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4 Bugs That Look Like Grasshoppers But Fly Noticed In Your Lawn?

by Jack Grover
Reading time: 8 min Prefer to listen?

What are the bugs that look like grasshoppers but fly? Katydids are one of the many bugs that looks like a grasshopper but fly. Aside from katydids, there are various other bugs of this variant.

Several bugs look like a grasshopper but can fly as well. We will talk about all those bugs that look like grasshoppers but fly. Furthermore, we will also mention the ways to get rid of them if they are on your lawn.

Bugs That Look Like Grasshoppers But Fly: How to Identify them?

Once you start gardening, you will encounter insects of different variants. Among them, there is a chance you might discover flying once. They can be a bug that looks like grasshopper but with the ability to fly. Some flying insects are pretty annoying to deal with, and we will talk about how to get rid of those as well.


Katydids are green insect that looks like a grasshopper. They are distinctive due to the antennas they have on their head. Furthermore, the body of katydids is bright green. You will find them in trees or shrubs on your lawn because they prefer to eat leaves. As they only nibble leaves, as a result, they do not cause any grave damage to your garden.

This tiny green grasshopper like insect uses their wings to make a sound you can hear during nighttime. However, even though they live on herbaceous plants, they do not harm them seriously.

According to GardenKnowHow, most farmers appreciate the sound they create and refer to it as a song. While some other considers the katydids as a pest.

However, you must know that some variants of katydids can cause damage to your lawn. Especially, broad-winged ones can cause damage to your citrus trees if they are young. Furthermore, they might even eat the peels of young oranges in the trees. Hence, they cannot be sold. As they do this act, these katydids are termed a pest.

If you want to control the katydids, the best option is to wait out. However, you can use spinosad if you find any citrus leaves. The pesticide is only a little toxic and works best when the insect ingests them.

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What looks like a grasshopper but flies? Locust is one of the insects that looks like a grasshopper but flies. There are over hundreds of species of locusts. Few of the species are known to cause severe vegetation damage. Hence, if you see a brown grasshopper like insect, it’s a locust.

Deal with locusts immediately as they are incredibly destructive. They can ruin your garden when they bring their swarms. Call pest control directly if you discover locusts on your property. However, you can deal with them on your own as well. But you should take the steps with care. Locusts are the bugs that look like grasshopper that can cause grave damage in your garden.

You can use garlic spray on this large brown grasshopper looking bug. Furthermore, try dusting the leaves with flour. It can starve the locust as it will gum up their mouths. Make sure to use ordinary flours if you are up against locusts. Use it, especially on the affected leaves, and wait for the results.

Spider Cricket

If you are noticing grasshopper like insect in the house, then it’s most probably spider crickets. They have the slight appearance of a grasshopper and spiders. You will mostly find them in your homes as they prefer to feed on fabric, wood, cardboard, dust, and similar household items. You may discover chewed household items if there is a cricket infestation in your house. Thus, it is essential to deal with them quickly.

To get rid of these accidental invaders, the first thing you can try is by using sticky traps. Sticky traps will work well against these insects. Besides sticky traps, you can put containers with soapy water around their infestation. Spider Crickets love water and will fall into the container and gradually drown to their demise.

Field Cricket

Field crickets almost look like a grasshopper with the addition of flying. You can distinguish them by their larger body. One of the unique features is that they have their ears in the front legs. Also, they aren’t that harmful as they do not transmit any disease. However, they indeed eat leaves that can damage if the plant is young. Once an insect hinders a plant’s growth, they are called a pest. Similarly, bush crickets can cause damage at times.

Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing that they are relatively easier to control. The damage they cause isn’t significant either. Sometimes they can get inside your house but don’t worry as they don’t reproduce indoors. If their population increase, you can try calling pest management, and they will take care of the situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a flying grasshopper?

Katydid is a flying grasshopper. They are easily distinguishable as they have antennas on their head. Also, they can fly as well.

What is the insect that looks like a grasshopper?

Apart from katydids, field crickets are a type of insect that looks like a grasshopper. Furthermore, these field crickets can fly too.

What looks similar to a grasshopper?

Locusts look similar to a grasshopper. They can do considerable damage when they are in swarms.


Get ready to encounter various types of bugs as you start gardening. There are multiple kinds you might discover. Some of them can be harmful as well. Again if we are talking types, there are some bugs that look like grasshoppers but fly.

The most destructive among them are the locusts. At the same time, katydids are less dangerous as they do not cause severe damage. However, be on the lookout for some variants which prefer citrus leaves.

In the above, we also included the methods you can eliminate if they become a nuisance to your lawn. Apart from the locus, the other bugs are easy to deal with.

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