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Did You Know Different Ways for How To Start A Craftsman Tiller?

by Jack Grover
Reading time: 10 min Prefer to listen?

Do you know how to start a Craftsman tiller? It can be tricky and bewildering for new users to start the engine an old-fashioned way. With time, Craftsman has introduced new tiller models with different starting sequences.

The easiest way is to turn on the switch, pump, and pull the compressor string to start the engine. But it is not the same for all tillers because of their different features and specifications.

Worry not if you are new to this. We’ve got your back. Go through this article and learn all possible methods to start your Craftsman tiller.

How To Start a Craftsman Tiller?

For different types of tiller, you need different approaches for starting the engine. There are transmission or single-drive tillers. Again Electric starting sequences are available in the mini Craftsman tillers.

It requires some additional tools for cranking up such engines. However, Starting a Craftsman rototiller is similar to the front/rear tine tiller starting method.

How To Start A Craftsman Rear Tine Tiller?

The rear-tine tillers possess a powerful 4-stroke engine with a transmission system. The gear is encased within a cast iron cover for protection.

Follow the step-by-step guide to ignite the engine and get the motor running successfully.

Step 1: If you are running the tiller for the first time, you must fill the gas tank and pour engine oil for lubrication.

After that, fill up the gas tank with 89/93 grade Octane. If the engine is four-cycle, mixing the fuel with oil is unnecessary.

Step 2: Turn on the engine switch if present. Shift the gear lever to neutral. Not keeping the gear in neutral can cause engine seizing.

Step 3: Starting the engine for the first time requires cylinder preheating to get warmed up. Close the choke valve and allow air-free gas into the combustion chamber.

Step 4: Pull the string a few times to pump gas and warm up the engine. Open the choke valve to allow air to mix with fuel in a definite ratio.

Step 5: Pull the strings again a few times, and your Craftsman Rear tine tiller will start. Shift the gear from neutral and press the throttle to run the tines in a forward direction.

Lastly, if you are wondering how to start a Craftsman front tine tiller, you need not worry because the sequence is the same as a rear tine tiller.

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How To Start A Craftsman Four Cycle Mini Tiller?

The mini tillers come with both manual and electric start features. You can select the method preferable for your convenience.

But if you have a 2-stroke engine, you should know how to start a Craftsman mini tiller with the 2-cycle engine as well. It is similar to the 4-cycle engine, but initially, the fuel is to be mixed with motor oil using the recommended ratio.

Electric Start

Craftsman has introduced a mini tiller in their fleet, which can start electrically using a battery-operated drill.

Tools Required:

  • Cordless Drill
  • Compatible drill bit

Step 1: Fill up the gas and oil tank with octane and compatible engine oil. Mix the fuels in a specific ratio if the engine is 2-cycle with lower displacement.

Step 2: Turn on the engine switch and tilt the tiller to keep the tine up from the ground.

Step 3: Pump gas into the carburetor by pressing the pump button 2-3 times

Step 4: Set up the cordless drill and install the drill bit. Place the drill on the starter of the engine. Throttle the drill to start the engine. Ensure opening the choke after the engine is cranked.

Manual Start

The manual start sequence is almost identical to the rear tine tiller starting method.

Step 1: Switch on the tiller. Use the pump press button to pump the carburetor several times.

Step 2: if your tiller is usually warmed up, you need not close the choke. Otherwise, you may need to shift the choke valve several times while pulling the rope if the weather is cold.

Cold Start

In cold weather, it becomes difficult to crank the smaller engines as such tiller engines. The combustion cannot take place effectively due to lower temperatures. But there is an alternative way to start the engine in such circumstances.

Since an electronic fuel injection system does not support these engines, you must manually maintain the air mixing with the fuel to warm up the combustion chamber.

Step 1: For a cold start, it is better to use 93-grade octane (gasoline). Also, fill the engine oil chamber with the specific oil for the engine.

Step 2: Close the choke valve and pull the strings several times. It will allow concentrated fuel to enter the combustion chamber and burn a little amount to heat up the chamber.

Step 3: Now, open the choke valve and pull the starting string several times until you hear a breaking craning noise. It will cause small explosions inside the combustion chamber with air mixed duel and evaporate the flooding.

Step 4: Repeat step two and three at least five to six times. The engine will crank up once the combustion chamber gains the required temperature for completing the engine cycle. Avoid overflooding the cylinder.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you start a tiller?

You can start a tiller by switching on the fuel injection and pumping the carburetor. After that, crank the engine several times by pulling the string until it starts to run the motor.

How do I start a Craftsman tiller?

Like every engine-based tiller, the craftsman tiller’s starting sequence is the same. It initiates with filling up the gas tank and engine oil chamber. After that, you need to open or close the choke valve depending upon the weather. Lastly, pull the string to ignite the engine and throttle the motor.

How do you start a small tiller?

Starting a small tiller requires pumping the carburetor before initiating the cranking. After pumping, pull the starter rope to crank and start the engine.


Starting a Craftsman tiller is not laborious if you know how to do it perfectly. The procedure is pretty straightforward. But confirm what type of engine you are dealing with.

Also, ensure about the starting methods it has been featured with because some smaller tillers come with electric starting technique. We expect this article had been beneficial if you are stuck on how to start a Craftsman tiller in your mind.

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