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Why Is Your Ornamental Pineapple Plant Dying?

by Shelley Ryffe
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Ornamental Pineapple Plant Dying

So, why is your ornamental pineapple plant dying? Basically, the yellow leaves and rotten crown are the major signs before the pineapple plant dies. Both the less watering and overwatering can be the reasons for a pineapple plant dying.

If you notice wilt leaves or damaged edges at your pineapple plant, you must repair it quickly. Otherwise, the situation will worsen, and the plant will reach the dying stage.

The ornamental pineapple plant doesn’t reach the dying stage one day. Instead, it crosses several stages before dying, and if you don’t notice the stage, you might lose your plant.

So, don’t be late to jump on to learn the problems and right process of ornamental pineapple plant care.

Reasons for the Ornamental Pineapple Plant Dying

If your pineapple plant has any sign of dying, you must want to revive its life. But before you learn how to save a dying pineapple plant, investigate why is your ornamental pineapple dying.

Only then can you understand what procedures you should apply for reviving a dying plant. Below, we have investigated the possible reasons for the pineapple plant dying.

Possible reasonsSolutions
OverwateringAvoid watering for several days until the soil reaches the drying point.
Less wateringApply the required amount of water regularly.
Insufficient fertilizingChoose separate fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants and apply the fertilizer at the right portion.
Attack of insectsApply the plant-insect repellent for plants.
Acute sunlightRemove the indoor plant from the direct sunlight.
Lacking sunlightEnsure sunlight for at least several hours a day.

In a nutshell, your pineapple plant is dying because of overwatering, less watering, insufficient fertilizing, attacks of insects, and sunlight.

The yellow leaves, rotten stem, soft pineapple fruit, or moldy compost can appear before dying the plant. When any of these signs show up in the plant, you should take proper caution to save it.

Just apply sufficient water, fertilizer, plant insecticides, and ensure the plant is getting proper sunlight. Read on to learn how to protect the ornamental pineapple plant?

How Do You Look After an Ornamental Pineapple Plant?

Trimming off the leaves and edge of the pineapple, you can protect the plant from dying. But trimming off cannot be the only solution for protecting your pineapple plant.

If you understand, “why is my pineapple plant falling over”, you can look after the plant properly. So, how to look after an ornamental pineapple plant to prevent all types of hassle.

Water Properly

Dehydration is a common issue for almost all types of plants. But overwatering rots the pineapple plant root and makes the leaves yellow; Soil becomes too heavy; consequently, the plant cannot grow properly and dies.

So, make sure watering onto the pineapple plant doesn’t become overwhelming. Once you water the pineapple plant, wait for its soil to dry out before applying the water again.

Avoid Less Watering

Irregular watering might cause drought onto the plant soil, whether planted indoors or outdoors. Most importantly, when it’s a warm sunny day, the irregular watering might make your plant dry and dead soon.

If you want to make your dry plant fresh and alive, water the plant regularly. But here, we must say that the dead plant cannot live; hence, you must water the plant timely whenever you notice the dry soil.

Choose Good Fertilizer

Choose the fertilizer specially made for indoor plants if you have an indoor pineapple plant. The indoor plant needs some more nutrition than the outdoor plant as they don’t get sunlight all the time.

There’s also separate outdoor fertilizer which is especially for the outdoor plants. The outdoor plant already gets some nutrition from the sunlight, so they need very little nutrition from the fertilizer.

No matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor pineapple plant, you should ensure the good fertilizer; otherwise, it’ll die.

Proper Sunlight

Whether your pineapple plant is placed indoors or outdoors, it needs sunlight to make food. The outdoor plant should get enough sunlight as it directly stays under the sun.

But the indoor plant sometimes doesn’t get expected sunlight if it isn’t rightly placed. So, make sure the plant is placed with enough sunlight. In the summer, remove the indoor plant from the sunrise areas as the acute sun might burn the plant.

Again, make a shade for your outdoor pineapple plant in summer and ensure it doesn’t burn.

Protection from Insects

No plants are free from insect attack, whether planted indoors or outdoors. When the insect damages the major part of the pineapple plant, the fruit doesn’t grow in it.

Furthermore, the attack of insects and pests becomes acute when the pineapple starts to grow. So, select and apply the best plant-insect repellent to protect your pineapple plant from severe insect attacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long It Take for A Pineapple to Grow?

The pineapple plant takes 2 to 3 years to mature and reach the stage of growing fruit. Roughly, before dying, the pineapple plant grows the fruit again after two or three years of interval.u003cbru003eHowever, some indoor pineapple breeds take 16 to 24 months or longer to start growing fruit.

How to Know When A Pineapple Plant Is Dying?

Usually, the pineapple plant lives for 7 years and gives the pineapple fruit at least two times. Between this time, if the leaves of the pineapple plant become curl or the edge becomes dry, the plant is going to die soon.u003cbru003eAs soon as you notice the sign in the pineapple plant, take precautionary steps for reviving it.

How to Revive A Dying Pineapple Plant?

Cut the damaged area if you figure out the dry edge or damaged leaves. Whether you trim off the dye leaves or damaged edge, you must sterilize the knife.u003cbru003eWhen you notice the yellow leaves in the indoor pineapple plant, remove the plant from the sunny area. Also, give plenty of water or stop watering if you have already watered the pineapple plant a lot.


Naturally, the Pineapple plant dies after several years of planting (Somewhere lasts for 7 years). But, if the plant dies before the expected time or without harvesting, you must consider why is your ornamental pineapple plant dying.

Except for age limits, several causes might kill your plant. Some of those cause insect attacks, improper watering, sunlight, and fertilizers.

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