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by Jason Ryffe
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How do you troubleshoot the Husqvarna hedge trimmer? To troubleshoot an issue in a Husqvarna hedge trimmer, you must first understand the problem and its symptoms. Then try the possible fixes after identifying the potential causes.

But those who don’t have or possess any basic technical knowledge may struggle to identify and troubleshoot the malfunctioned trimmer. So, if you are one of them, stick to the last to get Husqvarna hedge trimmer troubleshooting ideas from this article.

The Husqvarna hedge trimmer is electrically-powered machinery used in our yard maintenance for cutting down tree branches and bushes. But with a lack of proper care or overuse, hedge trimmers can have some functional problems.

So let’s move forward to see what major and minor problems can arise in your hedge trimmer and how you can solve them!

Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer Troubleshooting

Hedge trimmer not working, won’t start, or smoking is some of the common issues that can arise due to different reasons.

Along with the trimmer not starting and not working, some other major problems are the blade not moving and the blade’s not cutting hedges.

A smoking hedge or an overheating motor may be considered minor trimmer problems, but these are no less frustrating. However, whether the issue is major or minor, you need to get to the solution and fix it to get your Husqvarna hedge trimmer working properly.

So, here’s a table showing some common Husqvarna hedge trimmer problems and the reasons.

Trimmer won’t startDamaged spark plugs or clogged carburetor.
Trimmer starts, then stalls.Clogged carburetor, clogged arrestor screen.
Trimmer running roughClogged fuel filter or blocked carburetor.
Blades not moving,Damaged or broken clutch, 
Trimmer motor overheating,Shortage of airflow due to shoving heavy brush.
Trimmer runs but does not cut.Clogged cutters or blades.

Hopefully, you have figured out the main culprit causing your hedge trimmer to malfunction from the table above. Major issues may require a bit of complex troubleshooting, while easy fixes can solve minor problems. 

So, here are some techniques you can follow to troubleshoot your Husqvarna hedge trimmer problems by targeting the potential reasons.

Damaged Spark Plug

Is your hedge trimmer not starting? If so, you should check the spark plug of it first. A defective spark plug usually causes a hedge trimmer’s starting problem.

Now, how will you know if the spark plug is worn out or not? Take a spark plug tester and inspect for the damage signs. A damaged spark plug won’t give a spark between the tester terminals.

Replacing the defective spark plug will fix the Husqvarna hedge trimmer not starting problem. But if the spark plug is okay, you will need to check whether the carburetor is okay or not.

Clogged Carburetor

A clogged carburetor is an actual troublemaker! Your hedge trimmer may not start because of a clogged carburetor. Another major issue that can arise from it is your Husqvarna hedge trimmer won’t stay running.

Your hedge trimmer may also run rough by the carburetor issue. In this case, get your carburetor repaired or replaced as soon as possible to run your trimmer without annoyance.

 You can also prevent this from happening by doing proper maintenance of your hedge trimmer. Cleaning the carburetor will avert the carburetor from clogging up with old fuel.

If you don’t do so, the long-time leftover fuel will become thick and block the carburetor. So, try to clean it using carburetor cleaner. Otherwise, replacing the carburetor would fix the problem too.

But what if the carburetor is clean, but still the trimmer starts and stalls? If this happens, check the screen arrestor of your hedge trimmer. 

Clogged Screen Arrestor

A congested screen arrestor is another potential reason behind a hedge trimmer malfunctioning. The arrestor screen can get blocked by debris and dirt if you haven’t cleaned it for a long time.

However, troubleshooting this issue is both easy and complex. An easy fix would be cleaning out the arrestor screen with a brush. 

If cleansing the screen arrestor does not work, you better replace the arrestor. Replacing it is not easy, so take your Husqvarna hedge trimmer to a professional to fix it.

Fuel Filter Issue

If the fuel filter is blocked, your hedge trimmer will not start or run rough. This happens when there is any old fuel left in the fuel tank for a long time. To get rid of this trouble, drain the old fuel from the tank and replace the fuel filter with a fresh one.

Damaged or Broken Clutch

The blades won’t turn or move when the clutch is damaged. Sometimes it may require a simple tensioning if the problem is minor. Otherwise, you will need to visit a technician and replace the damaged clutch.

You can also check the Husqvarna electric clutch troubleshooting steps with an easy guide.

Trimming Heavy Bushes

Shoving heavy bushes causes a shortage of airflow in the hedge trimmer motor. As a result, the engine gets overheated. To troubleshoot this issue, shut off your hedge trimmer and let it cool down the machine for a while.

Clogged Cutters

Clogged cutters with heavy grasses or debris mainly cause your trimmer not to cut shrubs and hedges even if it’s running. This is a rare case, but it’s frustrating as hell.

So, if this ever happens to your Husqvarna hedge trimmer, clean out the debris and Twiggs stuck in the cutters. Then grease the cutter using little oil and clean the blades as well.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why does my hedge trimmer keep cutting out?

Several potential reasons that may cause a hedge trimmer to keep cutting off include a clogged carburetor, an overheating motor, or a screen arrestor issue. And all these problems can arise from overuse or lack of proper maintenance.

How do I fix my hedge trimmer not working?

If your hedge trimmer is not working, there might be a defective spark plug or a clogged carburetor. To fix this issue, clean the carburetor regularly or replace it. You will need to replace the spark plug if it’s found defective.

How do you adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna hedge trimmer?

Take a splined carburetor tool, put it in the high-end and slightly turn it counterclockwise to adjust the carburetor.

Final Words

Hopefully, you will find this Husqvarna hedge trimmer troubleshooting guide helpful. Read the article and sift through your hedge trimmer. Identifying the real reason behind any issue is the most crucial step in troubleshooting.

However, if you are uncomfortable fixing the motor or engine, kindly take your hedge trimmer to a professional technician. If you face any significant issue in your Husqvarna hedge trimmer within the warranty period, report it to the dealer.

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