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What size trimmer line for Stihl should you use? Well, there are different types of STIHL trimmer lines with different sizes, but different shapes of trimmer lines are used for specific situations.

That’s why the Stihl trimmer line size chart has been the talk of the town. Well, STIHL comes in different shapes like the round trimmer line, which is the basic and standard one. On the other hand, the pentagon is used to cut heavy grass or weed.

However, that might not be enough for you to choose any trimmer lines. So scroll down to the article to get a more clear idea about the trimmer line size chart so that you can choose accordingly.

Table of Stihl Trimmer Line Size

Trimmer Line NameSize
Premium Round Line0.065, 0.080,0.095, 0.105, 0.118, 0.130, 0.155
Quiet Line0.065, 0.080, 0.095, 0.105, 0.155
Commercial Round Line0.095, .105
Premium Square Line0.095, 0.105, 0.118, 0.130
Commercial Square Line0.095, 0.105
Pentagon Line0.095, 0.105, 0.118, 0.130
X-line0.095, 0.105
DuroCut Serrated Line0.080, 0.120, 0.155
CF3 Pro0.095, 0.105, 0.118, 0.130

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What Size Trimmer Line for Stihl Should You Use?

There are varieties of Stihl trimmer lines available. But not all of them are appropriate for every situation. So, let’s check out here which trimmer line should be used in which situations.

The Round Trimmer Line

One of the most versatile and most used trimmer lines is the premium round line. Also, it is used as a multi-purpose line for competitive and STIHL trimmer heads. Moreover, this line is available in different diameters like .65, .80, and .105.

With that being said, it’s a high-quality trimmer line that can withstand being cut in a variety of different ways without compromising its strength. Moreover, this is a standard trimmer line and works best in a lighter environment with less weed.

One more thing that makes it the most used trimmer line is that it’s easy to replace and one of the most durable trimmer lines.

The Quiet Line

While trimming, the most annoying thing is the noise of the trimmer line. However, to solve this problem, the STIHL comes with a quiet line that specifically works on sound reduction.

In the new design of this trimmer line, it has a slightly grooves spiral that will reduce the noise while crossing the wind. That’s why compared to gasoline-powered models; this one is quieter. So, if you’re working in a noise-restricted area, you should opt for this trimmer line.

The Pentagon Line

Whenever you’re working on a larger lawn with heavier weeds, you’ll definitely need a trimmer line that can work in a very less time, so no worries, the Stihl pentagon trimmer line is there for you, which is a multi-sided trimmer line.

The fascinating part of this trimmer line is the even cut it has to offer the customer. So you can cut the grass and weeds that haven’t been cut in several months in a very quick time with efficiency.

But the downside of the pentagon trimmer line is its durability. It’s not as strong as the round trimmer line and easily breaks if hit against stone, sidewalks, etc.

Commercial Round Line

As mentioned before, the most used and basic trimmer line is the round line. However, to add an extra level to the round trimmer line, Stihl comes with the commercial round trimmer line that focuses on heavy-duty works.

This line is precisely constructed to help avoid tearing and welding, and it can handle the requirements of the task. Every every time, it makes cuts in a quick and effective manner. Due to the fact that it is long-lasting, experts spend more time cutting and less time spooling.

Commercial Square Line

This is another type of multi-sided trimmer line for heavy works. However, the commercial square line is more expert-friendly than the beginners. Stihl makes the square trimmer line with sharp edges that can slice heavy grass and weeds neatly.

X-Trimmer Line

Stihl X line is a specialized trimmer line that can cut heavy, stubborn grass. Moreover, it can be used by both experts and homeworkers.

The distinctive profile of the X-line is tailor-made for tough grass and weeds, and it cleanly slices through them. X-line can be bent and welded and can withstand high temperatures without cracking or melting.

Recommended Products

1. Stihl 0000 930 4300 CF3 Pro Trimmer Line

If you want a trimmer line to cut thicker grass with less noise, go with this one. Moreover, it’s suitable for heavy-duty work too. This string has a copolymer composition, making it stronger and more abrasion-resistant than other trimmer lines.

2. Stihl Premium Round Trimmer Line

As mentioned before, here comes the most used and standard trimmer line. This one is used regularly. And the longevity of this product will depend on how you use it. Moreover, When edging curbs and fence lines, the round shape gives enough resilience to withstand abrasion.

3. Stihl 00009304304 CF3 Pro Crossover Cords

This CF3 Pro will offer you high-quality trimming with strong and solid durability. You can give it a chance for tougher trimming. The machine cuts more precisely, requires less time to reload, uses less fuel, and is quieter than many others.

4. Stihl Trimmer Line 0000 930 2336

Here comes one of the high-performance strimmer lines. Stihl makes this trimmer line using a special combination of polymers for the highest abrasion resistance, flexibility, and welding resistance. Because of its robust, high-strength inner core and round shape, this product is resistant to wear and fracture and can’t be welded together.

5. Stiiihlll 0000 930 2342 Red Line

Are you searching for a trimmer to get rid of weeds or tidy up the lawn margins in a home setting? Then this trimmer line is suitable for you. As a result of its premium construction and cutting efficiency, this string may outperform its other competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many feet of string do I need for a Stihl trimmer?

Two 16-foot-long lines may be stored on a standard Stihl spool. Notice the arrow on the underside of the spool, which points in the direction you should wind.

What size line does my Stihl trimmer use?

In most cases, Stihl trimmer uses the round trimmer line because of its easy usage and replacement. However, it employs twin 08 or 095-inch cutting lines on a 15-inch head.

Is a thicker string trimmer line better?

The harsher the application, the thicker the trimmer line should be. To reduce breakage and wear and tear, choose a line with a greater diameter, which enhances its strength and longevity.


Hopefully, so far, you got a brief idea about the Stihl trimmer line size chart. So from the mentioned information, it’s visible that you’ll need a thicker trimmer line if you’re working on a more challenging job.

However, for most homeowners, beginners, and even professionals, the round trimmer line is the preferable one as it is easy to operate and replace. Moreover, the minimal wear and tear of the trimmer line won’t bother you much.

Nevertheless, the decision will be up to you because you’ll prefer the trimmer line that meets most of your requirements.

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