Cub Cadet Fuel Pump Problems And Quick Solutions

by Jack Grover
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Cub Cadet Fuel Pump Problems

A faulty fuel pump is not only nerve-racking but also distressing. The Cub Cadet engine demands a sustainable flow for combustion. Well, what happens when you face Cub Cadet fuel pump problems? Plentiful reasons are behind it. Some noticeable severe symptoms are stalling, sputtering, engine surging, and fussy starting.

Due to the clogging of poor diesel or gasoline, the fuel pump is incapable of delivering demands for fuel. At the same time, those create condemned to the fuel pump. Ultimately cub cadet fuel pump fails to serve the goal.

Now how will you fix it as well? Once you find the way, everything will be pretty simple to you.

Cub Cadet Fuel Pump Problems

When you discover your mower is not running, you must check a possible list. Don’t exaggerate the situation because this might cost higher. 

All the problem comes with a solution. Some effective tricks may allow you to use your machine again.

However, bear in mind that the fuel system has 3 major components. These are

  • Carburetors
  • Fuel lines, and
  • Fuel filters

So, the problems can be directly or indirectly related to these parts,

Substandard fuelChange the oil
Jammed fuel filter  Replace the fuel filter
Blocked Fuel lines  Reset fuel line
Distressing fuel pump:Restore fuel pump
Dirty carburetorClean the carburetor

Substandard Fuel Problem

Fuel starts to malfunction after 30 days of purchase. As a result, some of its properties lose combustible elements. For example, ethanol causes great harm to the small engine because it captivates moisture. The mixture of ethanol and vapor leave a gummy section in the fuel system. This junk blocks in the fuel pump and erect a problem.


Unload the whole fuel tank to a fuel container. For collecting the old fuel, keep a container. Siphon goes well for this kind of work.

Now, use it through the fuel tank to the container. Separate the old fuel container for implanting the recycling process.

Finally, fill out the tank with fresh fuel. Include fuel additive so spread reenergized gas.

Jammed Fuel Filter

Make a habit of replacing fuel filters yearly. The job of the filter is to prevent the dirt enter. As strainer filters the dirt to get in, it gets full of grime. When you keep it changed unusually the fuel is not passing in the Cub Cadet engine.


Change the fuel filter for better work. You might be able to see an arrow. That arrow leads to the plastic housing. However, it’s a clear indication of fuel flow direction. Set up the filter in that way rightly. The guide is pointing out the tank through the pump with the carburetor. 

Blocked Fuel lines

Due to gummy deposits fuel line gets blocked. It’s derived from out-of-date fuel. Anyway, the fuels carry ethanol. By isolating the line section, you can recognize the plugged line. As a consequence of the clogged area, the Cub Cadet fuel pump faces problems.


Take help from the shut-off valve to do that. Well, this valve is at the end of the tank. There you can regulate the fuel flow. Instead of using the valve, you can also apply a hose pillar to break off the flow. After stopping the flow, the next job is to conclude the fuel by keeping aside the fuel line. You require a carburetor cleaner for creating compressed air. Spray it for dismissing blockage  


If you fail to fix the fuel line, you have to go for replacement. A dry fuel line is better for doing the job. Therefore, you will be able to spot the cracking sign with it. These things turn out to be another problem.

Distressing Fuel Pump

Cub cadet has a metal or plastic fuel pump. It’s a sort of vacuum pump to create pressure on the crankcase. Pressure needs for pushing up the fuel above toward the carburetor. When you find the fuel pump is broken through force, the easy solution is to change it. For the minor problem, you can troubleshoot it to make it work.


First of all, check the fuel pump is working appropriately yet? You have to ensure the flow into the pump. Due to the blockage, the fuel is not passing over. Here, use Shut-Off Valve to stop the flow. Close the fuel line to set up the pump. After placing it, turn on the fuel flow. Reattach the fuel line for useable.

Dirty Carburetor

Since the carburetor controls fuel and air combination, combustion originates. For that reason, the carburetor gets dirty. The carburetor is near the engine block and air filter. Due to dirt in the carburetor, Cub Cadet doesn’t receive oil.


Draw out the filter and take out the carburetor. Later, clean it with spray. Pace it to the engine. See if the mower works or not.

If it doesn’t run, you have to replace the carburetor.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Know If My Riding Mower Fuel Pump Is Bad?

Some symptoms will let you know that the fuel pump is awful. The fuel tank starts to noise. A conk fuel pump is a bit louder. At the same time, it’s troublesome to set off. Then the engine gets sputtered. Power loss happens frequently. Even you need additional fuel always. Sometimes you find the engine is dead.

Where Is The Fuel Pump On Cub Cadet?

A cub cadet has several components. However, the fuel pump is one of them. It is in the middle of the fuel tank and engine. Hence, to find it, go around with the fuel line and the closer toward the tank. The main job of the fuel pump is to pass the liquid to the engine.

How to Test a Kohler Fuel Pump?

After turning on the ignition, the fuel pump delivers the packed pressure. Now your task is to observe the fuel pressure. If you find no start, you should notice the notice ignition position. On the other hand, for Start circumstances follow to intermittent.

Final Words

Your mower requires complete attention. Otherwise, you will face Cub Cadet fuel pump problems. The problem doesn’t arise overnight. The accumulation of daily use and ignorance is responsible for it.

Despite that, now you know the solution and maintenance. It will help you save your money, early and time. These tips and tricks are valid to solve a problem.

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