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Cub Cadet Stamped Vs Fabricated Deck: Which One Is Best For You?

by Jack Grover
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Being a newbie, it’s natural to wonder what the differences between cub cadet fabricated and stamped deck are. Well, the main difference lies within the construction method and thickness of the metal used to design and develop the decks. It is essential that you understand cub cadet stamped vs fabricated deck to make a wise pick for your lawn mower.

Because many other differences also require attention and consideration while purchasing. This can be confusing but worry not, as we will walk you through all the differences between stamped and fabricated decks in this article.

Cub Cadet Stamped Vs Fabricated Deck

While getting a lawn mower, you may have noticed that it comes with either Stamped or fabricated decks. Each has its unique features and some pros and cons.

Key PointCub Cadet Stamped DeckCub Cadet Fabricated Deck
Available Cutting Deck Width30”, 42”, 46”42”, 46”, 50”, 54”
Available Deck Gauge12,13,14 Gauge11 Gauge
Number of Blade UsageSingle and Twin BladeTriple Blade
Best UsabilitySuitable for small to medium yards with minimal surrounding debrisSuitable for high-end commercial cutting around heavy objects and landscapes
Available ModelsCC30H, XT1 LT46, CC30E, XT1 LT50 FAB, XT1 LT 42E, ZT1 42, ZT1 42E, XT1 LT42XT2 LX 46, XT1 LT50 FAB, XT1 GT54 FAB, XT2 LX 42, XT1 ST54, XT2 SLX54, ZT1 50, ZT54P, ZT1 46, ZTS1 42, ZTS1 50

Build Quality

Cub Cadet Stamped decks are made of 12-14 gauge steel plates. Single-layer molding makes these pretty straightforward. Due to the higher gauge of steel decking, the deck weight becomes low. It ensures reducing the mower’s weight. As a result, the mower can be throttled freely, causing a lesser impact on the engine or motor.

On the contrary, using a high gauge steel plate makes it vulnerable to accidental impacts with logs, concretes, stones, etc. The Cub Cadet Fabricated decks are made with mostly 11 gauge heavy-duty steel.

Lower gauge means cub cadet stamped deck thickness is around 0.1196 inches. Thus, the body of the deck becomes more rugged due to an increase in weight.

Hence, engines with a higher power must mount and operate such a deck. Its increased weight makes the deck strong enough to tackle rough, inclined terrains with obstacles such as stones, logs, branches, concrete blocks, etc.

The Durability of the Decks

The durability of a mower deck depends upon how the housing is molded and forged. Along with that, the type of material used and its thickness also play a significant factor in determining durability.

Cub Cadet Stamped Decks are made of higher gauge steel plates. It makes the stamped decks have noticeably thinner metal plates for making the housing. The lightweight and thinner dimensions make the stamped decks comparatively less durable.

However, the stamped decks are perfectly suitable for low workloads, such as home use and personal small yards.

Cub cadet fabricated decks are made of high-end thicker metal sheets. Its high durability can keep the blade and deck safer from heavy impacts. This saves time and increases the productivity of the work, especially if you have a large area to cover in a short time.

Maintenance of The Deck

The stamped decks of the Cub Cadet Lawn Mowers require regular maintenance. You may need to clean and clear the internal frame of the deck from rasses, leave, and other objects caught from the yard.

On the other hand, the fabricated decks possess larger cutting width and blade numbers. The rugged framework keeps both the internal and external housing of the deck protected from maintenance.

Cutting Width of Decks

Stamped decks generally have lower cutting widths. Cub Cadets have only stamped deck cutting widths in the 30” to 46” range. The lower cutting width makes them suitable for small trimming work at home or in personal yards.

Meanwhile, Fabricated Decks come with 42″ to 54″ cutting widths. The deck body construction and heavy weight easily overcome a larger cutting area, tackling the obstacles on its way.

The Volume of Expenses

Costing of lawn mowers highly depends on the deck construction. The thickness of the metal for making the deck plays an essential factor in the cost-cutting of the product.

Whereas, in fabricated decks, high-quality thickened steel plates are used. It actively increases the cost of the product.

While making a decision about which one to choose, you should also consider the budget you have for a lawn mower.

Best Uses

Stamped decks are mostly used for low-volume trimming. It is favorable for a user who has a small personal lawn in front of his house. Moreover, you can use the stamped deck mower to easily keep the yard clean, trimmed, tidy, and well maintained due to a small-sized yard.

The fabricated deck is worthy of heavy usage. Commercially trimming a large area in the unit acre can be easily done by a Fabricated Deck mower. It can pass through rough terrains with many small and big obstacles easily.

The difference between a stamped deck and fabricated mower decks uses the key factor in selecting a mower.

Lastly, if you are wondering, is a stamped or fabricated mower deck better. Then you should know that both stamped and fabricated decks have a special purpose to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cub Cadet fabricated mower deck worth it?

The fabricated mower decks are good for heavier trimming works. A huge area covered with tall grass and small trees requires trimming quickly. You should consider getting a lawn mower with a fabricated deck.

Are stamped mower decks good?

Stamped mower decks are good for occasional mowing grass or plants. You can use it for smaller projects like a household garden or lawn mowing. Its lower cost also makes it a better choice to keep your household area clean and tidy.

Is a fabricated deck better than stamped one?

Fabricated decks are better than stamped ones in body construction and durability. Unlike stamped decks, fabricated decks can withstand heavy usage on uneven terrains and rough surfaces without causing damage to the machine.

Which One Should Be Your Pick?

Here comes the most awaited question regarding which one to pick now. Your budget, job purpose, and preference of land area and type are the things you should consider before picking one.

If you plan to get a mower for an occasional mowing garden, personal yard, or lawn, the Cub Cadet stamped deck would be a good choice.

But if you have a large area full of long grass and shrubs to get trimmed, it is better to select a fabricated deck mower. You can also use it on inclined uneven terrains without any difficulties.

Now that you know about cub cadet stamped vs fabricated deck, it is clear that both types are better in their respective purposes and usage types.

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