Kohler Engine Hard To Turn Over- Easy Solutions Of Kohler Ignition Or Turn Over!

by Jack Grover
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Why Kohler engine hard to turn over? There are several reasons behind this. The first and the prime reason is the battery and ignition. One of the prime causes is a safety switch breakdown, which is highly found today. Yet, we can distinguish other starting related issues like electrical problems.

No exception that the Kohler users are facing this problem enormously while starting their Kholer mowing machine. And, people are experiencing mystifications while your Kohler engine is hard to turn over.

However, today we shall disclose all the issues you can fix at home.

Kohler Engine Hard To Turn Over- Find Out Why And What Can Reduce It

To understand the problems and find the answer to why a 25-hp Kohler engine hard to start, we must merit the mechanism of starting.

How does the engine start or turn over? When sitting on the seat of Kohler, the safety switch becomes turned on. And when we press the ignition key, it builds a connection between the battery and starter through the solenoid or safety switch.

At last, the engine runs the cylinder and starts burning fuel. This is how the engine starts.

So, every starting related difficulty will lie between this process. Have a look at the table below which briefly lists the major starting-related problems and causes.

Ignition key failureTechnical difficulties and expiration.
Outdated BatteryRequire a new battery.
Safety switch failureOverflow of electric shock, water, and general technical issues.

The astonishing fact about the electrical aspects is we can’t determine the actual reason behind the malfunction or breakdown. Yet, we tried to cover the reported cause above.

However, you can never expect an electronic item with an unlimited lifespan. If your Kohler sv720 hard to start, read the rest of this composition.

Battery Life With Cables

If your mower is not starting, but your engine is responding, you must reckon that your battery is outdated. Whenever a battery dies, it never loses the full capability to serve 12 V. It decreases slowly.

So, if your Kohler engine works but does not start, you must replace the battery of your riding mower.

On the other hand, if Kohler doesn’t respond at all, time to check the wires related to the battery.

Cause And Solution

Cables are adequate to survive various complex situations. Domestic animals, rats, and snakes are often found responsible for cutting the wires connected with batteries. The electric flow of 12 volts can damage the cable until the cable is of low grade.

Yet, problems are meant to occur. So, use the jumper cables with your vehicle and connect the wires properly with the mower’s safety switch. After that, press the ignition key.

If the wires are not outdated, the engine will start without any excuse. If the question ‘why won’t my Kohler engine start‘ is in your mind, you must go for the subsequent determination.

Safety Switch Or Solenoid Disengagement

The second problem you can face is the solenoid or safety switch break. When you observe that after attaching the jumper cables, your engine is not responding, you must check the safety switch.

To determine the status of the safety switch, you will need a voltage measurer. Connect the voltmeter wires with the two points of the safety switch and press the button.

If it is not broken, you will see a figure on the voltmeter ranging from 2 to 4. Nonetheless, the result will be less than 1 if the switch does not work.

Cause And Solution

The most probable reason for this broken safety switch is being outdated. It is a vital element of a riding mower that allows it to run only when we are connected to the machine. Therefore, it can lose its capability to establish the electrical connection due to heavy usage.

To fix this problem, you must attach a new safety switch. There is no other solution except this. You can also establish a direct line to flow the electricity, but it is full of perils and malfunctions.

Before purchasing a new safety switch, you must always ask the storekeeper whether they are serving an official product or not. Only authorized products can ensure a long lifespan.

Ignition Key

After checking all the elements mentioned above, if your mower engine does not start and no sound is coming from the engine, there is a high probability that your ignition key is broken. It is hard to determine the ignition-related issues and requires an expert to decide.

Cause And Solution

Ignition is an electrical button that carries the electricity from the battery. In some Kohler riding mowers, ignition also can transfer the power to another port. However, heavy use or technical issues are the prime reason behind this breakdown.

There is no such solution except changing the entire set of ignition. It isn’t very nice to say that changing ignition ideally requires an expert’s assistance. Nonetheless, if you have adequate knowledge, you can change at your own pace without facing any difficulty.

Engine Breakdown

Few people are concerned about another issue: the Kohler engine has too much compression. But, it is a significant issue that people may face. It is not related to the starting or turnover of the engine.

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It means your cylinder is not working correctly. If the compression rate rises, it may break the engine anytime and cost you a lot of money to fix. So, if you feel an unusual vibration or sound or both from your machine, you must consult the customer service point.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Kohler engine not start?

There are plenty of reasons behind not starting, but all are generally electrical problems. So, to determine the problem, first, check the battery and the cables connected with it.u003cbru003eThe second problem can come from the safety switch. If the safety switch does not work, your machine will not start. Another important reason is the malfunction of the ignition key.

How much compression should a Kohler engine have?

The function of the Kohler engine is not unlike the other machine that lies on the same horizon. The compression rate of Kohler must be between 100 to 500 PSI. If there is a drop in compression, you must count it as an air leak.

How do you check the compression on a Kohler engine?

Firstly, warm up your engine for a while and unplug all the spark plugs from the engine.u003cbru003eSecond, check the throttle plate if it is wholly tightened or not. A leak in the throttle can drop the compression pressure.u003cbru003eThirdly, check the battery volt whether it is serving a minimum of 12.4 V and attach the compression gauge. Eventually, ignite the engine, and you will see the result in the indicator, which will be expressed as PSI.


There are several issues behind the Kohler engine hard to turn over, and we profoundly expect that you came to know the problems prime from the explanation above. Yet, fixing on your own is undoubtedly cost-effective, not guaranteed. So, before diving deep, you must be concerned about it.

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