Stihl BG50 Vs BG55- Battle for the Best Blower on the Market

by Jack Grover
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Are you tired of sweeping up lawn clipping with an old worn out broom? You’re finally ready to clean up your lawn mess like a professional but there are so many options! The Stihl BG50 vs BG55 both come from a trustworthy brand that will get the job done but how will you choose?

A good leaf blower can save you time and energy, allowing you to quickly and easily clear your yard of leaves, debris, and other unwanted items. However, with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to know which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll compare two of the most popular models from Stihl: the BG50 and the BG55.

Both the Stihl BG50 and the BG55 are highly regarded for their:

  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • ease of use

However, each model has unique features that make it better suited to different owners with different jobs. In this post, we’ll compare and contrast the Stihl BG50 vs BG55 and discuss their similarities and differences. I’ll go ahead and spoil the ending, they’re both great machines! We’ll also examine the features of each model in detail, including their:

  • Engine Power
  • Efficiency
  • Longevity
  • Maintenance
  • Price Difference

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight blower for a small lawn or a heavy-duty blower for a large yard or commercial project– we’ve got you!

This Video Should Help You

In this video Wally from Wally’s Workin breaks down the BG series from Stihl.

Main Difference Between Stihl BG50 vs BG55

Key Point Stihl bg50 Stihl bg55
Blowing Force 159 MPH 140 MPH
Max Air Velocity 412 CFM 417 CFM
Engine Power Gas-power, two-stroke Gas-power, two-stroke
Fuel Capacity 14.5 fl. Oz fue 18.3 fl. Oz fuel
Weight 7.9 lbs 9.0 lbs
Noise Level 70 db 69 dB

Engine Power of Stihl BG50 vs BG55

The engine power of a leaf blower is a critical factor that determines its performance and efficiency. When it comes to the Stihl BG50 vs BG55, the BG55 has a more powerful engine compared to the BG50. The BG55 is equipped with a 2.2 horsepower engine while the BG50 has a 1.1 horsepower engine. This means that the BG55 is capable of delivering a higher airspeed and airflow, making it better suited for more heavy-duty tasks.

Engine power is especially important if you have a large yard or if you need to clear a lot of debris quickly. The more powerful the engine, the more efficient the blower will be at removing leaves and other debris. If you’re looking for a leaf blower to handle larger yards or commercial applications, the Stihl BG55 with its higher horsepower engine would be a better choice. However, for smaller yards or less intensive jobs, the Stihl BG50 with its lower horsepower engine will be more than adequate. Ultimately, the engine power is a crucial consideration when choosing a leaf blower that will best suit your needs.

The Efficiency of the Stihl BG50 vs BG55

When choosing a leaf blower you HAVE to take into account efficiency. Not only “will it do the job” but “how easy is this thing to use?” Both the Stihl BG50 and the Stihl BG55 are efficient and easy to use but the BG55 has some advantages when it comes to efficiency.

The BG55 has a larger fuel tank than the BG50, which means it can run for longer periods without needing a refill. This can be particularly useful for larger yards or commercial applications where time is of the essence. Additionally, the BG55 has a more powerful engine, which means it can clear more debris in a shorter amount of time.

However, it’s worth noting that both models are designed to be easy to use. They are lightweight and well-balanced, making them comfortable to hold and maneuver. They also have ergonomic handles and easy-to-reach controls, which can help reduce fatigue and make the job easier. Ultimately, the efficiency of the leaf blower will depend on the specific needs of the user and the job at hand.

Longevity of a Stihl BG50 vs BG55

When you’re looking to buy a leaf blower, you want to make sure it’s going to last. No need to make two trips to the store for a leaf blower! You want to invest in a quality machine– rest assured, both of these blowers are up to the task.

