Bad Boy Mower Towing Capacity- We Explained All Models+ Pro Tips!

by Jack Grover
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What is the maximum bad boy mower towing capacity? Different types or models of bad boy mowers have different ranges of towing capacity. The bad boy zero turn mower’s minimum and maximum towing capacity ranges from 316 lb to 1117 lb.

Bad boy zero turn mower serving both commercial and residential lawn mowers has a range of towing capacities. Here, the towing capacity of a mower indicates the maximum amount of weight the mower can safely tow or pull.

However, the towing capacity of a vehicle can change based on how much weight the mower is already carrying and how the system is configured. Similarly, the way of controlling and distributing the load you need to tow can also alter the capacity.

Now let’s see which bad boy zero turn mower can tow how much weight in the next segment.

Bad Boy Mower Towing Capacity

 towing capacity of bad boy mower

The towing capacity of a mower refers to the maximum weight a mower can tow. Almost  50% – 100% of the total weight of a mower and its operator is occupied by its towing capacity.

There are several models of bad boy zero turn lawn mower. Each of them has different specs, including towing capacity.

 So, here is a list of bad boy mower models, their weights, and towing capacity shown in the table below. (The names of the mower models are arranged in alphabetical order.)

Models of bad boy zero turn mowerWeight of the lawn mowerTowing capacity
Maveric1005 lb502 lb to 603 lb
Maveric HD1073 lb536 lb to 643 lb
MZ Magnum687 lb343 lb to 412 lb
MZ Rumbler632 lb316 lb to 379 lb
Rebel1382 lb691 lb to 829 lb
Renegade Diesel1862 lb931 lb to 1117 lb
Renegade Gas1628 lb814 lb to 976 lb
Rogue1538 lb769 lb to 922 lb
Revolt Stand-on1040 lb520 lb to 624 lb
ZT Avenger746 lb373 lb to 447 lb
ZT Elite839 lb419 lb to 503 lb

Things You Can Tow In Your Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower

If your mower has a hitch, you can tow the following accessories to improve your work efficiency-

  • Lawn roller
  • Utility trailers or lawn carts
  • Pull behind sprayers
  • Lawn sweeper
  • Seed or fertilizer spreaders
  • Aerator, etc.


The towing weight should not exceed more than 60-80% of towing capacity. The load might harm or damage the transmission system if you overload the towing capacity. So it is something you need to be careful about and avoid pulling heavier stuff.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much weight can a zero-turn mower pull?

A zero-turn mower can pull up to 600 lbs starting from 290 lbs normally. There are various types and brands of zero-turn mowers. And each of them has different towing capacities.

Can you put a hitch on a Bad Boy mower?

Yes, you can put a hitch on a bad boy mower. You can install a trailer hitch by yourself if you have the essential tools. This will help you to reduce the hitch installation cost as well.

What motor is in bad boy tractors?

The bad boy tractor 4025 series has a 3 cylinder power train engine. It is a water-cooled diesel motor engine. Kukje Machinery CO., LTD is the manufacturer company of bad boy tractors.


Hope you have got a clear-cut idea about the bad boy mower towing capacity. Towing capacity is an essential feature of a lawn mower for different lawn maintenance purposes. You can tow essential gardening supplements across your property by it.

So, enjoy!

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