Hydro Gear 4400 Vs 3400: Which Transaxle is the Best Choice?

by Jack Grover
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What is the difference between hydro gear 4400 and 3400? While the hydro gear 4400 has a maximum speed of 12mph. On the contrary, the 3400 has a total rate of 12mph. There are other differences between the transmissions as well.

Both the hydro gear 4400 and 3400 are good quality transaxles. However, they are comparable to each other as they are different versions. Today, we will do a descriptive article on hydro gear 4400 vs 3400. Furthermore, we also include the reviews for both of the transaxles.

Hydro Gear 4400 Vs 3400: Comparing the Both Transaxle

ConcernsHydro Gear 4400Hydro Gear 3400
Weight55 lbs34.5 lbs
Motor Displacement0.97 in3/rev0.97 in3 /rev
Speed12 mph maximumten mph maximum
Diameter of Axle Shaft35 mm28.56 mm
Torque Output575 lb-ft maximum500 lb-ft maximum

Best Recommended Pick: Hydro Gear 4400- Transaxle with the revolutionary design

Hydro-Gear 4400

If your mower needs a transaxle upgrade then the hydro-gear 4400 is a great choice. Especially if you do heavy work, the 4400 is definitely the better option.


The 4400 comes with a revolutionary design. We equipped this transaxle in a mower for a test. While testing out, we saw that it does significantly well in heavy-duty works. It has highly durable rollers. You can carry out heavier works in your gardens with ease.

To confirm the manufacturer’s claim, we tried the transaxle with a mower that weighs around 1800 lbs. Also, it has an extensive 1-3/8″ axle that works better with heavier vehicles. The performance was outstanding as well.

So, if you have a more extensive lawn and carry out frequent gardening activities, go for the 4400 transaxles. You will notice the significant performance handle.

Engine Quality

The transaxle has a 16cc motor. As it has a 16cc motor, it provides an excellent speed. While using it in a mower, we found out it has a maximum speed of 12mph. So, your work speed will be pretty swift as the rate is pretty good.

Furthermore, the pump is around 12cc and is highly efficient. The combination of such parts creates such a condition that the vehicle you will use the transaxle will have a good speed. Your daily mowing and similar activities will be faster than usual as you use the 4400 transaxles. Besides, it is seen thaat when the transaxle is tried with a to, it shows impressive speed.


If you are looking for a long-term option, then the hydro-gear 4400 is the best option. Since the transaxle is designed for heavy-duty work, it is pretty durable.

However, you have to maintain the vehicle from time to time to get the best efficiency. But you don’t have to worry about changing the transaxle any time sooner.

We explored various forums and gathered reviews. Most people acknowledged that the durability of the 4400 is indeed actual, as the manufacturer claims. It’s mainly due to the thrust, which is a higher capacity that increases the lifetime of the transaxle. Remember, it can last a long time if you maintain it properly.

Why 4400 Is the Best Option for You?

Get the hydro-gear 4400 if you need a long-term option. Furthermore, if you have a spacious garden and need better speed, the 4400 is the most appropriate option. Most importantly, you won’t feel any vibrations or hear noise while using the 4400.

Our Second Choice: Hydro Gear 3400- The Transaxle With the Best Maneuverability

Hydro-Gear 3400

Navigating a lawn with tight and weird corners can be difficult with a vehicle. However, that challenge goes away if you use the hydro-gear 3400 transaxles. It has the best maneuverability ability.

Better Maneuverability

The transaxle is designed for medium-duty works. Yet, it performs like a heavy-duty transmission. Furthermore, it comes with a refined maneuverability ability. As a result, if you face tight corners, you can cut around them without further complications. Most importantly, get this transaxle if your garden has a zigzag design or is full of landscape objects.

We installed the transaxle on a mower and used it to navigate tight corners. Every tight corner we cut around was done with ease. So, it has a superior ability to move flexibly. Remember that the transmission quality does not significantly sacrifice the speed for better maneuverability.

Highly Efficient

As it is equipped with a 1-1/8” axle shaft, it can handle heavier vehicles. Typically the 3400 is well known for its medium capacity commercial transmission. Despite that, it can perform heavy-duty work as well. Especially people having small or medium size mowers can get the best out of this transaxle due to its high-efficiency rate.

Similar to the 4400, the 3400 also has a 16cc motor and a 12cc pump. For which, you can pull heavy loads with this.

Quiet Performance

Besides its superior reliability, you won’t hear any annoying noise while using the 3400. Every work you do will be quiet with a better performance. Furthermore, you won’t feel any vibration which can provide a comfortable workspace.

Get this transaxle for the most flexible experience. We did not feel any extra vibration or any kinds of noise during our test. The work session was pretty quiet.

Why 3400 Is the Best Option for You?

Since it’s a medium-duty transaxle, it’s best for people who have a comparatively smaller lawn or a lawn. Also, if you wish to navigate tighter corners, then the 3400 is the best option for you. It has better maneuverability. You will find it easy to cross tight corners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Hydro-Gear transmissions interchangeable?

Yes, the Hydro-Gear transmissions are interchangeable. However, you need to check the compatibility, including size and shapes.

How do you identify Hydro-Gear?

You can locate all types of hydro-gear products by inspecting its label. You can also see the exact serial and the model number in the title.

Is automatic transmission better than hydrostatic?

Both transmissions work the same way, except the hydrostatic uses fluid. Also, hydrostatic transmission is smoother, and it last longer than automatic transmission. So, the hydrostatic is better.

Which Hydro Gear Is For You?

In the above, we discussed the hydro-gear 4400 and the 3400. Suppose you have an extensive garden and need a faster option, then the hydro-gear 4400 is the best choice. Furthermore, it’s a great choice if you look for something with better longevity.

On the contrary, if you wish to use a vehicle on a surface with many corners, get the 3400. Also, the 3400 has excellent maneuverability. As a result, installing it into your car can navigate very tight corners smoothly.

In this debate of hydro gear 4400 vs 3400, 4400 is better for people with more extensive lawns while the 3400 is better for smaller or medium yards.

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