Ariens Riding Mower Transmission Problems & Their Quick Fixes Guide!

by Jack Grover
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Do you have trouble fixing your Ariens riding mower transmission problems? The problem is that it seems like the engine didn’t start. Or sometimes, it may get stuck during work. And you’re unable to restart it by turning the throttle back and forth.

Whatever the problem you might face with the Ariens riding mower, there are some basic steps you should follow to solve it.

Anyway, if you don’t know about all the fixes, don’t worry; we’re here to inform you all about this. So keep reading the entire article.

Ariens Mower Transmission Problems & The Fixes

 Ariens 46 riding mower transmission problems

Ariens mower transmissions become damaged or sometimes stubborn to move for many reasons. There are no different fixes if they are coming from different dimensions. For instance, you can fix the Ariens 46 riding mower transmission problems by engaging or disengaging the pulley systems if it freezes or doesn’t move forward. This is also applicable to the other dimensions, like 40-42″.

However, you may also find the problems with any Ariens riding mower transmission model that we described below. We try to give short and basic fixes which you can try to solve the riding mower transmission problems.

Ariens Mower Auto Transmission Problem (Causes)  Possible Hints/Fixes To Try  
Bad spin Hydrostatic belt   Check the rear release; try to push or allow it to roll.  
Constant paddle slipping or stuck in the middle  Put the mower lever in bypass mode & try to restart it.    
Hydraulic controls leaks by the lever  Connect & disconnect the control valves  
Damaged or bad transmission pulley  Change the damaged parts or check the inline filters.    

Let us discuss the fixes in detail so that you can get relief from the issues very soon.

1. Check The Rear Discharging Part Of The Mower & Try To Push

One of the common causes of any Ariens 42 riding mower transmission problems is spinning hydrostatic belts. Your friends may have stopped to cut the grass or continued to release the gas. In those cases, you need to shut off the mower completely. Check out the rear discharge part (an essential part of the mower that works to move it forward & backward)of the transmission and try to push it forward. If you can’t do it alone, take help from others. Afterward, allow the release to be rolled out.

2. Clean The Oil Filter & Change Oil (If Necessary)

Dirt or accumulated junk inside the electrical commodities is the number one culprit that makes the mower unstable. To keep this in mind, you should clean the oil filter first. Please remove it from the mower and clean the junk. Correspondingly, insufficient oil levels are another reason that is most probably interlinked with the Ariens riding mower automatic transmission problems. Change the old oil and fill the oil filter with new. Restart the mower to check if it will work or not.

3. Pull The Relief Valve & Clean It With Verso

Sometimes the bad or damaged relief valve will be the main reason for this difficulty. So our suggestion is to check it also. Before checking the valve, keep all the parts in a safe place. Also, watch out for the spring-loaded parts. Because small dirt particles may catch between the needle and seat can cause no end of your troubles.

4. Ensure That All Linkages Have Distinct Motions

Ariens riding mower transmission problems often come from the wrong motions of linkage. You may find substantial black wires, and it is natural to mess them all up on your first attempt. Sometimes you may fall into trouble when all of those linkages move incorrectly.

You can try to move those links with a full motion to fix it. Also, ensure that there is no slop inside the mower tank.

5. Put The Lever In Bypass Mode

This is our last suggestion for you to try. And the problem that we have found for the ariens hydrostatic, most of the folk are facing the issue of turning on the engine even though they had put in the key. The engine will make an awkward sound, but the paddle will be ok.

The leading cause behind this problem is the presence of air in the system, and you will need to do the bleed procedure. This kind of Ariens hydrostatic transmission problem is usually solved by applying the bypass mode.

Eventually, you may wonder what this is? And how to do that. Bypass mode pulls the mower frequently backward and forwards until your problem is solved. When doing this process, make sure that the mower will be put off or laid down on the ground. Finally, you can reverse the mower once to give it direction several times. At the end of this process, recheck the mower to ensure it will work or give you the same output as before.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Know If My Lawnmower Transmission Is Bad?

Here are a few tips to understand that your lawn mower transmission is terrible. Just look at your mower engine; if the pulley inside it is spinning or running, but the wheels didn’t respond to it. That means the transmission of your mower is wrong or needs to be replaced.

What Causes Hydrostatic Transmission Problems?

Any hydrostatic transmission will often cause the failure of any mechanical stuff, as the external parts of any mower are directly linked with the internal. If there is any broken hose or clogged filter, those impacts will fall upon the hydrostatic transmissions, failing to work then.

Why Won’t My Mower Move Forward Or Backwards?

Because of a blocked fuel filter, your mower won’t move forward or backward. A damaged or clogged fuel filter couldn’t reverse your mower adequately. For that reason, you didn’t drive the mower in the regular directions.


We try to fix the fundamental issues with our researched solutions. It is tough to indicate the particular reason or find out about them individually, especially for any mower engines.

Similar things are also true while you will go in search of the solutions to Ariens riding mower transmission problems. Anyway, don’t lose hope. Some of our basic suggested steps will often fix the issues if they have no manual problems.

If your mower has any particular or manual issues, you should take help from any service center. Let me know your feedback via comment.

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