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Surprising Benefits of Letting Grass Grow Long In Your Lawn

by Jack Grover
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Benefits of Letting Grass Grow Long

The simple act of not mowing the lawn for a while can bring a momentous change in this scenario. So, take a break from mowing and witness with your own eyes the wondrous benefits of letting grass grow long!

If we think of the ecosystem, the short grass sometimes doesn’t offer a hospitable ambience and supplies, and the local wildlife will have a setback without the resources of food and shelter. So, letting grass grow a bit longer can help bringing a turning back to the lawn surroundings.

Well, you can avert this disaster and earn yourself some leisure time with a very simple trick! Give your lawnmower and yourself a bit of rest and let the grass grow.

Are There Any Benefits of Letting Grass Grow Long?

Definitely yes! There is more than one when we’re talking about the benefits of not cutting your lawn grass.

Your little act of letting lawn go natural plays a big part in the ecosystem. It can help to increase the number of pollinators and encourage the local wildlife to thrive.

Saves Wildlife

Long grass gives the perfect ambience for the local wildlife to flourish.

If you can prevent yourself from mowing the grass for as long as 4 to 6 weeks, your lawn will turn into an abundance of resources for the birds, frogs, hedgehogs, squirrels, and many other animals and insects that contribute to nature.

Attracting Pollinators

Pollinators like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are highly crucial for the environment. The absence of these tiny creatures can wreak havoc on the whole ecology of our planet.

What happens letting grass grow long in your lawn is, you give a chance to the wildflowers to bloom. This increased source of nectar attracts more than usual pollinators. Pollinators are a must for harvesting crops and vegetables.

Getting beautiful wildflowers to decorate your garden and helping the environment with an increasing number of pollinators. It’s a double win for you!

More Birds!

Who doesn’t like to see colorful birds playing on their lawn?

Enjoying the sight of beautiful birds is one of the benefits you can get from keeping the grass long.

The seeds from the overgrown grass and wild plants will be a feast for the native birds. They’ll be happy to collect the dry stems and plants for nesting.

Certainly, they’ll pass the news to their fellow birds in the neighborhood!

Nature’s Pest control

While you rest and let the grass and wildflowers grow on their own, you might actually get natural pest control for your garden!

Some wildflowers attract insects like ladybugs and lacewings, and they take care of the harmful pests for you.

Decreasing Gas Usage

Most of the lawnmowers use the same gas we use for our cars.

Even though the gas emission from mowers may look very little to us, it can take a toll on our environment in the long run.

So, whenever you decide not to mow your lawn, that’s one time less harmful gas in the air. Not to mention the cost you’re saving yourself from!

What Happens If You Let Grass Grow Too Long

Now you know, less mowing can be actually beneficial for both you and the environment. Let’s have a look at what happens to grass if you don’t cut it.

Less space for weeds

When you allow the grass long enough to push out a seed, the more of your lawn get the chance to become a part of the green carpet. Needless to say, this widespread grass hardly gives any chance to the weed to sprout.

Even if some weeds find their way out to the lawn, you can always pull them out of sight and help the grass with more space.

Strong Roots

Does letting grass grow long help roots?” you may ask.

Well, it sure does.

When you allow the grass to grow without mowing, the roots go deeper. It derives the nutrients from the soil and becomes much healthier and stronger. As a result, you get more green and lively looking lawn.

Low Maintenance

The more the grass grows, the less the maintenance.

Relaxing on the weekend instead of mowing means saving your energy and money!

Long grass tends to have strong and healthy roots. So, they’re able to survive without much help from the outside. Their strong roots allow them to survive in hostile situations.

So, you don’t have to worry about the cost and work it takes to fertilize the lawn. Just give your lawn some water on the hot days, and it will manage the rest.

Is It Better to Keep Grass Long or Short in Summer

In the summer, the best choice is to keep the grass long. Wait a minute, it does not mean you let your lawn be a jungle which might go against the city ordinance of lawn mowing law.

The summer heat often dries up the soil and locks the nutrients inside it, making it unavailable to the grasses. As a result, the lawn is a brown mess.

However, the long grass saves the lawn from this kind of disaster.

It becomes tough for the heat to go past the thick layer of grass and reach the soil. So, the land is healthy and moist enough to keep the lawn green and great!

Is There Any Dangers of Overgrown Grass

Although there are many benefits of not mowing the lawn, there’s still a chance of some potential dangers you should keep your eyes on.

You can let the grass grow as long as 3.5 inches. Grass taller beyond that can prove to be troublesome.

If you’re in a residential area, what does overgrown grass look like there is, a land full of wild weeds? Needless to say, it will make your lawn look more unsuitable for the area.

Other than the ‘Wild’ look, overgrown grass may harbor insects that are harmful to both humans and plants. Snakes and vermin seek refuge in the tall grass. Surely, you don’t want poisonous snakes to roam around near your family.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it good to let grass grow long?

Yes! Letting the grass grow as long as 3.5 inches is considered good for the environment. It helps the local wildlife, wildflowers and ecosystem. And of course, one less chore for you!

What happens if you let the grass grow too long?

You can find many benefits of letting grass grow long. The grass harbors wildflowers which attract more pollinators. Also, they help to contain the moisture of the soil. Birds and local animals get food and shelter. However, too long grass can attract unwanted danger.

Is it better to keep grass long or short?

It is better to keep the grass long. But the length should not exceed the 3.5 inches limit. Keeping long grass will give a boost to the environment. The long grass will keep the soil intact with moisture and provide resources for the local wildlife.

Let’s Sum Up!

Nevertheless, the benefits of letting grass grow long till they’re 3.5 inches overshadow the preventable dangers.

Long grass in your lawn can have an impact on the environment in more than one way you can imagine. Deciding to mow your lawn less often, you’re not just earning yourself some free time, you’re taking part in balancing the local ecological system. Under the lively green carpet of your overgrown lawn, hundreds of activities are taking place.

From the pollinators like bees to the wildflowers like dandelions, the un-mowed lawn can create countless possibilities for the environment to flourish with fauna and flora.

A perfect and beautiful lawn with finely trimmed grass, no weeds, no wildflowers. While it might be a pleasant and clean sight to see, it’s not very favorable towards the local ecology sometimes. So, you can take the chance and let the grass grow long for up to it is permissive in your city.

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