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Does Cornmeal Attract Rodents? Essential Facts To Know About Cornmeals

by Shelley Ryffe
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will cornmeal kill mice

Does cornmeal attract rodents? Yes, cornmeals indeed attract rodents. However, many factors create the situation of the attraction.

While gardening, rodents constitute a significant threat. Yet, the danger can be dealt with in several ways. Among them, cornmeal is a prevalent method to deal with them. But the question is, does cornmeal attract rodents? Today, we will discuss the topic that includes the proper techniques for increasing attraction.

Does Cornmeal Attract Rodents? A Complete Guide

There are lots of ways to deal with rodents. Poison is the most famous method that everyone follows. Yet, poison is harmful. It can cause harm to humans or other animals when exposed. Now, rodents cannot digest corns. Furthermore, they cannot differentiate between foods for which cornmeals become excellent bait. The cornmeal works as a reasonable rodent control since it has gluten.

Does Corn Attract Mice?

The corn plant attracts mice mainly because they are fond of kernels. As a result, the mice feed on the seeds of the corns. But, if they eat a considerable amount of kernel, it will cause indigestion in the mice that might kill it.

Although, dried corn is a widespread food for rodents. Commercial rodent food mixes tend to use dried corns a lot. Dried corn is also a favorite food for mice. Also, any additives in the dried corn may kill the rat. If you own a hamster, keep that in mind.

Does Cornmeal Kill Mice?

Cornmeals are a better alternative than poison. It can kill mice while keeping your crops safe. Cornmeal is a rodenticide with very low toxicity. For this, it barely affects the crops and flowers in your garden.

The cornmeal coats the stomach of the rodent by lining it. Afterward, it creates a message in the head of the brain that instructs them to stop drinking water. As you know, rats and mice cannot digest corn, so the substance coating the stomach and the message stays inside the rodent. These situations ultimately dehydrate the mice.

Not to mention, corn cob and gluten absorbs the liquid in the intestines. For this, it creates a life-threatening situation for rodents. Ultimately, it disrupts the circulatory and causes the blood to thicken. Furthermore, blood pressure becomes low. Then the rodent turns lethargic, and they return to their home, where they go into a coma and die from a heart attack. So, if you have the question about “will cornmeal kill mice?” Then yes, it surely will.

According to a user from a forum called LawnSite, the drawback of using cornmeal is before the rodents; the ants will arrive in huge numbers. Asides from this, there is not much of a liability for cornmeals. It’s also considered a natural rodenticide. Of course, there is commercial rodenticide that uses other additives besides cornmeals.

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Moreover, cornmeals are pretty versatile. It works as birth control for seeds. If you apply it in your garden, you will notice that weeds won’t grow. So, it’s a great weed killer. It will also work as weed control in your garden, apart from rodent control. You should adapt to cornmeal rather than using poisons as poisons will damage other crops in your garden. Also, if you own pets, it will harm them drastically. While it hurts pets, rodent poisons are a danger to humans.

How to Use Cornmeals?

First of all, you need to start by ensuring that the rats cannot access other food sources. But if you cannot get rid of the other nearby sources, you have to use rat attractant or gel bait. You have to purchase it additional as it does not come with the rodenticide. Just apply the gel or attractant on the tray before placing the bait.

Now, find the source of the rodents. If you don’t know the source, just find the area where the rodents are most active. Try focusing on the holes created by the rats or the runways. Remember to keep the bait dry, or else it will become a lot less effective when the appeal turns wet. We say this because if it becomes wet, the trick will have moisture, for which the rat won’t have dehydration. Following this, your answer to the question “will cornmeal kill rats?” will have a solution with good results.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do rats eat cornmeal?

Yes, rats do eat cornmeal. Therefore, it makes a great natural rodenticide. Corns are a favorite source of food for rodents. So, they eat cornmeals.

Does corn meal kill mice?

Yes, cornmeal kills mice. They usually do not digest in mice. The cornmeal creates dehydration in the mice, ultimately putting them in a coma and causing a heart attack.

What does cornstarch do to rats?

When rats consume cornstarch, it does not digest it. As a result of indigestion, the rats die. The key is to attract them into eating the cornstarch.


Every query to the question, “does cornmeal attract rodents?” is provided with the best answer above. So, if you have a bit of a rodent problem, then cornmeal is the best option. They kill the rodents, but they also stop weeds from growing. So, cornmeal is a versatile choice when it comes to the upkeep of your crops.

Furthermore, there are significantly fewer drawbacks to cornmeal. So, it’s a better alternative to rodent poisons. While rodent poison may get the work done, the harmful chemicals affect the surroundings. So, cornmeals are an excellent natural rodenticide.

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