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How Would I Know What Year Is My Toro Made?

What Year Is My Toro

To know what year is my Toro becomes crucial for many reasons. Usually, the second digit or the second and the third digits combinedly reveal the Toro serial number year of manufacturing.

Toro uses a simple formula to determine the age. You can also find it by applying the formula. The technique works based on the serial numbers of each product.

And if you are interested in knowing how to determine the age of the Toro machine, stay with us till the end.

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What Year Is My Toro

To know the year of manufacturing, first, you need to do a Toro serial number lookup. You can find the serial and model numbers of different machines in different places.

Let’s find them first:

For Walk-Behind Lawnmowers

If you have a Toro walk-behind lawnmower, you will get the model and serial numbers on the deck.

The position of the deck can vary. It can be on the back or front of the machine. Or you may find it attached on the side. This usually is dependent on that specific model.

For Toro Lawn Tractors

There are five places of Toro lawn tractors where you can find the model and serial number sticker. They are as follows:

  • Underneath the seat
  • On the dashboard
  • Adjacent to the steering column
  • Footrest
  • Mower deck

For Zero-Turn And Rear Engine Models

These Toro machines have their model and serial number in different places. You may get them underneath the seat.

The side panels and the frame by the engine may also have them. But there is no steadfast rule that the company abides by all the time. If you look at the right side of the control lever or under the fuel tank, you may also find them there.

Let’s talk About How You Can Determine the Toro Mower Year By Serial Number

 Below is a list of model and serial numbers of Toro machines.

Model  NumberSerial Number

The formula is simple enough. When the serial number starts with 3, the second and third digits will represent the year of Toro mower.

So, when we apply this to the table, it will look like this –

Model  NumberSerial NumberManufacturing Year

But for the old Toro riding mowers, the formula to find the year took the second digit as the manufacturing year.

For instance, if the serial number of the Toro mower is something like 230000001-230999999, the answer of what year was my Toro mower made would be 2003.

As we have said, when the serial number starts with 2, then we have to take the second digit as the manufacturing year.

That’s how Toro serial number year findings are done.

But what if I want to know what year is my Toro snowblower made?

The same principle also applies here.

You can also get the year by going to Toro’s official parts’ viewer page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know what year my Toro is?

We can find the year when the Toro is made by looking up the serial number. The second, second, and third digits combined usually tell us the manufacturing year of that specific product.

Where is the serial number on the Toro?

Anyone can easily find the serial number in various places in different products from Toro. A few usual places are by the steering column, underneath the seat, on the deck, the frame by the engine, etc.

What year is a Toro 20037?

20037 is the model number of a Toro Recycler lawnmower. Its serial number falls under the range from 230000001 to 230999999. If we apply the simple formula by taking the second digit as the serial number starts with 2, 2003 would be the year of Toro 20037.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what year is my Toro made can help us in many ways.

Like every machinery, parts of Toro lawnmowers can start malfunctioning. Or it may stop working altogether. Instead of ditching the whole machine, it’s economical to replace the faulty part – if possible. And if you can provide the exact model and year of manufacturing, dealers can easily provide appropriate replacements.

That’s why it is crucial that we know how to determine the age of the Toro products.

And as we have discussed above, you can determine Toro year by applying the simple technic using the serial numbers.

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