Here are some tips on how to make your leaf blower more powerful

 A good leaf blower should have a strong and reliable engine, high-quality materials, and a sturdy construction that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Additionally, regular maintenance and proper storage can help prolong the lifespan of the machine. Overall, when it comes to the longevity of the Stihl BG50 vs BG55, both models are built to last with proper care and maintenance

Maintenance on a Stihl BG50 vs BG55

When it comes to maintaining your leaf blower, ease of maintenance is a no brainer. A good leaf blower should be easy to maintain and service which will allow you to keep it in good working condition through out it’s long lifespan. Here are some reasons why you would want a leaf blower that is easy to maintain:

  • Saves time and money: Regular maintenance can help prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of the machine, which can save you from having to purchase a new one prematurely.
  • Quick fixes: Easy maintenance means that you can quickly fix any issues that may arise, minimizing downtime and allowing you to get back to your yard work as soon as possible.

In terms of the Stihl BG50 vs BG55, both models are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Here are some examples:

  • Easily accessible air filters: Both models feature easily accessible air filters, which can be quickly cleaned or replaced as needed.
  • Convenient fuel tank: Both models have a fuel tank with a large opening for easy refilling.
  • Easy2Start system: Both models are equipped with Stihl’s Easy2Start system, which makes starting the engine much easier and more convenient.

Overall, when it comes to the Stihl BG50 vs BG55, both models are designed to be easy to maintain, making them a good investment for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient leaf blower.

Price Difference of a Stihl BG50 vs BG50– Is It Worth It?

Depending on the person, a leaf blower is a big purchase and price is always a factor. The Stihl BG50 and BG55 are both popular models that vary in price. The BG55 has a bigger engine that produces more air velocity and volume .This allows it to perform through consistent commercial use and the price reflects that.

The BG50 is still a reliable and efficient option for lighter tasks around a homeowners lawn.

The price of a Stihl BG50 or BG55 leaf blower can vary depending on the location and where you purchase it. However, here are some general price ranges you can expect to see:

  • Stihl BG50: typically ranges from $139 to $159 USD.
  • Stihl BG55: typically ranges from $169 to $199 USD.

It’s important to note that these prices are just a general guideline, and they can vary depending on your location and where you purchase the leaf blower. Additionally, some retailers may offer discounts or promotions that can lower the cost of the leaf blower.

Whether or not the price difference between the Stihl BG50 and BG55 is worth it depends on your needs and intended use. If you have a large property or need to move heavy debris, the additional power of the BG55 may be worth the investment. However, if you have a smaller property or only need a leaf blower for occasional use, the BG50 may be a more cost-effective choice. Ultimately, it’s important to consider your needs and budget when making a decision between these two models.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the Stihl BG50 and BG55 are both excellent leaf blowers that are designed to make your yard work easier and more efficient.

It helps that these machines are easy to work on! Check out this article on 5 Reasons Your Stihl Blower May Not Be Running Up To Speed.

While the BG55 has a more powerful engine and can handle heavier debris, the BG50 is more affordable and still powerful enough for most residential tasks. Both models are easy to maintain and are built to last with proper care. Ultimately, choosing between the BG50 and BG55 comes down to your specific needs and budget. Regardless of which model you choose, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality leaf blower that will get the job done right.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main difference between the Stihl BG50 and BG55?
    • The main difference between the two models is the engine power, with the BG55 having a larger engine and producing more air velocity and volume than the BG50.
  2. Which model is better for residential use?
    • Both models are suitable for residential use, but the BG50 may be a more cost-effective option for lighter tasks and smaller properties, while the BG55 may be better for larger properties and heavier debris.
  3. Can these models be used for commercial use?
    • Yes, both models can be used for commercial use, but the BG55 may be better suited for more demanding tasks due to its increased power.
  4. Are these models easy to start?
    • Yes, both models are designed with Stihl’s Easy2Start system, which makes starting the engine easier and more convenient.
  5. How do I maintain and service these leaf blowers?
    • Both models are designed to be easy to maintain, with easily accessible air filters and fuel tanks. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing the air filter, can help prolong the lifespan of the leaf blower. It’s also recommended to have the leaf blower serviced by a professional dealer periodically to ensure it’s in good working order.
  6. How many CCs is the Stihl BG50 vs BG55?
    • Both leaf blowers have an engine displacement of 27.2cc

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