanently. It’s also a process that helps to get rid of fine fescue grass

This process involves covering the grass using clear plastic. It provides heat to the soil and kills unwanted grass with harmful insects and pathogens. Follow the steps below and smoothen the garden grass.

The best time for solarizing grass is the summer, as it is the hottest time to provide proper heat to grass and soil. It ensures that the soil reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step-1: First, you have to cut the long grasses to make them short. Then spray water thoroughly as much as you can. It is because the wet condition is very favorable for the solarizing process. 

Step-2: Now is the time to cover the grass area with a clear plastic tarp. It must be clear otherwise; grasses will be colorless. 

Step-3: While covering the lawn or garden, make sure that the edges are tucked perfectly. Leave the place like this for about 4 to 6 weeks. It will heat the place and kill grasses. 

Now you can remove all the dead grasses or use them after mulching.

Consider Safe Chemical to Kill Wood Grass Permanently

How to get rid of grass without digging? Chemical herbicide is the ultimate solution to it. Several effective weed killers can kill unwanted woods grasses. 

Find a proper chemical herbicide labeled for wood grass or the grass found in your lawn. Otherwise, it can kill other plants. 

When somebody asks, how do you get rid of grass where you don’t want it, glyphosate comes to mind. 

To get rid of grass where you don’t want it, simply use a glyphosate after mixing with water. And the trouble should go away. 

Glyphosate is an effective systemic herbicide that works as a grass root killer. It enters the roots of grasses through the blades and next to the vascular system. It kills the plant entirely without giving any residue to the soil. 

The process of applying this chemical is spraying. Spray on selective grasses because they can kill desirable plants. So, you have to take proper cautions.

Finally, You Can Try This Homemade Grass Killer Bleach Solution

How to get rid of grass in the garden without killing plants? A homemade bleach works better. 

Preparation of the Bleach: 

Take 1/4th cup of horticulture vinegar, 1/4th cup of Table salt, and 1/4th cup of dish soap in a bowl. Mix them well. Then pour the mix into a spray bottle. It is ready to apply.


Spray this mixture on the grass plants by the direct stream. This homemade mixture is safe for desirable plants. You have to spray this mixture at least once a week. Within a few months, you will get the result. 

Here, you have to use horticultural vinegar which mainly kills the grasses. Regular kitchen vinegar does not have that much power to kill grasses. The table salt prevents the growth of the grasses. The soap makes the mixture work only to the grasses by letting them cling only to grass. 

About the mixture you will use, it’s not just the best homemade solution but also super safe.

“Both the salt and the vinegar contain acetic acid, which serves to dry out and kill the plants. The dish soap, meanwhile, reduces the surface tension in the mixture so that the liquid enters the pores of the leaves rather than remaining harmlessly on the surface.”


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I permanently get rid of grass?

Some non-selective weed killer like Roundup, works well to kill unwanted grass in the lawn. You can ad Glyphosate in the Roundup to make it stronger. You have to spray this mixture in the leaves. It can kill all the grasses through the infiltration process in leaves. You can permanently remove grasses from the garden with this chemical killer.

What is the cheapest way to kill grass?

How to get rid of grass in vegetable garden in the cheapest way? It is one of the most-asked questions. Horticulture vinegar is the cheap and natural way. You have to spray the vinegar over the leaves of the grass. If you use them in zero wind and no rain time, it will work faster.

How long does it take for vinegar to kill grass?

Vinegar works faster compared to other killers. It takes only 24 hours to work. But the disadvantage is that you have to take extra care to kill only grass. Vinegar can harm your primary plants on the lawn. An innovative way is to use the vinegar, making a mixture with table salt and dis soap. Dish soap makes the vinegar cling only to the grass and saves other plants.

Is vinegar a good grass killer?

As a natural herbicide, vinegar is a great grass killer. But the regular kitchen vinegar cannot kill grasses. You have to use horticultural vinegar that has more acetic acid than regular vinegar. When you make the cocktail of vinegar, salt, and dish soap, this mixture includes all the necessary ingredients in it to kill the grass permanently.

Do Epsom salts kill grass?

NO, Epsom salt is a beneficial ingredient for every plant. Actually, Epsom salt is responsible for supplying two essential nutrients to plants: magnesium and sulfur. People have been using this salt for decades. It is a balanced food for roses, peppers, tomatoes, etc., colorful fruits and flowers.

Verdict Lines

How to get rid of woods grasses? In this article, you have learned 5 effective methods. All the methods work well. The manual method needs some sweat to spread.

You can use a professional sod cutter that can reduce your labor a bit. The solarizing method and the mulching process work great from making the soil bed ready to plant afresh.

The chemical killer is another effective method though it can risk the desired plants of your lawn. You can be risk-free by using the homemade killer. So, choose the best process for your lawn and make it beautiful.

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