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Can I Apply Tenacity On Wet Grass? Don’t Damage Your Grass!!

by Jack Grover
Reading time: 8 min Prefer to listen?

Many ask if can I apply Tenacity on wet grass or not. Well, the answer is NO. Want to know why? Keep on reading.

We have outlined our article by answering some of your common questions. Go through to the end to learn about tenacity application.

Can You Apply Tenacity On Wet Grass Or Not?

Tenacity is a well-known herbicide for lawn owners. It is a unique weed killer that can be used pre and post-emergence control. Also, it can kill over 46 weeds, and you can safely apply it at the time of seeding and overseeding your lawns.

Tenacity contains a naturally occurring compound called mesotrione. It is extracted from the bottlebrush plan that hinders the photosynthesis of plant species. The plants absorb the herbicide via leaves, soots, and roots, then spread throughout the plant by xylem and phloem translocation. Thus, it works to kill weeds.

People use this herbicide to prevent weeds, and it works effectively. But beginners always have problems with how to use it.

And the most prevalent situation that comes is you can not use Tenacity on wet grass. To use it, the grass should be dry and absorbed; otherwise, you can not get the expected result.

Watering depends on the pre-emerge and post-emergent applications. We will enlighten it in the next segment of our article.

When To Apply Tenacity?

As we said, Tenacity can be applied before or after plantation. It prevents weeds in the lawn, and you can apply the herbicide in all seasons. But the application process can vary.

Pre-emergence Application

Watering is necessary when you use Tenacity for pre-emergence. According to the manufacturer, you need to water the lawn maximum of 0.15 inches within 10 days of tenacity application.

In turn, the chemical is able to prevent crabgrass and other weeds. Tenacity is rainproof after application.

It is suggested to use 0.11ounces to  0.18 ounces of Tenacity for a gallon of water for each 1000 sq. ft. area coverage.

But don’t apply Tenacity on the newly planted grass for at least 30 days.

Post-emergence Application

Tenacity becomes rain-fast one hour after application. But if you want better result, it’s recommended to use tenacity with any non-ionic surfactant. And make sure there is no rainfall or no irrigation at least after 6 hours of the application.

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Maintain the same portion as pre-emergence. But the rate gets varied according to the grass type. For example, perennial ryegrass needs lower rates and turf types tall fescue needs higher rates.

Tenacity Application Temperature

Once the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees or higher, you can apply Tenacity. Actually, it is the ideal temperature for getting the best result.

You can not apply Tenacity when it is higher than 85 degrees. However, considering the soil temperature depends on pre or post-emergence application type. Typically, the soil temperature should be between 65-85 degrees.

You can apply Tenacity during fall and spring when the soil temperature is around 55 degrees. It is a decent time for lawn care with Tenacity. During these seasons, the lawn owners prepare the lawn for seeding or overseeding grass.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I mow before applying Tenacity?

When you are using Tenacity for post-emergence, you should not mow the grass at least 2 days before and 2 days after application. Longer turf absorbs well Tenacity and you will get a successful outcome.

Can you spray Tenacity in the evening?

You can spray Tenacity in the evening. But you need to prepare the solution in the morning or late evening. Otherwise, the solution will burn the plants. Moreover, you can not spray Tenacity after mowing because it increases the chance of damaging existing turf. The chemical will likely to absorbed through the open cut.

Does Tenacity need to be watered in?

When you apply Tenacity for pre-emergence, you need rainfall or irrigation up to 1.5 inches within 10 days of application. And if you use the chemical for post-emergence, then don’t water the lawn for 4 to 6 hours until the Tenacity is rainfast.

What temperature should you use Tenacity?

The ideal temperature for tenacity usage is up to 55 degrees, which is fall season. For tenacity usage, the temperature should be between 65-85 degrees. Make sure the temperature is not above 80 degrees during application.

How long does Tenacity need to dry?

The manufacturer claims. Tenacity dries in one hour after application. But it would be better if you wait for 6 hours and it allows it to absorb and dry properly.

Final Words

Tenacity is widely used on the lawn for killing weeds, and it does the job very well. But getting the expected result is not that easy. You need to prepare the lawn watered and maintain the temperature according to the label.

If you still have the question about can I apply Tenacity on wet grass, then the clearcut answer is certainly not. You need a dry lawn to absorb the chemical. 

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