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Dewalt 20V Trimmer Problems That Can Be No More Headache!

by Jason Ryffe
Reading time: 9 min Prefer to listen?

What is the major Dewalt 20v trimmer problems? In the beginning, the major problem in a Dewalt 20 V battery-powered trimmer is the charging time. The charging time of these trimmers is so limited that sometimes you need to charge two times if you have a large yard.

In the world of the mower, we all are familiar with plenty of machines, and the Dewalt 20 V trimmer is one of those. Till now, as a string trimmer, it is serving well. Yet, it is nothing but a machine. Therefore, people nowadays are facing several difficulties regarding this.

Today we shall disclose some identical Dewalt 20v trimmer issues; afterward, you can recognize the issues without any hesitation.

Dewalt 20V Trimmer Problems

Here are some problems and reasons behind the problem that we accumulated for you.

Limited chargeSince the capability is only 5.0 Ah
Uneven mowingProblem with maneuvering
String gets spoiledIt can be twisted
Jam in the lineNeed to clean or replace
Less powerSince there is no fuel burner.
Vibration while trimmingJam in the head, broken spool.
Not starting Battery issue.

Let’s know the problems in more detail. But, if you are going through Dewalt 20v string trimmer overheating issues, it is not a technical error in the machine. Generally, when you work for an extended period and your trimmer is older, it can overheat. Moreover, if there is an error in the battery, it can also gain temperature.

Uneven Cut

You have noticed that the Dewalt 20 V string trimmer is a handheld machine. You have to maneuver it by holding it on your lawn. As a consequence, your hand must be stable if you require an even finish on your property.

Moreover, the overall weight of this machine is nearly 8.5 lbs, which is hard to hold for an extended period. Due to the unstable holding, the result is also not satisfactory like the other types of mowing machines. And so, the weight of the head causes difficulties in maneuvering.

Spoiling Strings

One of the Dewalt 20v string trimmer problems that users have reported enormous problems regarding their mowing machines’ strings. The strings become loose or spoiled ultimately.

Sometimes it requires cleaning the line, and sometimes there is no option left other than replacing the string. There is no such precise reason for this. It can be twisted while you operate the mowing machine.

Powering Issues

In this term, we may compare the mower that runs on fuel and the battery-powered one. Dewalt 20V trimmer relies on the power of its battery.

So, it generates a problem while operating it on a sturdy lawn. Due to the battery, the output becomes less robust than those which run on fuel.

Jam In Line

Another prevalent issue people face is jamming in the line. Generally, it occurs because you forget to tap the head of the trimmer.

A tap on the head helps to prevent the line from cutting off by lawn or root. If your trimming line is shorter than 50%, it may also cause a jam.

However, a jammed line is also prevalent when considering Dewalt 60V trimmer problems. And replacement seems to be the only solution in most cases.

Some minor Dewalt 20v hedge trimmer problems include trimming unevenly, expressing less power, overheating battery, and many more.

Limitations In Charge

The battery of the Dewalt 20 V is only capable of producing 5 Ah. It means the power you will get is around 5 amp for one hour. But, if you operate it on full power, you may only get service for one hour. So, it entirely depends on your utilization.

Vibration While Trimming

When your Dewalt 20v gets older, it is evident that it will start losing its features. Yet, you can take a chance to fix the vibration. Firstly, it occurs when your trimmer is old. The second reason may be if your trimmer’s line is unequal.

Again if your spool is harmed, it can create vibration. Another reason is the jam in the trimmer’s head.

Engine Does Not Start

There may be plenty of reasons behind this. But the majors are,

  • Break of internal wire.
  • Break of the circuit.
  • Battery expires or loses power.
  • No charge in the battery.

Check these issues and find out the main culprit. And try to resolve.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do 20V trimmers last?

The 20V trimmers last for an extended period if you can care adequately. The average lifespan of the battery is around three years, and the machine is 4 to 5 years. It can even go more. However, the string or line may require change within a short while, like a year.

Why does my trimmer line keep jamming?

The unwanted fiber materials and roots cause this jam. It generally occurs if you stop tapping the head of the trimmer. Moreover, you must clean the head portion often to avoid jamming in the trimmer line.

How long do trimmer batteries last?

The lasting of a battery ultimately depends on its brand of it. A battery from a good brand lasts on average one hour. Some trimmer batteries can serve up to 40 minutes also. Before you purchase, you must disclose the battery charging requirements to the shopkeeper.

Bottom Line

Dewalt is a brand that one can rely on it without any doubt. Despite the Dewalt 20V Trimmer Problems, it is an affordable option for ideal utilization. If you have a concise place to trim, the Dewalt 20 V is an optimal machine. But, it is not suitable for mowing a large yard.

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