Echo Trimmer Head Problems [Top 5 Fixes That Will Change The Trimming Game]

by Jason Ryffe
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What are the common problems with Echo Trimmer? It could be that the trimmer wouldn’t start spinning. It would remain stuck or loaded.

However, the fixing/troubleshooting steps are quite easy, so you can try fixing these problems at home!

In this article, we are going to address the top 5 Echo trimmer head problems. Additionally, we would add solutions to each of them. So make sure you read till the end!

Echo Trimmer Head Problems

We would like to start with a table that gives some hints/brief ideas of the echo speed feed 400 problems and basic solutions. This table will give you relatable knowledge concerning the issues. Then we will move to the echo speed feed troubleshooting solutions.

IssuesProbable Solutions
Trimmer line stops spinningKeep the right side of the nut R inside and the left side L on the outer surface.
Failure to start the trimmerCheck the oil condition.
Trimmer headline does not spinLubricate the trimmer line and clean it.
Trimmer vibratesClean & lubricate the shaft.
Echo trimmer head stuckThe spring-loaded cog should move freely.

Trimmer Line Stops Spinning

The trimmer line might get tangled or jammed. Thereby it wouldn’t spin anymore. To fix this, you need to open up the trimmer line.

If you remove the line and look closely, there is a 45-degree angle that has to be matched. So make sure you place the right side of the nut R inside and keep the left side L out on the surface. Otherwise, it wouldn’t match or close securely. And the motor wouldn’t work, so the trimmer line would not spin.

Failure To Start The Trimmer

The trimmer might fail to start. This could take place mostly due to bad or contaminated oil. When the oil is bad and lower than this level, the engine doesn’t ignite, and that is where you fail to start the trimmer.

So the first thing you need to do is to check whether the oil is free from contamination or not. Moreover, make sure your oil is not too old. We do not recommend using oil that is older than a month. It is safer to use fresh oil or gasoline. Also, check the oil level. It should maintain the optimum range of 89 octane- neither more nor less.

The Line Inside The Head Does Not Come Out [The Line Doesn’t Split]

The line head wouldn’t come out. If you insert a line through the trimmer head, it would get stuck and fail to come out or pass through. Later, you will notice that none of these line sides are working anymore.

  • To fix this, you will need
  • a tiny flat screwdriver
  • and some lube spray/penetrating oil.


  • Start with unscrewing the hooks on the back of the head trimmer. The inside will probably be filled with dust and grass clippings.
  • Now check whether the spring-loaded cog with sharp teeth is able to move freely.
  • If the pin on the top looks rusty and bad, apply some lube spray or penetrating oil to get rid of it.
  • After applying the oil, move it back and forth until it gets free and the spring gets completely closed.
  • This problem can also happen due to the stuffed dirt and debris on those tiny sharp teeth. With the help of a screwdriver, scrape in between these tiny teeth to get rid of the dirt. It will definitely work once you clean them up and make the spring move freely again!

If you need, you can also check how to remove head off Echo trimmer step by step explained.

Vibration Problem

There is a shaft inside the trimmer handle. That often gets dirty. And for this, the trimmer head sometimes vibrates.

It would be best if you wiped it off gently. Start with unscrewing the hooks on the handle. Apply some grease to your hands and clean the shaft smoothly. Please don’t overdo it.

Once you clean the shaft, put it right back inside the handle and screw up accordingly.

Trimmer Head Stuck

There is a small cutting end on the head of the trimmer. However, this cut-out end is supposed to turn in order to open the head of the trimmer. So if it gets stuck or doesn’t turn, check the cable on the head and see whether it is damaged or not. If it is damaged, you must look for a replacement.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here comes our FAQ section, where we like adding some common questions that the users frequently ask. In case you want to know more about trimmer head issues, read on!

How do I fix the head on my Echo trimmer?

To fix the head on the Echo trimmer, make sure the right side of its nut remains inside while the left side L remains on the outer surface. If it doesn’t fit properly, then you might experience issues with the trimmer head.

How do you clean a string trimmer head?

A trimmer head is usually filled with dirt, grass, and debris. To clean it, mix some mild detergent and water. You can also use a damp cloth or brush for cleaning purposes. Slowly wipe off, and you are good to start!

Why does my trimmer line keep coming out?

It keeps coming out if the cap breaks or wears off. You must check the cap and look for any damage. If it breaks anyway, replace it with a new one asap.

How long should the trimmer line last?

A good trimmer line usually lasts six to eight months, depending on the duration of its usage. This is a general timeline if you cut the weeds every week.


So hopefully, by the end of this article, you’d be able to get rid of echo trimmer head problems for good. However, if your trimmer head isn’t functioning properly even after following the above steps, seek the help of a professional. You can also replace the faulty trimmer head with a new one easily.

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