How To Use Sun Joe Dethatcher? | Catchiest Method That Anyone Can Learn

by Jason Ryffe
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Do you know how to use sun joe dethatcher? As it has the easy and quick start button, you can easily start this dethatcher. But to use it correctly, you should learn some facts. And today’s article is all about this.

Sun Joe dethatcher is a very lightweight machine. The settings of sun joe dethatcher are very easy and understandable. So, you will get the process very easy.

Besides, we have included each of the usage parts along with elaborating every part specifically for your comfort. So, after reading this, you might not need a further manual guide or expert’s hand to use this. Let’s dive in!

How To Use Sun Joe Dethatcher?

Sun joe dethatcher is a perfect solution to dethatch your yard or garden. So, you have to know how to use it accurately. 

To know the use method, you have to recognize all the parts of the sun joe dethatcher. Here we present a list of parts with their function of a sun joe dethatcher.

Name Of Different Parts With Functions

There are basically, 8 parts that you should know about the sun joe dethatcher.

1. Instant Start Button

The function of this start button is to start the sun joe dethatcher. With just one click, the machine can turn on.

2. Collapsible Handle

You can hold the handle to carry the dethatcher on the surface of the ground. The best thing is that these two handles are collapsible.

3. 12 AMP Motor

One of the main parts of a machine is the motor. Sun joe dethatcher is not exceptional from the statement. 

The powerful 12 amp motor provides the energy to function. 4. 5-Position Manual Depth Adjustment

There are 5 positions to adjust the depth, including -10 mm, -5 mm, neutral, 5 mm, and 10 mm. You can adjust the depth according to your requirement.

5. 12.6 Inches Raking Width Sun joe dethatcher has a 12.6 inches raking width path in a single pass.

6. Wheels

There are two rugged All-Terrain wheels for running on the surface smoothly.

7. Blades

You will get two kinds of blades with the sun joe dethatcher. The name of one blade is the scarifier blade. Another blade name is dethatcher tines.

You can use both for dethatching from the yard or garden.

8. Collecting Bag

An 8-gallon collecting bag is available with the sun joe dethatcher for gathering dry grass or debris.

As you know the names of any part of a sun joe dethatcher, we can start the method of how to use the machine. We divide the whole process into four parts. 

The first part is the installation process, the second is the starting process, the third one is the applying method, and the fourth is the safety process. Let’s start with the first part.

Installation Process

When you will get the product for the first time, it will not be installed. You need to install the machine by attaching parts.

You will get all the portions of the machine with sufficient screws to attach. You can see the sun joe dethatcher instructions to attach all parts.

Step 1: The installation process is very modest. Just take the handle one by one and attach them with the appropriate screw.

Step 2: After setting the handles, you have to attach a blade from the two blades. We will recommend using the dethatcher tines first.

And after using the blade, you should use the scarifier blade. You can assemble the blade with the help of a screwdriver or an electrical screw-attaching machine. 

Step 3: The last step is to set the collecting bag. After setting the blade, you have to affix the bag to the down portion of the dethatcher. 

This collecting bag can collect 8 gallons of debris at one time.

Starting Process 

After installing, you have to know how to start sun joe dethatcher. There are also some steps to run the dethatcher.

First Step: Firstly, you have to adjust the depth with the help of a 5-Position manual depth adjustment.

You have to just simply twist the 5 position controller to set the depth. According to, the position should be -10 mm (-.4 in) below the surface to 10 mm (.4 in) above the soil.

Second Step: After setting the depth, you have to fix the cables with the handle by using cable clips.

This step is important because if your cable is not adjusted properly, it will distract you at the time of using the machine on the field.

Third Step: Join the power cable to provide the power to the motor.

Fourth Step: To start the machine, you can notice an instant start button on the left handle on top. You need to just press the button, and your dethatcher will start to run.

Now your sun joe machine is ready to use in the yard. But there are some tips to get the best result.

Application Method

You can follow the method to use your sun joe dethatcher to get the best result. 

We have already told you about the sun joe dethatcher settings. Now you will get the information about how to apply it on the ground.

Step 1: Initially, use the dethatcher tines as the blade. And go according to a vertical line and come back with another vertical line beside the first vertical line.

Repeat the step and finish lining the whole surface of the yard.

Step 2: Then do the lining horizontally to the vertical line that you did before. Make horizontal lines for the entire field.

Step 3: Use a blower to blow the dry grass and debris outside of the yard. And clean the collecting bags. Then set again.

Step 4: Now change the blade and apply the scarifier blades. Then make vertical and horizontal lines, as you did with the dethatcher tines.

Again, clean the collecting bag and set it again.

Tips For Safety

In the last part, we will provide you with some significant advice for safety. 

  1. Do not allow fingers into the blades when the start button is on.
  2. Do not wear loose clothes and do not open your hair at the time of using the sun joe dethatcher.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the machine.
  4. Do not force the tool, go according to its speed.
  5. Avoid using in hard soil
  6. Avoid dangerous environments.

After reading the article, you now know how does sun joe dethatcher work in the yard. So! What do you think? Can you correctly use the dethatcher in your yard now?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use Sun Joe scarifier and dethatcher?

You can use sun joe scarifier and dethatcher with easy four stages. They are; installation, starting the process, application process, and safety process.u003cbru003eFor more details read the article titled How To Use Sun Joe Dethatcher? || Catchiest Method That Anyone Can Learn.

How low should I set my dethatcher?

Dethatcher should not be deeper than (½ inch). Similarly, do not be higher than a quarter inch.

How often should you dethatch your lawn?

You should dethatch your lawn every year.


Sun Joe dethatcher works like magic to dethatch the lawn. So how to use sun joe dethatcher is a common question for all.

We hope this article will help you to give you proper information about the whole process of using it correctly.

And the safety process will enable you to protect yourself and your machine from any accident.

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